5 Common Taurus G2C Problems You Should Know

For concealed carry, the Taurus G2C is a great option. You get a lot for your money with its reasonable pricing, including a handgun that is accurate and dependable. The Taurus G2C is a reliable one to sum it up. 

But before you decide to buy, you need to be aware of a few concerns with the pistol.

Some of the most frequent problems with the Taurus G2C include trigger issues, failure to extract, jammed slide, incomplete discharge, and feeding problems.

I’ll go into more detail about these Taurus G2C problems in this post. I’ll even let you know about several fixes to these common challenges.

Features & Specifications of Taurus G2C Gun:

Cartridge9mm Luger
Capacity7/10/12 Rounds
Barrel Length3.20 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)22/22 Ounces or 567/624 Grams
Length6.30 Inches
Width1.10/1.20 Inches
Height4.9 Inches
SafetyLoaded Chamber Indicator, Manual Safety, Striker Block, Trigger Safety
SightsFront – Fixed Rear – Adjustable

Common Taurus G2C Problems and Solutions

Taurus g2c

Now that we are aware of the causes and the immediate fixes, let’s examine each G2C troubleshooting step in further depth.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus G2CSolutions
Trigger IssueModify it or try pushing it instead of pulling it
Failure to ExtractKeep the gun out of reach and wait a while before reloading.
Jammed Slide Make more effort while engaging the slide lock.
Incomplete DischargeClean it regularly and inspect the barrel for lodged bullets.
Feeding ProblemTake the magazine out, and regularly clean the gun.

1. Trigger Issue:

The trigger of the handgun is the first issue on the list of the most noticeable Taurus G2C problems. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the majority of CCW striker-fired handguns have trouble pulling the trigger.

It’s not like the pistol has the worst trigger; they’re very good for ordinary use. But for experts, the trigger is overly drawn out, a little bit rough, and perhaps a little bit mushy.

The Fix:

Most of the time, it does not shoot on the first try. In this instance, you must press the trigger rather than pull it. However, this is not a good solution since in dire circumstances, it might lead to major problems.

To fully comprehend the trigger issue, you may watch this video

The Taurus G2C guns are compatible with the SAO Short Stroke Trigger. You can always modify it if you’re not pleased with it.

2. Failure to Extract:

This is a major issue that mostly results from the user’s incorrect use and can lead to severe circumstances.

Failure to extract occurs when the gun is unable to remove the spent round from the chamber. This results in the duplicate feeding of a fresh round from the magazine. 

Another scenario that could happen when using a Taurus G2C has to do with recovering the fired round.

The round can get stuck when it enters the chamber. This problem could occur because of a delayed or incomplete extraction.

The Fix:

You should keep holding the pistol away from you downrange for around 30 seconds if you pull the trigger but nothing occurs.

Avoid peering down the gun’s barrel. After 30 seconds, if the gun hasn’t fired, remove the bad round instead of reloading it. 

The shooter should have a solid hold on the pistol and watch his or her posture. Make an effort to remain active every day; this can lessen limp wristing.

3. Jammed Slide-lock:

The slide locks on used G2C models were frequently stuck. You must attempt the slide-lock a few times before it will engage. Slide lock disengagement is much simpler.

You can only blame its constructs for this problem, even if there are essentially no causes for it to exist.

The Fix:

The only way to activate the slide lock is to press the slide a little bit farther back or harder than usual.

Alternatively, you may return it to customer support for modification.

4. Incomplete Discharge:

During shooting, a bullet occasionally becomes stuck in the barrel and poses a risk of explosion.

The tremendous pressure and ensuing explosion might hurt the user and bystanders if the shooter shoots another round without getting rid of the impediment.

The pistol’s shoddy workmanship may be the reason. These types of mishaps might result from the gun’s irregular cleaning and lack of maintenance.

Even though improper handling and a lack of expertise are the most frequent causes, accidents like these do happen from time to time.

The Fix:

Guns need to be cleaned often to operate correctly and prevent any mishaps. Powder and other residues accumulate in the firing chamber and other gun components after each shot.

Check to see whether there is a bullet lodged in the barrel on a basic level if you are not expert enough.

To lower the possibility of mishaps, you should practice handling the handgun more frequently.

5. Feeding Problem:

When employing hollow-point ammunition, which would not consistently feed, the issue might arise. A very steep, nearly vertical-looking built-in feed ramp is featured in the barrel.

The first two or three rounds from the magazine may occasionally become stuck between the slide breech face and the feed ramp because hollow-point defense ammunition has a truncated cone or flat nose profile.

Additionally, damaged recoil springs could be the cause of the feeding problem.

The Fix:

Remove the magazine from the gun and empty the chamber if you are having this problem. You can reload and try again, but you’ll probably need to clean your gun before using it again.

Verify whether the magazine is properly placed and the cartilage is faulty or not.

If the framework is to blame, the round could be forced to feed by tapping the bottom of the slide, although this could be dangerous in a defensive scenario.

User Feedback on Taurus G2C

The Taurus G2C is a sturdy, dependable, and affordably priced semi-auto handgun. The pistol’s small frame makes it suitable for hidden carry.

You may read both supportive and critical comments on the gun on the Nevada Shooters forum. Numerous users brought up various Taurus G2C problems.

A user reported that despite being a second-hand gun, he had problems with the slide partly sticking while engaging.

A customer from the Survivalist Board stated that the Taurus G2C is the most cost-effective and effective choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What additional items will be included with the Taurus G2C pistol?

Two magazines and a manual.

What is the frame size of the Taurus G2C?

Compact frame size.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty for the pistol’s components and labor?

Lifetime warranty on both parts and service.

What is the average cost of a Taurus G2C pistol?

The average price of a new Taurus G2C handgun is $249.71, while the average cost of a used one is $192.64.

What is the action type of the Taurus G2C pistol?

It has a striker-fired trigger operating in single and double actions.


The Taurus G2C is very affordable and reliable. On several forums, it has also earned a lot of favorable reviews.

Sometimes, the Taurus G2C can have a few manufacturer flaws. Therefore, properly examine the gun before purchasing it and give it a test run.

I’ve talked about the most common issues. Follow my advice to have the Taurus G2C problems fixed.

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