6 Taurus 692 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus 692 has 3 versions according to the barrel length. The long barrels are great for long-range shooting whereas the short ones are good for everyday concealed carrying. The gun also has some issues.

Failure to cock the hammer, slow reload speed, uncomfortable grip, hard to pull the trigger, difficulty in finding a fitting holster, and inaccurately marked cylinder are some of the most common Taurus 692 problems.

In this article, I’ll go through each of these problems and methods of fixing them. So, read on to know all about the prevalent issues with the Taurus 692.

Features & Specifications of Taurus 692 Gun:

Taurus 692 Specs
Cartridge9 MM/ 38 Special + P/ 357 Mag
Capacity7 Rounds
Barrel Length2.5/3.0/6.5 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)32.0/35.0/46.0 Ounces or 907/992/1304 Grams
Length8.0/8.14/11.64 Inches
Width1.50 Inches
Height5.66 Inches
SafetyTransfer Bar
SightsFront – Fixed Rear – Adjustable
Common Taurus 692 Problems

Common Taurus 692 Problems and Solutions

Let’s learn more about the mentioned Taurus 692 problems along with the best solutions.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus 692Solutions
Failure to Cock the HammerFile the bolt and tab. Replace the cylinder hand.
Slow ReloadPolish and modify the cylinder latch and opening drag.
Uncomfortable GripInstall new grips by following the video.
Hard to Pull the TriggerReplace trigger and hammer spring, polish, and install washer.
Difficult to Fit Inside a HolsterBut the suggested holsters.
Inaccurately Marked CylinderSend the gun to Taurus for a cylinder replacement.

1. Failure to Cock the Hammer:

The Taurus 692 hammer might sometimes manifest indications of trouble. When the hammer does not cock, the primary problem arises.

As a result, shooting in double-action mode is problematic. The issue might occur if the tab contacts the base of the bolt. This averts a full trigger action.

The Fix:

You should file the angle on the bolt and tab. The failure rate will go down drastically after this procedure. You should also try replacing the sear spring since it might be broken.

But I’d advise you to switch the hand which rotates the cylinder. Return the firearm to Taurus so they can replace it if you don’t have enough expertise.

2. Slow Reload:

After extended usage, the Taurus 692’s cylinder could become slow. It may also be harder to break in after purchasing it.

The cylinder may move comparatively slowly when opening and shutting because of the opening drag and latch. Furthermore, loading and reloading the gun takes longer.

The Fix:

You can simplify the procedure if you are familiar with revolvers. You should first polish the cylinder opening drag to reduce it.

For improved engagement, the latch can also be polished. It will also be simpler to extract and push in the cylinder within the chamber if two coils are removed.

3. Uncomfortable Grip:

Some customers claim that the Taurus 692’s grip is quite small. Additionally, you may feel uncomfortable due to the rubber grip.

Your pinky will be dangling even if your hands are not small, which might impair your shooting.

The Fix:

Many users advise changing and improving the grip. If you are having difficulties gripping and firing the gun, you should alter it as well.

You can look at the Hogue grips which are great options for the Taurus 692. Wooden grips are also very comfortable and easier to control.

Take a look at this video to uninstall the old grip and install a new one.

4. Hard to Pull the Trigger:

Comparatively speaking, the Taurus 692 is a heavy handgun. Additionally, the trigger seems heavier than 14 lbs on double action mode.

As a result, shooting might be challenging for young or lightweight individuals.

The Fix:

The gun may be modified to improve the comfort of the trigger. Replace the trigger and hammer springs with new ones from Wolff.

For the trigger and the hammer, you need also to put in fresh washers. It will help them stay in position. It will also be helpful to remove coils from these components.

The single action pull can be improved by cutting the trigger face. Finish by polishing each component.

5. Difficult to Fit Inside a Holster:

The Taurus 692 3-inch barrel version might be a little too big for concealed carry. You will have a hard time fitting it inside holsters.

Although this is a minor issue, some people had a hard time finding a holster that fits the Taurus 692.

The Fix:

You should research a bit about the holsters that can be a perfect fit for your Taurus 692. You can find some good ones on the GI Holsters website.

The Craft Holsters is also a great place for finding a perfect fit holster for this model.

6. Inaccurately Marked Cylinder:

You might receive a Taurus 692 with incorrectly marked cylinders. Although this issue is not very common among Taurus 692 users, it might affect your shooting.

The Fix:

You should get the cylinder replaced. Send the gun back to Taurus immediately. They will replace the cylinder or send you a new one with proper markings.

User Feedback on Taurus 692

The Taurus 692 is not a famous model. But it is one of the best revolvers from Taurus. On forums and blogs, the gun has received numerous positive feedbacks.

In this post from the Taurus Armed forum, people have discussed the barrel and recoil functionalities due to porting. Although the porting in the 3-inch version is not appreciated by some, the 6.5-inch one does a great job.

On the AR 15 forum, 40.74% have said that their Taurus 692 had no issues while 14.81% of people said that it had a 50/50 chance of working.

But some people (44.44%) had negative thoughts on the company saying that their buddies do not let them buy Taurus.

Most of the people from this post on The High Road had appreciated the Taurus 692 model. They liked the fit and finish of the gun along with the swappable cylinder system supporting different calibers.

Although the gun has received many good reviews, most people have expressed their thoughts on the heavy trigger. It is highly suggested to do a trigger job after buying the gun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main difference between Taurus 692 models?

The barrel size is 2.5, 3.0, or 6.5 inches.

Does the Taurus 692 barrel have ports?

The 3.0 and 6.5-inch models have ports.

What is the frame size of the Taurus 692?

Medium-sized frame.

What are some special features of the Taurus 692?

Multi-cylinder, moon/stellar clip, ported barrel (optional), Taurus security system (TSS).

How much does the Taurus 692 cost?

$639.45, $691.95, $717.75, or $776.68 depending on the model.

How can you shoot 38 Special, .357, and 9MM from the Taurus 692?

You have to swap out the cylinder.


The Taurus 692 is a reliable gun for many users. This is one of the best guns from Taurus with the least number of reported issues. But you might experience some common issues.

I have enlisted and talked about the six most common problems. Follow the instruction to get your Taurus 692 fixed easily.

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