The Most Common Glock 44 Problems Users Complain About

Although there are better .22’s, the Glock 44s are reasonably inexpensive and fun to shoot! It is quite a gun with simplistic features.

However, there are some issues with the gun. The most common issues with a Glock 44 are: ammo problems, extractor issues, barrel problems, trigger problems and magazine problems.

I will discuss the solutions to all these problems and user reviews in this article. So read on till the end!

Features & Specifications of Glock 44:

Barrel Length102 mm
Magazine CapacityStandard: 10
Overall Length185 mm
Caliber22 l.r.
Twist Rate15.98 in / 406 mm
Rear SightAdjustable Slim Polymer Rear Sights
SafetySafe Action
Dimensions Width (Overall):            32 mm Height Incl. Mag.: 128 mm
WeightWith Empty Magazine: 415 g
Trigger Pull26 N (depending on the configuration)
Common Glock 44 Problems and Solutions
Glock 44 Problems

Common Glock 44 Problems and Solutions

Ammo ProblemsUse better ammo.
Extractor IssueReplace extractor.
Barrel ProblemsReplace barrel or troubleshoot.
Trigger ProblemReplace the spring and connectors.
Magazine ProblemPractice and learn the proper way.

Ammo Problems

The gun fails to feed, and those occur one after the other. The bullets feeding with their “nose up” is another problem.

The first point largely fails. It is also problematic to chamber the round using the slide release. Cartridges usually get jammed inside the chamber.

Possible Reasons

When it comes to ammunition, the G44 is extremely picky.

However, there’s no rhyme or rhythm to why it is picky. Sometimes some ammo work, other times they don’t.

Ammo Problems
Figure 1:

The Fix

The Glock 44 primarily uses 36gr JHP federal ammo. But it also performs CCI SV well.

Round-nosed CCI Mini Mags, Thunderbolt, and Federal Bulk (Hollow Point) often are good, but often produce issues.

Turn the gun upside-down and at an angle after loading the tenth round, then retract the magazine spring. As a result, the bullet tip rises rather than remaining parallel to the magazine lips.

Replace a bent extractor.

Extractor Issue

The extractor often flies out leaving a damaged slide along. The damaged extractor obviously causes FTE issues.

Additionally, slide-stop issues may also come up because of this. Just your run-of-the-mill extractor problems.

Possible Reasons

An apparent bent extracting pin caused a cartridge to become stuck between the slide and the extracting pin of the gun.

The bend may be caused by various reasons. But mostly due to a flawed extractor.

The Fix

Glock redesigned the Glock 44 slide and extractor beginning with the serial number prefix AEHK.

This was done (supposedly) to fix a problem where the slide would sometimes release on specific chamber flags that were oriented in a specific manner.

The firing pin safety gets disengaged because the extractor is pushed out of alignment. To avoid this, the extractor has been redesigned with a more powerful over-travel stop.

Some have hypothesized that the slide and extractor redesigns addressed issues aside from the chamber flag. Make sure to purchase a Glock 44 with a serial number prefix greater than AEHK.

Barrel Problems

Barrel Problems
Figure 2:

Sometimes it’s difficult to push the cleaning rod through the bore. Particularly between 120 and 150 rounds.

Every time you shoot lead, you get weary of fighting it.

With bullets striking far off, accuracy becomes a joke too!

Possible Reasons

It is another inherent issue with the 44 barrels. The issue might be the Winchester T22 ammunition too.

However, this issue might also arise with other ammunition.

The Fix

First, rotate a brush until you can fit the rod through the muzzle, which is usually the problem area.

Then, after roughly 50 brushstrokes, the area becomes finally clean with what appears to be sand dribbling out.

Try some good ammunition and observe the results. If CCI isn’t an option, choose Eley or SK.

The last resort is to change the barrel.

Trigger Problem

Most Glock 44 owners hate the trigger. The main issue is a lack of crispness of some sort.

When you press the trigger, it almost feels muzzled. As if you are pushing through the dirt. Like you have to break a wall or a stick of plastic.

But this happens to new and unused guns too, where dirt cannot be an issue.

Possible Reasons

Just the penalty for using plastic components. In comparison to other Glocks, the Glock 44 has a slightly different break.

The plastic components really barge-in in this area.

The Fix

Get the Glock 44’s trigger weight down to 4.5lb by fitting it with a Ghost 3.0 connector or a “-” connector.

Purchase a reduced power safety plunger spring, a 4 lb. and 6 lb. stryker spring, as well.

Magazine Problem

Failures to feed the magazine and the magazine not coming out are two common issues with the magazine.

You frequently fail to position the magazines correctly. You also fail to position the bullets correctly in the magazines.

Possible Reasons

It is an inherent model problem of the Glock 44. The majority of the slide is made of polymer. It is problematic because it is essentially useless.

Not properly being able to draw the magazine out also causes issues.

The Fix

The rounds are freed from the spring pressure and can be positioned correctly in the magazine if you load the magazine, turn it upside down, and manually compress the follower.

It needs practice to learn to take out the magazine. Load it and insert it. Once you know the correct way, the problem disappears.

User Feedback on Glock 44

The G44 has received some negative reviews. The Glock 44’s reliability issues have been greatly exaggerated, and I’m curious how many YouTube reviewers actually took the time to clean and lubricate the Glock 44s they reviewed.

However, the Glock 44s can be picky about the ammunition it accepts. It’s probably best to purchase a better firearm, such as a Buckmark or Ruger, if you want to shoot rimfire.

The ammunition you feed the G44 must be very precise. Furthermore, compared to the weight of the pistol, the trigger feels heavy.

The G17 owners claimed it was more difficult to shoot than a G17. Because the grip size and trigger weight to total weight is less favorable. Due to the gun’s and recoil’s lightweight, the trigger ‘feels’ terrible.

Besides, users had to be careful not to force in metal sights because the dovetails are plastic. Otherwise, they ended up peening the slide. The factory sights are bad as well.

Despite this, shooting is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable activities. The magazines will fit in a magazine carrier made for G19 or G17 magazines because they have the same external size as G19 magazines.

Overall, the good seemingly balances out the bad.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Glock 44

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Glock 44. 

Walther P22

The PPQ .22 is about 1/2 an lb heavier than the Glock. It also has a better trigger. And overall, Walther would win hands down!

Glock 17

Stick with the 17 for strictly-range use. However, it falls short in other areas compared to Glock 19. It outshines Glock 44 any day!

Glock 19

The G44 has many similarities with the G19. However, G19 is less picky about ammo and overall a good performer.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of spring is used in a Glock 44 trigger?

A regular OEM 5.5 spring.

What type of ammo will the Glock 44 not accept?

It will not feed ammo rated less than 1000 FPS. It will not cycle reliably.

What material is the Glock 44 slide made of?

The top half of the slide is plastic, but the bottom half is metal.

How are the sights of Glock 44 different?

The sights appear to be the same as the OEM plastic sights on all Glocks, but the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation with a small jeweler’s type screwdriver.

How many magazines the Glock 44 ship with?

The gun ships with two magazines.


The G44 and centerfire Glocks are comparable the way Smith and Wesson 15–22 and M4 are. It is a precise replica with all the controls working as they would on a real gun.

The G44 enables training and plinking with.22LR in a true-to-life simulation. The only criticism is that Glock could have made the weights more comparable in some way.

So depending on your needs, you may either purchase them or purchase a better one. A good gun all around!

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