5 Taurus 905 Problems You Should Know

The family of compact frame revolver series includes the Taurus 905. The Taurus 905 features a double-action and single-action trigger system and a 9mm chamber.

However, the foundation is the same regardless of the finishes and material differences. For concealed carry, the Taurus 905 is a solid choice.

The most typical Taurus 905 problems are loose stellar clips, cylinder jamming, uncomfortable to hold, heavy recoil, and random light primer strikes.

Continue reading the article to know how to solve the Taurus 905 problems.

Features & Specifications of Taurus 905 Revolver:

Taurus 905 Specs
Cartridge9 MM Luger
Capacity5 Rounds
Barrel Length2.0 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)21.0 Ounces or 595 Grams.
Length6.5 Inches
Width1.34 Inches
Height4.40 Inches
SafetyTransfer Bar
SightsFront – Fixed Rear – Fixed
Common Taurus 905 Problems
Taurus 905

Common Taurus 905 Problems and Solutions

I have included some Taurus 905 troubleshooting methods along with the most common problems. Take a look at the table below to get an idea.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus 905Solutions
Loose Stellar ClipsInstall customized clips or send the revolver back for a replacement.
Jammed CylinderClean the revolver properly.
Uncomfortable to HoldInstall a larger wooden or over-molded rubber grip.
Heavy RecoilPick a heavier grip or add weight to the revolver.
Random Light Primer StrikesAdd spring or send it to Taurus.

1. Loose Stellar Clips:

Even though the Taurus 905 revolver is great, you may still discover loose stellar clips. This is a common issue with this revolver. This is mostly a problem for customers who purchased this online.

Since this revolver is intended for backup and hidden carry, having a thin clip is unacceptable. The possibility of an unavoidable accident arises unless the situation is fixed immediately.

The Fix:

Check the stellar clips are strong enough after purchasing the revolver.

For the Taurus 905 revolver, you can customize the right-sized clips. You may contact Ranch Products to get custom-designed, thinner 0.020-inch stellar clips for the Taurus 905, which are ideal for this revolver.

They are also available through Amazon.com. If you see the clips are loose, call the company. To assist you to replace with the proper-sized clips and send you.

2. Jammed Cylinder:

The cylinder of the Taurus 905 may cause you problems since it occasionally becomes jammed. It’s a serious issue that has to be resolved right away.

If the trigger does not release the first time, you may need to pull it hard the second time. Yet, the cylinder may at least jam once per each full cylinder.

The Fix:

When you first experience this problem, you should attempt to thoroughly clean the gun. Also, be sure to clean the interior.

Clean the barrel of the revolver well and remove any extra oil before using lubricant to completely clean it. After cleaning, try firing again to see if there’s a problem with the gun stalling.

Contact the company if the revolver continues to jam. If you send it back for repairs, bear in mind that it will take a long time to arrive.

3. Uncomfortable to Hold:

Most customers find the Taurus 905’s grip to be rather bothersome. The 905 from Taurus comes with rubber grips.

Sadly, the grips are not made of the same supple rubber as the company’s rubber grips. They are instead made of a stiff rubber that does nothing to dampen rebound.

The Fix:

Remove the grip if it makes you uncomfortable. You have the option of switching between rubber, aluminum, or wooden grips.

Taking Out the Pin
Taking Out the Pin

Fig 1 – Taking Out the Pin

It’s not difficult to remove the grip on your own. You only need to remove the pin and install the new grip (Fig 1).

Follow this video for a visual demonstration.

You can use this Wooden Grip for the Taurus 905. You can also look at these over-molded rubber grips and exotic hardwood grips from Hogue which will support this revolver.

4. Heavy Recoil:

Many consumers find the heavy recoil to be quite inconvenient. This makes it more difficult for those who are just starting or practicing.

If you are new at shooting, this might cause you great harm. The recoil may also hamper the accuracy while shooting.

The Fix:

The revolver should be heavier as a first step. As users may not always find adding weights to be desirable, an option is to ensure that the grip correctly fits the hand.

A perfect and firm grip will distribute the recoil over the hand as much as possible.

Modifying your grip can also help with this problem. In this situation, a firmer grip could be the best alternative.

5. Random Light Primer Strikes:

When using the revolver to fire, you could occasionally run into some problems with light strikes. This issue occurs when the round is not hit properly. For this reason, the revolver can miss a shot while firing.

The gun is unreliable for defense because of this problem. If this issue is present in your Taurus 905, get it fixed as soon as possible.

The Fix:

Using a 12lb Smith & Wesson model 36 main springs can fix the issue. If you do it by yourself, resetting the spring is simple. The springs are simple to buy on the online store GunSprings.

The revolver may be heavier due to the main spring, but the problem will be solved. Otherwise, you can return it to the Taurus for repairs.

User Feedback on Taurus 905

For experienced shooters, the Taurus 905 is a relatively reliable firearm with few problems. Taurus is known for having difficulties; however, this particular model has garnered a lot of excellent reviews.

Numerous users of the Taurus Armed forums have expressed their appreciation for their revolvers despite the problem with the moon clips.

Most of them have experienced difficulties with this issue. The moon clips have to be purchased separately or customized.

People have commended the gun’s quality on The High Road forum. With the Taurus 905, several users experienced slight problems with light strikes and hefty triggers.

The reliability and manageability of this revolver are what most people praise it for. Older gun owners who are not uncomfortable with a little recoil are advised to choose a Taurus 905 revolver.

The Taurus 905 has received a lot of positive feedback on the Texas Gun Talk. However, some people have voiced their displeasure with customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Taurus 905’s frame and handle material made of?

The grips are composed of rubber, while the frame is built of steel.

How much does the Taurus 905 cost?

The matte black oxide costs $406.47 and the matte stainless steel costs $423.47.

What is the action type of the Taurus 905?

Double-action or single-action action type.

What are some of Taurus 905’s greatest qualities?

Good accuracy, durability, and reparability.

How much is the cylinder gap in the Taurus 905?

Between 0.006″ and 0.008″ is the usual cylinder gap.

What is the trigger pull weight with the Taurus 905?

Single-action: 3.66 lbs. Double-action: 9.975 lbs.


For experienced and concealed carrying, the Taurus 905 is a fantastic revolver. However, there’s always a chance that the firearm will give you some trouble.

In this article, I’ve gone in-depth into the 5 most common problems. Adhere to the outlined approaches to get your Taurus 905 problems fixed.

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