5 Taurus PT92 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus PT92 sometimes referred to as the Taurus 92, is a pistol with two stacks of magazines. Along with a traditional cocking and locking function, the rifle offers double-action decocking.

But using this gun can cause you a few issues. Some of the most frequent Taurus PT92 issues are dent in the ramp, sudden jamming, broken locking block, extractor not engaging, and stove piping.

I’ll discuss each of these issues in this article along with solutions. Read on to learn more about the most common problems and the Taurus PT92 troubleshooting procedures.

Features & Specifications of Taurus PT92 Gun:

Taurus PT92 Specs
Cartridge9 MM Luger
Capacity17 Rounds
Barrel Length5.0 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)34.0 Ounces or 964 Grams
Length8.5 Inches
Width1.6 Inches
Height5.5 Inches
SafetyFiring Pin Block, Decocker, Manual Safety, Ambidextrous Safety
SightsFront – Integrated Rear – Drift Adjustable
Common taurus PT92 problems

Common Taurus PT92 Problems and Solutions

Now let us find out more about the aforementioned difficulties. These methods will assist you to get your Taurus PT92 problems fixed.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions:

Problems with Taurus PT92Solutions
Dent in the RampFile and polish the frame ramp and barrel’s bevel.
Sudden JammingClean the locking block, rail, and extractor.
Broken Locking BlockReplace the locking block.
Extractor Not EngagingLet the slide shut properly and clean the chambers.
Stove PipingReplace the springs, ejector, and extractor port if needed.

1. Dent in the Ramp:

The ramp can be problematic for the Taurus PT92. The main sign is that rounds clog often. As the dent grows larger, the jamming will get worse over time.

This slide could become stuck as well. Even if you use force to push it loose, the issue will remain.

Chipped Cartridge Case
Chipped Cartridge Case

Fig 1 – Chipped Cartridge Case

The cartridge case may appear to be deformed in a certain way if you pay attention to it (Fig 1).

Dented Ramp
Dented Ramp

Fig 2 – Dented Ramp

There may be evidence of a dent on the ramp that leads to the barrel. The dent will resemble this one (Fig 2).

The Fix:

If you are familiar with a pistol, you can perform a little bit of polishing. The frame ramp should be filed and sanded with oil. Polish the barrel’s bevel until the dent is no longer visible.

Finish off with the frame feed ramp now. Go gently and do some test shooting between sessions.

You should send the pistol in for lifetime warranty servicing if you are not confident executing the procedure by yourself.

2. Sudden Jamming:

The Taurus PT92 users occasionally experience unexpected jamming. Some people find it beneficial to switch magazines. However, the problem is usually elsewhere.

After firing over 200 rounds, the locking block, rails, and feed ramp may get highly dirty. The guiding rod can potentially bend.

The Fix:

The gun’s rails need to be carefully cleaned. Additionally, thoroughly clean the locking block. You should polish the rail if there are any rough areas.

Correctly clean the extractor and straighten the guiding rod if it is bent. Finally, use high-quality gun oil to lubricate the gun.

3. Broken Locking Block:

The locking block assembly can break while shooting with the Taurus PT92. Specifically, the ear of the locking block can break off due to heavy pressure.

If you take the slide off of the Taurus PT92, you can see that the locking block is positioned on top of the barrel. It may also fall off from the position after breaking.

The Fix:

When the ear of the locking block breaks, the barrel can’t lock properly. As a result, it is unable to shoot rounds.

You have to replace the broken block to fix the issue. If you contact Taurus, they can send you a new piece. It is very easy to install. You can just snap in on position easily.

4. Extractor Not Engaging:

Manual cycling may cause issues with the Taurus PT92. This problem will arise if you insert a loaded magazine, move the slide, and then allow it to shut easily.

The extractor won’t engage the round in the chamber as a consequence. Additionally, dirt within the chamber might cause issues.

Failure to Engage
Failure to Engage

Fig 3 – Failure to Engage

The Fix:

Always let the spring slam the slide shut after releasing it. Do not forget to draw the slide back as far as you can before letting it go.

Additionally, you need to thoroughly clean the chambers. This problem can be resolved by clearing the shipping grease and debris.

5. Stove Piping:

In the Taurus PT92, stove piping happens when the ejection port isn’t cleared. The extractor itself might also be a problem.

Stove piping may also result from old or overworked springs. The grip might result in limp wristing if it is not tight enough and is not held properly. As a result, this problem could emerge.

The Fix:

Replace the springs with new ones first. Examine the ejector and extractor ports as well. If required, swap them out.

Hold the pistol firmly and directly at the target when shooting. Also, clean the back of the extractor.

User Feedback on Taurus PT92

The Taurus PT92 has been in production for many years. As a result, the gun has received all sorts of positive and negative feedback on the internet.

On this post on the Taurus Armed forum, one user has expressed a detailed post with various issues such as failure to load, stove piping, and some others.

Many people compare the gun with Berreta. Although they are competitor brands, you can see people siding with each one. In this post from The Firing Line forum, you can see some discussions on the very topic.

This post on The Firearms Forum will also help you to understand the accuracy and dependability of the Taurus PT92.

Frequent jamming is the Taurus PT92’s most frequent problem. Most of these may be avoided by routinely maintaining the gun by cleaning and lubricating it.

Additionally, some suggest mailing the firearm to Taurus in case of any technical issues. Despite Taurus’ reputation for slow maintenance, many customers express satisfaction when they receive the repaired product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many variants does the Taurus PT92 have?

There are 4 main variants (7.65mm, .380 ACP, 9mm Parabellum, and .40 Smith & Wesson).

What are the differences between the Taurus PT92 and Baretta 92?

The initial models were almost identical. There are many differences now.

What is the feed system of the Taurus PT92?

It features a detachable standard box magazine.

Is the Taurus PT92 still in production?

Yes, it has been in production since 1983.

What is the cyclic rate of the Taurus PT92?

It is a locked breech and short recoil.

How much does the Taurus PT92 cost?

It costs $598.70 (Matte Black).


I have discussed the most common Taurus PT92 problems in this article. If you are planning to buy this handgun, knowing about these issues will greatly help you to maintain the gun properly.

Follow my guide for the best solution if you have been experiencing any of these issues. Be sure to clean your gun regularly to avoid most of the issues.

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