5 Taurus Tracker 992 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus Tracker 992 features a quick-changing cylinder system to shoot both 22 LR and 22 WMR. This revolver came out in 2011 and has 4 different models depending on the material used and barrel length.

The revolver, unfortunately, may occasionally have some problems.

Taurus Tracker 992 revolvers usually have issues with hammer and trigger locking up, a tight cylinder chamber, squishy grip, cylinder not locking on the notch, and cylinder refusing to rotate.

In this article, I will guide you through the common Taurus Tracker 992 problems. Now, let’s take a look at some features and specifications of this revolver.

Features & Specifications of Taurus Tracker 992 Gun:

Taurus Tracker 992 Specs
Cartridge22 LR / 22 WMR
Capacity9 Rounds
Barrel Length4.0/6.5 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)40.0/46.0 Ounces or 1134/1304 Grams
Length8.8/11.2 Inches
Width1.5 Inches
Height5.3 Inches
SafetyTransfer Bar, Taurus Security System (TSS)
SightsFront – Ramp, Fixed Rear – Adjustable U-Notch
taurus tracker 992 problems
Taurus tracker 992

Common Taurus Tracker 992 Problems and Solutions

In this section, I will inform you about some common Taurus Tracker 992 troubleshooting methods for various problems. Let’s take a look at a quick overview of these problems and fixes.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus Tracker 992Solutions
Hammer and Trigger Locking UpReset the cylinder or replace the cylinder lock.
Tight Cylinder ChamberClean the chambers and polish using a chamber reamer finisher.
Squishy GripsInstall wooden or rubber mono-grips.
Cylinder Not Locking on the NotchReplace the cylinder containing defective notches.
Cylinder Refusing to RotateClean the area around the firing pin and lubricate the gun.

1. Hammer and Trigger Locking Up:

It mostly affects brand-new Taurus Tracker 992 revolvers. You may notice that the trigger locks up abruptly.

Every cylinder might potentially result in the hammer being locked. The double-action trigger prevents the hammer from moving as a consequence. Likewise, the cylinder will become jammed.

The Fix:

By opening and shutting the cylinder, you can solve this problem momentarily. If you manually twist the cylinder, you might also be able to draw the trigger or the hammer back. But it may be locked up once more.

You should send the pistol to Taurus for repair if this problem affects both cylinders. The cylinder lock typically needs a replacement.

2. Tight Cylinder Chamber:

You can have problems filling the cylinder with rounds. This issue occurs if the cylinder of the Taurus Tracker 992 has a tight chamber.

A new round might need to be manually pushed into some of the chambers. This is not a serious problem, but it may be bothersome and time-consuming.

The 22-long rifle cylinder is more prone to this issue than the 22 WMR one.

The Fix:

Clean the cylinder chambers thoroughly if you can’t drop your new ammunition into the cylinder.

I will suggest using a chamber reamer finisher depending on the 22 LR or the 22 WMR. You can use this 22 LR Chamber Reamer Finisher from eBay. The 22 Hornet Finish Chamber will also work great on the Taurus Tracker 992.

3. Squishy Grips:

The Taurus Tracker 992 uses rubber grips. Although some like the feel of these grips, many users complain about the grip being too squishy.

The serrated rubber grips might not be for everyone. Many people suggest replacing the grips for a better and firm hold.

The Fix:

You should replace the grip if you are having a problem with it. Wooden grips are great for a good hold.

You can get this wooden grip for your Tracker 992 for $85.0. This Hogue 73000 Tracker Rubber Monogrip also fits the 992 models.

4. Cylinder Not Locking on the Notch:

Potentially, the cylinder on the Taurus Tracker 992 won’t lock. Some of the chamber notches may prevent the cylinder from locking.

The malfunctioning cylinder notch causes this problem. You could discover that the issue has been resolved if you swap the cylinder with a 22 LR or a 22 WMR.

The Fix:

The cylinder itself is the problem. Particularly at fault are the defective cylinder notches. Therefore, you must replace the cylinder. You can send the cylinder to the company for a replacement or you may purchase a new one from them.

You can utilize the additional cylinder included with the Taurus Tracker 992 until it comes up.

5. Cylinder Refusing to Rotate:

While turning, the Taurus Tracker 992’s cylinder might seize up. It’s possible that this problem didn’t exist at first.

To be precise, the 22-long rifle cylinder becomes stuck as you try to spin it. An accumulation of dirt is the primary cause of this problem. The region surrounding the firing pin gets dusty after shooting for about 100 rounds.

The cylinder could therefore require force to rotate.

The Fix:

The root of the problem is a dirty gun. After each shooting session, you must routinely clean the firearm.

The cylinder must be disassembled if it becomes stuck turning. Find the firing pin now. Inspect surrounding the firing pin to determine if any dirt or grease has accumulated there.

Completely clean the area. Don’t forget to lubricate the crucial places as well.

User Feedback on Taurus Tracker 992

The Taurus Tracker 992 is one of the most successful guns from Taurus. Although the gun is known for providing budget guns to its customers, the 992 is a great grab for its price.

Many people have commented and expressed their positive feedback on the Taurus Tracker 992. In this post on the Taurus Armed forum, many people praised the gun as they have never experienced any issue.

One user said that although the barrel of the 6.5 inches felt heavy to him, he liked the feature of easily changing the cylinders.

He also told other users to keep an eye out for yellow powder around the cylinder that can get under the extractor star. This may jam up the cylinder.

On the Rimfire Central forum, people have said that the Taurus Tracker 992 is a great 22 LR and 22 WMR guns. Although many users bash the grips of the gun, one user seemed to like the grip for his big hands.

In this post from the Smith & Wesson Forums, a user said that he had a timing issue but the double action mode felt heavy. Also, the gun has very low recoil and high accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Taurus Tracker 992 cost?

The official cost is $639.45 or $776.68 depending on the material.

What types of grips are used in the Taurus Tracker 992?

Serrated rubber grips.

What special features are included in the Taurus Tracker 992?

Scope mount, multi-cylinder, and Taurus Security System (TSS).

How much trigger span does the Taurus Tracker 992 have?

3.5 inches in double-action and 3.1 inches in single-action.

What is the trigger pull weight of the Taurus Tracker 992?

15.0 lbs. in double-action and 6.7 lbs. in single-action.

How much is the cylinder gap in the Taurus Tracker 992?

The cylinder gap is 0.009 inches.

How many cylinders are provided with the Taurus Tracker 992?

2 cylinders for 22 LR and 22 WMR.


The Taurus Tracker 992 has a small range of issues. Most of the users of this gun did not face any major problems.

Most of the minor issues with this revolver can be solved by regularly maintaining and cleaning the gun.

I have discussed these issues and provided the best solutions. Follow the techniques to get your Taurus Tracker 992 problems fixed.

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