Taurus G2S Problems You Should Know

The Taurus G2S is a great self-defense pistol that is easy to carry. Due to its good size, it makes a fantastic covert carry handgun. It boasts rounded edges, an easy trigger, and a comfortable grip feel.

With this, you’ll receive a lot of value for your money. Nevertheless, this gun may occasionally have some issues.

Some of the most frequent problems with the Taurus G2S include slide bites, magazine failure, slide locking back, no fire trigger pull, and accuracy issue.

In this article, I’ll go into further depth regarding these Taurus G2S problems. I’ll share with you the G2S troubleshooting methods for these typical problems.

Features & Specifications of Taurus G2S Gun:

Taurus G2S Specs
Cartridge9 mm Luger
Capacity7+1 round
Barrel Length3.25 Inches
Weight20 Ounces or 577 Grams (loaded)/ 19.85 Ounces or 562.73 Grams (unloaded)
Length6.25 Inches
Width1.1 Inches
Height4.8 Inches
SafetyBlade Safety, Manual Safety, Firing Pin Block Safety, Trigger Safety, Loaded Chamber Indicator
SightsFront – Fixed White Dot Rear – Adjustable White Dot
Common taurus g2s Problems
Taurus g2s

Common Taurus G2S Problems and Solutions

Now, I will discuss each G2S troubleshooting step in further depth. But first, let’s take a look at a quick overview of the problems.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus G2SSolutions
Slide BitesModify the grip or use the glove as protection.
Magazine FailureGive solid smack while shooting.
Slide Locking BackShoot more than 200 rounds and notice your thumb while shooting.
No Fire Trigger Pull Buy a new replacement bar and replace it.
Accuracy IssueClean it regularly before using it.

1. Slide Bites:

This gun’s slide bites, which is its biggest flaw. Though not ideal, it is not too rounded, and it is not unpleasant either.

The slide can occasionally cut the shooter’s hand while they are firing. It gets intolerable to grip the pistol after a few rounds have been fired. Long sessions of shooting are uncomfortable because of this.

It is quite unfriendly to beginning shooters. It is uncomfortable to practice using this gun for a long period.

 Slide Bites
Slide Bites

Fig 1 – Slide Bites

The Fix:

Several elements, such as grip tape, can be used to modify the grip. The use of grip tape can increase the shooter’s level of comfort.

It will be great to install some protection as a beginner. Gloves will work well as protection.

2. Magazine Failure:

Some shooters complained that the magazine of this gun had malfunctioned. Reloading the gun can occasionally be difficult while shooting. This occurs because the rounds in the magazine were incorrectly assembled.

It might be challenging for a beginner shooter to handle the magazine. It is kind of difficult to insert the magazine into the G2S.

It enters up to halfway before being caught within. Whether the magazine is either empty or full is shown by this.

The Fix:

You only need to push a little bit to immediately resolve the problem. To solve this, give the pistol a solid smack.

However, this is not a long-term solution. You can always send Taurus back to rectify this.

The magazine sticking issue can also be reduced by routine gun cleaning. It is preferable to lubricate the pistol before use.

3. Slide Locking Black:

The slide of the Taurus G2S might get locked to the back. This is normal when the magazine is empty. But the Taurus G2S is known to have this issue while having a couple of rounds inside the mag.

Slide Locking Backwards
Slide Locking Backwards

Fig 2 – Slide Locking Backwards

This issue usually occurs when the slide stop lever sticks out a little too far from its position (Fig 2).

The Fix:

If you face this issue and think that the gun is unreliable, you should shoot some more rounds. This issue is present with new Taurus G2S handguns.

The more you shoot the gun, it will break in easily. After about 100 to 200 rounds, you won’t have this issue anymore.

You should also notice your thumb while shooting the gun. Because, for some users, their thumbs’ forward grip pushes up on the slide stop lever.

4. No Fire Trigger Pull:

The Taurus G2S may not show any sign of firing the round even if you pull the trigger with enough force. After pulling the trigger 3 to 4 times, it will shoot the round eventually.

This issue might also appear several times in the same magazine. This happens when the trigger bar breaks.

The Fix:

To fix this issue, slide the slide off. You will need a new replacement trigger bar (Fig 3). You will also need a bench block, brass punches, and punch pins.

Replacement Trigger Bar
Replacement Trigger Bar

Fig 3 – Replacement Trigger Bar

Put the new trigger bar on top of the bench block and use a punch on the pin. Take it out and disassemble the trigger bar. Now, remove the old trigger bar the same way and install the new one in place.

5. Accuracy Issue:

The Taurus G2S pistol may not be accurate the first few times you use it. It is also a significant problem for new users.

The triggers on the gun are rather tight, and it shoots accurately at 20 yards. The gun is effective for close range and self-defense use, but in a challenging situation, this can be a serious problem.

The Fix:

You may make the pistol function more smoothly by regularly oiling it. You’ll also find it simpler to wield the handgun if the gun is smoother.

Your shot will be more precise and accurate if you clean it frequently.

User Feedback on Taurus G2S

The Taurus G2S is an elegant, dependable pistol that is simple to operate but also accurate. Although the pistol isn’t flawless, it works well enough for so many other users to trust it.

On the Gun Boards forum, you may read both positive and negative opinions about the gun. Numerous customers raised a variety of Taurus G2S problems.

The Taurus G2S pistol has received a significant amount of favorable feedback from buyers on the National Gun forum. It will be wise to research the Taurus G2S pistol forums before making the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the trigger pull on Taurus G2S?

5-9 pounds.

What distinguishes Taurus G2S from Taurus G2C?

The capacity of the magazine Taurus G2C’s double stack magazine carries 12 rounds, but Taurus G2S’ single stack magazine only carries 7 shots.

What is the slide material of the Taurus G2S pistol?

It’s carbon steel or stainless steel material.

What is the average cost of a Taurus G2S pistol?

Currently, the average cost of a Taurus G2S pistol is $174.37 for used ones and $218.83 for new ones.

What is the action type of the Taurus G2S?

Having a restrike feature, the Taurus G2S is a single-action handgun


The Taurus G2S is extremely dependable and inexpensive. In addition to receiving many positive ratings on various forums, it has also received some unfavorable ones.

The Taurus G2S occasionally has a few manufacturing defects. Because of this, thoroughly inspect the pistol before buying it and give it a test run.

I’ve covered the most typical problems. To get the Taurus G2S problems fixed, heed my suggestion.

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