4 Taurus Curve Problems You Should Know

Taurus has upped the game of compactness, power, and reliability in 0.38 caliber firearms by its Curve. Due to various reasons, I have seen several Taurus Curve problems in lots of forum discussions.

It includes problems regarding the slide, loading, and extraction. Also, Taurus made a minor mistake of not labeling the caliber information in some units.

I have gathered enough information about all those issues along with the recall incident and described them in this article. You will also find fixes to the respective problems. Let’s get started.  

Features & Specifications of Taurus Curve

Barrel Length2.5”
Magazine Capacity6 rounds
Overall Length5.18”
Rear SightBore Axis System
Front SightLED Light/Laser Combo
SafetyLoaded Chamber Indicator
Dimensions 3.7” H; 1.18” W
Weight            10.2 ounces (unloaded)
Trigger Pull5-7 pounds
Common taurus curve Problems
Taurus Curve Problems

Common Taurus Curve Problems and Solutions

Now that you have got an overview of the problems and their respective solutions, it is time to talk about them in detail.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Slide ProblemPolish the feed ramp or call Taurus for a solution.
Loading FailureInspect the lips of the magazine, check the feed ramp for roughness, and replace the magazine if necessary.
Extraction ProblemAvoid limp wristing, and try different brands of ammunition.
Recall IncidentSend the firearm to Taurus for the fix.

1. Not-so-smooth Slide

Most of the users of Curve Pistols mention that they don’t have a hard time pulling the slide.

But there are some cases where the user feels like stretching out a shock absorber when racking the slide of the gun.

Installing a Rack Assist Back Plate from Galloway Precision may ease the process a bit but it doesn’t solve the problem permanently.

I have seen some YouTube reviews where the reviewers easily pull back grabbing the end of the slide with only 2 fingers.

Let’s see what solutions you can try to make the gun that smooth.

The Fix

In this particular case, polishing the feed ramp eased the slide but it may not work in all cases.

So, I am proposing some other possible fixes.

  • First of all, make sure that your Taurus Curve is cleaned and lubed regularly. After getting the gun, clean the grease from the manufacturer.
  • Secondly, check the condition of the springs as a faulty spring cause the slide to be non-functional most of the time.
  • Thirdly, disassemble the gun, and see whether the spring is installed properly or possibly has a wrong follower.

If none of the fixes mentioned here work, you will have to call Taurus to permanently solve it.

But it is highly likely that the company will take 10 to 12 weeks for this kind of request. 

2. Loading Failure

In the previous point, I talked about certain slider issues. Surprisingly, those who are facing slider problems can also notice an ammo loading issue.

While one round is in the chamber and 6 more in the magazine, this issue occurs making it impossible to even drop the magazine.

Upon further investigation, it is clear that the main culprit is the magazine.

Nevertheless, there are other reasons too.

It can be the brand of ammunition you are using or the rough metal parts in the loading mechanism.

The Fix

The very first thing to do here is to check out the lips of the magazine and look for any kind of burrs or irregularities.

If you see any, you have to smoothen the surfaces out.

Another area to inspect is the underside of the pistol. Look beneath the firing pin.

The touch point where the slide meets the round on top of the magazine must be smooth.

Sand the part ensuring zero roughness, and the feeding issue may get solved.

Also, inspect the feed ramp for roughness or irregularities, and polish it properly. In this particular complaint, polishing the feed ramp was the solution.

Replacing the magazine and using bullets from a different brand are the last two tips for this issue.

3. Not Ejecting Properly

After the release of Taurus Curve, the early adapters complained that they were facing serious ejecting issues.

The gun couldn’t eject spent shells making it impossible to shoot the second round smoothly.

Many experts think that it is due to the size of the gun. The smaller size requires a tighter grip and super steady arm while shooting.

Otherwise, the backward motion prevents the gun from ejecting the shell.

The Fix

You have already got the idea. Hold tight, and be steady not letting the gun push backward too much.

But one should also try different brands of bullets than the one he/she is facing problems with.

Here, you can see that some users are complaining about how picky their Curves are about ammunitions.

4.    Recall by Taurus

In 2015, Taurus officially recalled a particular batch of Curve guns for a simple manufacturing fault.

The faulty units were perfectly fine with no indication of misfiring or anything harmful.

The mistake was not marking the pistols’ caliber (.308 auto) information.

The Fix

As you can understand that it does not pose any safety or quality issues, you do not have to worry a lot.

The company already corrected the issue and called the owners and dealers of the particular batch for proper markings.

If you still have one without the written caliber marks, you can send it to the company, and they’ll fix it without any cost.

User Feedback on Taurus Curve

People are not happy with the semi-autos from Taurus due to poor quality and lots of issues.

Also, their trigger quality is not the best in the industry. All of those are true for the Curve pistol.

But those who are not comfortable carrying .22 or .50 caliber pistols with them will love this compact .38 caliber firearm.

It is better than not having a gun. The curve of the gun fits perfectly for right-handed shooting.

As it is a gun for self-defense, its accuracy is good within 10 to 12 yards. Practicing with the pistol will surely improve the shooting.

In short, I have seen mixed reviews about the Curve pistol. Before you buy it, watching this detailed review by Kirsten Joy Weiss will help you a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a Taurus curve gun cost?

About $300

What caliber does the Taurus curve come in?

.380 ACP

What is the frame and slide material of the Taurus Curve?

Polymer and Steel

Does Taurus Curve have a manual safety feature?

No; only double-action type trigger-pull safety feature

Is Taurus Curve for right-handed persons only?



What are your thoughts on the mentioned Taurus Curve problems? Feel free to share your experience with a Curve if not described in this article.

Instead of Taurus Curve, some reviewers and users nicknamed it ‘Taurus Turd’.

It is due to the poor build quality, and accuracy. In order to make a very compact 0.38 firearm, the manufacturer had to compromise lots of things.

As a result, users are facing lots of problems. There are better alternatives in the market. Check them out, and decide which one to buy carefully.

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