5 Taurus 605 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus 605 is a superb illustration of a top-notch “pocket pistol”. It is a 5-shot revolver that is great for concealed carrying.

It is far smaller than most other revolvers, measuring just 6.5″ overall, yet fires with the highest level of precision and dependability.

But there are several issues with the gun. The common Taurus 605 problems are tough to spin the cylinder, trigger jamming, damaged forcing cone, cylinder spinning, and too heavy.

To understand more about these Taurus 605 issues, continue reading. Let’s first examine a few of this revolver’s unique characteristics.

Features & Specifications of Taurus 605 Gun:

Taurus 605 Specs
Cartridge.38 Special/.357 Magnum
Capacity5 Rounds
Barrel Length2.0 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)24 Ounces or 680 Grams
Length6.5 Inches
Width1.4 Inches
Height4.4 Inches
SafetyTransfer Bar
SightsFront – Fixed Rear – Fixed

Common Taurus 605 Problems and Solutions

Common Taurus 605 problems

Let’s take a look at the Taurus 605 troubleshooting measures in detail.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus 605Solutions
Tough to Spin the CylinderApply lubricant and thoroughly clean the cylinder before use.
Trigger JammingEnsure that you thoroughly clean it and the gap as well.
Damaged Forcing ConeReturn it for repair after identifying the issue.
Cylinder Won’t Stay LockedChange the spring after removing the cylinder.
Too HeavyGet your revolver the ideal holster.

1. Tough to Spin Revolver Cylinder:

You can comprehend the issue stated by the title. After repeated shots, the revolver’s cylinder may occasionally become stuck.

This may occur as a result of the accumulation of lubricant or powder residue.  Also, a mixture of the two substances on the cylinder face or forcing cone may be the reason.

It gets more difficult to work when the revolver’s cylinder is jammed. This occasionally causes a delay in operation while the rounds are being reloaded.

The Fix:

While you are operating if this happens, clean the area with your finger. It will function better for the subsequent 5–6 shots.

If you are experiencing problems of this nature, consider wiping the regions with a piece of cloth before operating as a precaution.

Look for dirt beneath the extractor star since unburned powder might jam a tight wheel.

Cleaning the Cylinder
Cleaning the Cylinder

Fig 1 – Cleaning the Cylinder

Clean the cylinder as shown in the figure before using it. And you may watch this video for the right way to do this action.

2. Trigger Jamming:

After a few shots, even if the trigger was in the safety mode, you can notice that it has jammed.

When the guns are empty, they appear to cycle without issue. The issue only appears to manifest itself after a brief firing.

The narrow cylinder gap would cause the trigger to become stuck as a result of the powder residue that accumulates on the cylinder’s face.

The absence of appropriate cleaning may be the issue. This situation might also be caused by using the lubricant improperly.

The Fix:

If the issue is a cylinder gap that is too small, consider wiping off the front of the cylinder and the exposed portion of the forcing cone with an old cloth after you fire. It shouldn’t take much more than a quick swipe.

If your cylinder gap is .005 or smaller, the issue can be solved by wiping the residue off after each shot.

3. Damaged Forcing Cone:

The area most prone to breaking is the forcing cone. Therefore, the forcing cone may not be at its correct spot or may be fractured.

It may occasionally start off being undersized, and if the problem isn’t fixed right away, it might cause an accident.

The Fix:

It may occasionally start off being undersized, and if the problem isn’t fixed right away, it might cause an accident.

If the issue is detected, return it for correction. Fixing this issue might take some time.

4. Cylinder Won’t Stay Locked:

You may notice that the cylinder occasionally won’t stay locked. The defective spring or screw may be responsible for this.

The action will not proceed if the cylinder doesn’t lock into the frame. The push rod may not be tightened sufficiently, which might be the cause.

Alternatively, the cylinder’s locking pin may be missing, which might account for such an issue.

The Fix:

First of all, check the manual and take the cylinder out. To remove the screw, use a screwdriver. There, a plunge with a spring attached will be available to you. Remove it and install a new spring in its place.

You may watch this video, which might be helpful if you want to figure things out on your own.

If you are skilled enough, you may easily find out the cause; if not, take it to the gunsmith. Send the gun back to Taurus for repair if the gunsmith is unsuccessful.

5. Too Heavy:

Because of its heavy weight, most users find the revolver to be quite uncomfortable. While it performed admirably in the vertex pants, it might not hold up as well in more conventional pants.

Although some recommend wearing jackets to carry this, many individuals can’t possibly find it comfortable.

The Fix:

You may always choose a customizable holster because this revolver is uncomfortable to carry when wearing various types of pants.

You may test out wearing the 605 in an IWB holster made of a combination of leather and Kydex, where it can be worn all day without being seen.

You may check out Amazon’s website. The prices range from $39 to $79 there.

User Feedback on Taurus 605

The majority of users see the Taurus 605 as a dependable revolver. However, some users have reported using the revolver with some problems.

The revolver’s stuck trigger and jammed cylinder are the two most often recorded problems.

Customers have also addressed some of their issues about Taurus’ customer service on the forum at Taurus Armed due to the company’s delivery of the repaired revolver so sluggishly.

From 605 users, there are several comments on the High Road forum. Here, you may find tons of opinions regarding the Taurus 605 that will assist you to fix issues.

Despite this, if you consistently repair and take care of the parts, the Taurus 605 is a durable revolver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Taurus 605 cost?

Currently, the cost of a Taurus 605 handgun is $388.57 or $405.92.

What is the action type of the Taurus 605?

The Taurus Model 605 is a revolver with a single or double-action.

What is the difference between Taurus 605 and Taurus 605 Defender?

The Defender has a 3-inch barrel while the Taurus 605 has a 2-inch barrel.

Does the Taurus 605 revolver have any variations?

There are three variants of this revolver, each with a unique grip and finish.


Like any other firearm, this revolver has its flaws. But aside from those drawbacks, it’s a great one for everyday carry. I tried to cover common issues you may face after purchasing Taurus 605 revolver.

To fix your Taurus 605, follow my thorough guidelines. I hope that the information will help you find the solution.

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