5 Beretta 84 Problems You Should Know

The Beretta 84 is an exceptionally reputed firearm, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

However, there are quite a few Beretta 84 problems that an owner might face. What are these problems?

The Beretta 84 is said to have feeding issues alongside a stuck slide lock due to a bad magazine. Some have often expressed their opinion against its disassembly procedure as well as the slide lock.

However, none of these issues are major. And it is quite simple to get your Beretta 84 problems fixed. But before we move on, here are some of the specifications of the Beretta 84

Features & Specifications of the Beretta 84:

Beretta 84 Specs
Cartridge.380 Auto
Capacity13 Rounds
Barrel Length3.8 Inches
Weight23.3 Ounces (Unloaded)
Length6.1 Inches
Width1.4 Inches
Height4.8 Inches
SafetyFrame Mounted Ambidextrous Safety
Sights2 Dot Sight
Common BERETTA 84 Problems

Common Beretta 84 Problems and Solutions

Now I will provide you with a general idea of the problems and solutions, as well as move on to the Beretta 84 troubleshooting procedures.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Beretta 84 ProblemsSolutions
Failure to FeedReplacing the magazine
Disassembly ProblemUnsticking the guide rod from the frame slot
Stiff SlidesCocking the hammer before racking the slide
Slide Lock IssuesReplacing the magazine
Stuck SafetyLubricating necessary parts

1. Failure to Feed:

Beretta 84 has frequently had “failure to feed” problems, which is clear from several online forums.

Sometimes the slide gets stuck, not on the ejecting round, but on the next round which was to be chambered.


One user stated that around 85% of FTFs on Beretta 84 are caused by the magazine.

It’s possible that the magazine is giving a bad feed on the last round, or it has a bad follower or spring causing such an issue.

You can easily acquire a new appropriate magazine for your Beretta 84 from Beretta themselves to remedy the issue.

2. Disassembly Problem:

A lot of users have complained regarding the disassembly procedure of the Beretta 84. They reported being unable to remove the slide/barrel assembly.

The cause of the issue is oftentimes the interference of the guiding rod with the frame slot of the gun.

The guide rod should be able to move freely through the slot, but due to prolonged usage, the slide may damage the metal of the frame.


One way you could alleviate that issue is if you somehow manage to smooth the edges of the slot with sandpaper. This Youtuber demonstrates how you could do that.

Another method you could try:

  1. Lock the slide open.
  2. Take the magazine out of the gun.
  3. Release the take-down lever.
  4. Push the slide release and let it slam shut.

It is highly recommended to get the frame looked at by a gunsmith. And if needed, getting it properly polished and deburred.

3. Stiff Slides:

Although blowback guns are known for their high recoil springs, some users have complained about them.

They claim that it’s pretty hard to rack. This is an especially troublesome issue for women and for people who are suffering from arthritis.


This is common with blowback guns. They rely largely on the strength of the recoil spring to keep the breech from opening too early.

Although changing the spring is an option, it is not recommended. As it could interfere with the gun’s internal operations, due to a shift in balance.

Another method to remedy this issue can be to cock the hammer manually before racking the slide.

4. Slide Lock Issues:

The slide is supposed to lock back after shooting the last round of the magazine and on an empty magazine.

But oftentimes, the Beretta 84 does not seem to lock back on the last round. Or sometimes it locks while there is still another bullet inside the magazine.


The culprit may not be the slide lock itself, but instead the magazine springs or the follower of the mag.

The follower of the magazine may not be engaging the slide stop. You could check the follower on the mag to see if it has been worn or not.

If not, it could also be due to the spring losing its strength. You could get a replacement spring for your Beretta 84 magazine online.

Or you could opt for a completely new magazine. Beretta sells magazines for the Beretta 84 on their website.

5. Stuck Safety:

Users have often found that the ambidextrous safety on the Beretta 84 would not often disengage. The safety gets stuck in the locked position and therefore it locks the slide entirely.

It could be an issue due to the gun being dirty and lack of lubrication.


The obvious solution to this problem is to properly clean and lubricate the gun. Let’s take a look at how you should lubricate your Beretta 84 to address a stuck safety lever.

Steps to Lubricating the Safety:

  1. Take a look at the left side of the gun below the safety lever. You will most likely spot a detent there.
  2. There should be a small spike sticking out of the safety lever (Refer to part #25 in the manual). That small spike bears against a post that is mounted to the frame.
  3. Apply a drop of oil directly onto the spot where the spike meets the post.
  4. Gently shake the safety for a certain period to get the oil between both of these parts.
  5. After letting the oil work for a while inside the gun, you should be able to disengage the safety.
  6. However, if that doesn’t work, you could manually push the spike using a small screwdriver, so that it compresses back into the safety.
  7. After which it will pass the post and allow the safety to be disengaged.

User Feedback on Beretta 84

The Beretta 84 has an overwhelmingly positive reputation among users due to its reliability.

One user on the Smith & Wesson Forum believes the Beretta 84 to be particularly slick and pretty, and one of the smoothest-shooting .380s on the market. Alongside remarking on its accuracy and reliability.

Another person on the Highroad has reported that his Beretta 84 has never had an issue regarding ammo, and feeds any type of ammo he has used on it.

On the same thread, another user claimed that they are very reliable, high quality, and easy to shoot as well.

However, some have also expressed their frustration with the disassembly issues regarding the Beretta 84, such as this user on the Highroad.

But apart from a few issues, the overall user feedback for the Beretta 84 is highly positive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the action type on the Beretta 84?

Blowback action.

What’s the difference between the Beretta 84, 84BB, 84F, and 84FS?

There are differences between the safeties, trigger guard shapes, and internal improvements.

What is the frame made of on a Beretta 84?

An aluminum alloy.

Do all Beretta 84 models have the combat-style trigger guard?

No, the earlier versions of the 84 had a round trigger guard.

Is the Beretta 84 magazine single-stack or double-stack?



Even though there are a few Beretta 84 problems, they are nothing but small nuisances and can easily be fixed by anyone. Apart from a few hiccups, the Beretta 84 has an astounding track record and is a favorite of many.

If you have any issues regarding your Beretta 84, I hope that this article will help you solve them in no time.

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