6 Taurus PT22 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus PT22 is a highly compact and lightweight handgun with almost little recoil. People may learn the basic concepts of using a gun without having to worry about recoil.

However, using this gun might cause you to have certain issues.

Jamming issues, frequent misfires, magazine problems, firing pin breaking, difficulty to rack the slide, and trigger not moving easily are some of the most prevalent Taurus PT22 problems.

I’ll discuss each of these problems in this article and provide solutions. Learn more about the most frequent problems and the Taurus PT22 repair procedures by reading on.

Features & Specifications of Taurus PT22 Gun:

Taurus PT22 Specs
Cartridge.22 LR
Capacity8+1 Rounds
Barrel Length2.33 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)11.10 Ounces or 314.67 Grams
Length5.25 Inches
Width1.3 Inches
Height4.3 Inches
SafetyThumb Safety, Manual Safety, Trigger Block
SightsFront – Fixed, Blade Shape Rear – Fixed, V Notch
Common Taurus pt22 Problems
Taurus pt22

Common Taurus PT22 Problems and Solutions

Let’s find out more about the mentioned difficulties now. Pay close attention to these Taurus PT22 troubleshooting instructions.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus PT22Solutions
Jamming IssueCheck the positioning of the magazines and try different bullets.
Frequent MisfiresTry checking out with ammunition from a different provider, or contact the company.
Magazine ProblemSearch for the ideal bullet for your gun.
Firing Pin BreakingReplace the pin by removing the old one.
Difficult to Rack the SlideUse proper bullets and lubricate regularly.
Trigger Doesn’t Move EasilyClean the pistol thoroughly.

1. Jamming Issue:

The most frequent problem with this pistol that owners initially experience is jamming during firing. The handgun is unreliable in dangerous situations with this sort of problem until it is resolved.

Beginners occasionally run into this problem since they don’t know how to grip a gun well. So, check that you have the right grip on the pistol.

The Fix:

Ensure that the cartridge leads directly to the chamber. Such problems might occur when the magazine does not always adhere to the gun properly. Check out this video for additional information.

You can experiment with various ammunition; this can change the circumstances.

If the problem cannot be solved by you or with these instructions, contact the dealer directly and send the pistol back. Keep in mind that it can take a long time to return it.

2. Frequent Misfires:

The pistol’s mechanical or ignition problems might potentially cause a misfire. However, sometimes the Taurus PT22 misfires are caused by using the wrong ammunition.

Mostly, due to utilizing faulty or worn-out ammo, the pistol may occasionally misfire.

Continued failures might obstruct the bullet barrel owing to incomplete discharge. Additionally, this might cause the pistol to explode.

The Fix:

First, experiment with various types of ammo. If the problem is with the incorrect or faulty bullet, it could be resolved quickly. During the range period, it is necessary to examine whether the firing pin is present.

It is advisable to handle misfiring carefully because it can cause a major disaster and is a huge concern.

You might get proper advice from consulting a professional, or you could use your warranty.

3. Magazine Problem:

The bullet nose and the magazines occasionally collide, causing friction between them. This clashing might arise the jamming issue of the pistol. As a result, the bullet may be exact late.

Sometimes the magazine doesn’t fit correctly, causing a delayed extraction difficulty.

The Fix:

Remove the magazine and oil it, paying special attention to the front frame where friction is occurring. The path may get smoother from some shaping of the front frame because of this.

Ensure that the magazine fits the pistol perfectly. As this handgun is fairly lightweight, it takes some time to get accustomed to.

4. Firing Pin Breaking:

The firing pin may occasionally be found to be broken. Dry firing may cause this to take place. Although dry firing is not very harmful, the firing pin is impacted.

The pistol cannot fire without a firing pin. Therefore, replace the pin as soon as you can.

The Fix:

Find the pin and take it out first. If you are not expert enough, then take look at the manual. This might help you to remove the pin.

The firing pins can also be ordered online. The stainless-steel types are more affordable than the titanium versions.

Firing pins are also available on eBay.

5. Difficult to Rack the Slide:

Some customers complained about the tight slide on the Taurus PT22. Wrong ammunition might be the root of this problem. The major problem here is an inaccurate grain of ammunition.

Sometimes a lack of lubrication makes a slide difficult to move. This sort of difficulty might become quite troublesome in a challenging situation.

The Fix:

To correctly cycle the gun’s tight slide, you need 40-grain ammo. Your inability to cycle the pistol’s slide may not have been caused by the quality of the gun itself, but rather by your selection of the incorrect low grain ammunition.

In this situation, lubricant can be a huge help. lubricate your firearm periodically with the proper lubricant.

6. Trigger Doesn’t Move Easily:

The trigger on the PT22 has a minor problem. It is difficult to bring the trigger back to its initial position after firing one round.

The cause might be insufficient cleaning. Before leaving the manufacturers, guns are tested and given a protective liquid coating.

The Fix:

The fact that they aren’t cleaned before shipment makes it completely possible that some dirt or fouling has mixed with the liquid and is preventing the trigger from resetting.

Please give the pistol a thorough cleaning after receiving it. To clean it effectively, use the gun scrubber. Don’t forget to deep clean the pistol’s inside.

User Feedback on Taurus PT22

People may learn the fundamentals of using the Taurus PT22 gun without having to worry about recoil. The trigger is a little bit hefty, which makes it challenging to get used to.

You may read some customer evaluations of the Taurus PT22 on the Taurus Armed Forums. Several significant subjects are beneficial for new users on this post.

Some users on this forum’s Survivalist Board claimed to have had trigger problems. Additionally, the pistol is a little finicky about the bullets.

In addition to the safety concern, several feeding and fire problems have also been brought up by users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kinds of grips are available for the Taurus PT22?

Five different types of grips are available, Rosewood, black, pink, white pearls, and checkered wood.

How many numbers of grooves does the Taurus PT22 have?

6 grooves.

Who designed the Taurus PT22 pistol?

Tullio Marengoni, a designer for Pietro Beretta, designed the Taurus PT22.

What is the action type of the Taurus PT22?

Double-action type (only).

What type of frame is used in the Taurus PT22?

The steel slide and frame of the Taurus PT22 can be either cast aluminum or polymer.

How many color options are there for the Taurus PT22?

They come in three varieties: reverse two-tone, nickel, and blued.


This pistol is a great option if you want to carry it covertly. However, you could experience the most typical Taurus PT22 problems I’ve covered in this post.

If you encounter any of these problems, follow my recommendations. Follow the instructions in this article to get your Taurus PT22 problems fixed.

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