6 Rock Island 22TCM Problems You Should Know

The RIA 22 TCM is a superb hunting, target practice, and self-defense firearm. Furthermore, regardless of how you shoot, it feels fantastic in your hands. However, it does have some limits that you should be aware of before purchasing.

Failure to feed, failure to eject, plain front strap, spitting fire, and extractor problem are the main issues of Rock island 22 TCM. Apart from that, you should not be concerned because additional concerns are not common.

I’ve assembled a list of the most common Rock island 22 TCM problems from customer complaints on various internet discussion boards in this post to save you time scouring the internet.

Features & Specifications of Rock Island 22 TCM:

Length8 inches
Capacity17 rounds
Rock Island 22TCM Problems
Rock Island 22TCM

Common Rock Island 22TCM and Solutions

Failure to feedCheck magazine/recoil spring, replace them if needed
Failure to ejectFollow mentioned procedure to expel
Plain gripChange to your favorite grip
Extractor problemReplace extractor/recoil spring
Low accuracyInstall better sight
Spitting fireballInstall accessories

1. Failure to Feed:

It might be due to a variety of circumstances, including inadequate maintenance, an internal problem, a faulty extractor, failure to use the bolt, and so on.

Another possible reason is the magazine. This gun’s stock magazines frequently fail to feed properly.

However, this is a common problem throughout the break-in period.

The Fix:

Replace the magazine first, since stock magazines have been identified as the root of this problem.

If the magazine is not the problem, you should look at the feed ramp. If the feed ramp is the source of the problem, it should be thoroughly polished and lubricated.

Otherwise, the recoil spring needs to be changed in most circumstances.

2. Failure to Eject:

Failures to eject can be caused by a dirty gun, a rusty chamber, or the shooter’s lack of a firm grip.

The most common source of this problem is “riding the slide,” which occurs when you hold on to the slide as it travels forward, therefore reducing its forward pace.

The case is frequently seized by the slide and held upright, the empty hull pointing skyward like a stove’s metal chimney, giving birth to the nickname “stovepiping.”

The Fix:

Here is what to do:

  • Pull the slide all the way to the rear and let it go. The slide must travel fast, even violently, to the forward position in order to properly lodge the bullet in the chamber.
  • To begin, tap the magazine to ensure it is well installed. Then, carefully rotate the handgun so that the ejection port is at an angle to the ground, and violently rack the slide.
  • This should expel the used cartridge and enable a fresh one to enter the chamber.

3. Plain Grip:

This gun’s front strap of the grip is quite smooth, which might cause issues. The smooth portion works against you while dealing with the recoil.

Because it has the potential to slide from the hand during recoil. If you have a sweaty palm, not wearing gloves may make things difficult since the pistol may slip.

The Fix:

Although the problem appears to be small, you may consider altering your grip. A bespoke front strap would be the best solution. Alternatively, always wear your shooting glove when transporting it.

4. Extractor Problem:

Failure to extract is commonly caused by poor quality or damaged magazines, faulty magazine springs, or shooters who do not maintain a firm grip on the rifle or ride the slide forward as it moves.

An unclean chamber, a broken extractor claw, case rim failures, or a multitude of other issues can all contribute to this.

The Fix:

These guns are really simple to limpwrist. You must keep your arm totally stiff to keep the pistol operating.

The robust recoil springs absorb so much recoil that by allowing your arm to absorb enough recoil the slide doesn’t cycle correctly. If the problem persists, the recoil spring must be replaced.

5. Low Accuracy:

This happens due to the smaller sighting radius required to synchronize the front and rear sights than with rifles. This increases the likelihood of mishaps during the targeting phase.

Although some people like to draw the trigger to the left or right, the most crucial part of pulling a trigger is to use more than just the tip of the finger. If you can’t squeeze the trigger precisely, your grip will pull the shot one.

The Fix:

The perfect shooting posture, which looks like a boxer or fighter, requires proper body alignment. Maintain a 45-degree angle in your pelvis with your left leg to the back. This will help you balance your body and grip the pistol properly.

Never squeeze too tightly. The pistol will be held in position by the isometric tension of push and pull between the two hands. To adequately absorb recoil, keep your forearm in line with the pistol.

6. Spits Fireball:

The fireball that shoots from the end of this rifle is also known as muzzle flash. A modest main flash is produced by propellant gases escaping from behind the bullet, and a secondary flash is occasionally produced by unburned gunpowder interacting with oxygen in the environment.

The Fix:

To deal with muzzle flash, you might utilize a flash hider. Suppressors (or cans) will reduce flash in addition to a quiet report. The disadvantages include the accompanying expenditures, legal restrictions, and their additional bulk and weight.

More powder is often burned by powerful cartridges. As a result, they require a larger bore capacity to accomplish maximal combustion, which decreases flash. You may also experiment with different ammunition.

User Feedback on Rock Island 22 TCM

Although the Rock Island 22 TCM has some drawbacks, the majority of them may be addressed by aftermarket goods. For shooters who are both competitive and recreational, it is an excellent choice.

On threads in 1911addicts and snipershide, you will see a lot of users who appreciate its service. After some little to no tweaking, this gun works flawlessly and the users on these threads are proof of that.

But there are also complaints about various threads. Some of them are serious like this one on, 1911forum many reported that it comes with a problematic extractor.

There also have been reports of spitting fireballs like some users mentioned on the firingline & rugerforum.

Even though there are certain issues, you can still find a lot of people online that believe their pistol is worth the price, and I do so too.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of X

Ruger Sr40c

The SR40c is one of the most potent concealed carry handguns available today. It is a capable pistol that fires the.40 S&W round. The RIA 22 TCM will not be as effective as a covert personal defense weapon.


The SAR 9 is a double-stack, duty-style handgun featuring finger grooves along the front strap and a textured frame. Thanks to removable panels, users can alter the frame to fit their hands.

The SAR9’s sleek appearance and contemporary functions much outstrip those of the RIA 22TCM.

Sig Sauer P365 XL

The striker-fired semiautomatic SIG SAUER P365 XL 9mm Pistol has a carbon-steel barrel. It can hold 12 plus 1. This handgun performs better and has a more ergonomic design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the 22 TCM cartridge?

Fred Craig and Rock Island Armory (RIA) designed the 22 TCM or 22TCM (.22 Tuason Craig Micromagnum), a unique bottle-necked cartridge for semi-automatic pistols.

When did the 22 TCM come out?

Then came 2012. Wide-body 1911 pistol with 22 TCM from Rock Island Armory.Roc

Are Rock Island guns any good?

Among shooters, The Rock has gained a positive reputation and some adoration. It is conceivably the cheapest 1911 with good reliability in existence.

Is Armscor and Rock Island Armory the same company?

In Pahrump, Nevada, Armscor Precision International established its first office in this country in 1985. A short while afterward, Rock Island Armory was purchased by Armscor.


The Rock Island 22 TCM pistol is a fantastic weapon with several benefits for the user. It’s not a gun for novices, so you’ll need to know how to wield it.

Its comfort, accuracy, and performance set it apart from its competitors. The pistol smooths out and becomes buttery after the break-in period.

Problems with the Rock Island 22 TCM pistol are easily fixed. You’ll understand why it is so well-liked within its price range once you’ve dealt with these problems.

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