5 Kahr CM9 Problems that You Must Know

Kahr Arms manufactures the Kahr CM9 semi-automatic pistols. The CM9 is a popular choice due to its compact design. It is a double-action-only gun that supports 9mm Luger magazines.

However, there are a few issues with the Kahr CM9. Nosedive jamming, low accuracy, failure to go into battery, slide not staying open, and tolerance issues are some of the most common Kahr CM9 problems.

Features & Specifications of Kahr CM9 Gun:

Barrel Length3.1 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)14 Ounces
Length5.42 Inches
Width0.90 Inches
Height4.00 Inches
Action TypeDouble Action Only
SafetyTrigger Safety, Magazine Disconnect Safety, Drop Safety.
SightsWhite Bar-Dot Combat Sights, Drift Adjustable.
Kahr CM9 Problems

Common Kahr CM9 Problems and Solutions

Problems with Kahr CM9Solutions
Nosedive JamTrim the recoil and spring it down about one turn. Fix the feed ramp.
Bad AccuracyEnsure proper shooting technique. Contact Kahr Arms to inspect and fix mechanical problems.
Failing to Go into BatteryRemove coils from the magazine spring to weaken it.
Slide Not Staying OpenSwap out the plastic follower for an all-metal follower.
Tolerance IssueSend the Kahr CM9 to the company to address the cold-weather tolerance issue.

1. Nosedive Jam:

    You may face a nosedive jamming issue with your Kahr CM9. It occurs when the ammo you shot fails to feed and gets stuck in the chamber. A problem with the recoil spring is the main reason for this issue.

    Also, a damaged feed ramp can cause a nosedive jam in some Kahr CM9 guns. 

    The Fix:

    If you are facing a nosedive jamming problem, be sure to inspect your recoil spring. You should try trimming the recoil spring down. Trim it down about one turn and try shooting and see if the issue persists.

    If the gun still shows nosedive jamming, you should consider changing the recoil spring. You may also want to have a look at the feed ramp of your Kahr CM9.

    Take the gun to Kahr or a professional gunsmith to fix either the feed ramp or the recoil spring.

    2. Bad Accuracy:

    Some users of the Kahr CM9 have reported an accuracy issue with the gun. Although most of the time, it is the shooter’s fault, there have been proven problems with the gun.

    The main reason for the bad accuracy is a mechanical problem in manufacturing. Also, if you use low-quality ammo when shooting with your CM9, you will find it less accurate.

    Another reason for the low accuracy is the sights not being properly aligned. All of these reasons can create this issue.

    The Fix:

    First of all, make sure that you are shooting the gun correctly. Aim properly and avoid limp wristing.

    Now, if there is a manufacturing issue with the Kahr CM9, you should take the gun to Kahr Arms. They will inspect the gun and fix any probable mechanical issues that might be causing the accuracy to be bad.

    Also, you should never use cheap ammo. These will not be good for accurate shooting.

    3. Failing to Go into Battery:

    There have been reported issues with the ammo not feeding properly. This happens mainly when you try to shoot the last round. The problem is caused by a strong magazine spring.

    So, the magazine spring pushes the last round on your Kahr CM9 upwards. When it goes inside the feed ramp with too much force, it can cause the round to angle down.

    The Fix: 

    You should remove coils from the magazine as a fix. The rounds will feed more easily as a result of the spring being weaker.

    Follow these steps to take out a few coils from the magazine spring:

    1. Take the magazine out of your Kahr CM9.
    2. To empty the magazine, use a magazine loader.
    3. Take hold of the magazine spring’s end with a pair of needle-nose pliers.
    4. Remove the magazine spring from the magazine tube by pulling.
    5. Cut a few coils from the magazine spring’s end with a wire cutter.
    6. In the magazine tube, reinstall the magazine spring.
    7. To refill the magazine, use a magazine loader.
    8. Avoid removing too many coils from the magazine spring to prevent the magazine from losing its ability to firmly hold the rounds.

    4.  Slide Not Staying Open:

      The slide not staying open after shooting the last round is one of the common Kahr CM9 problems. This issue happens due to a worn plastic follower on the magazine.

      So, if you see that your slide does not lick in the open position after the last round, there is an issue with the magazine’s follower. If it is worn, I can’t push the slide stop lever up to engage it.

      The Fix:

      You must swap out the current follower for an all-metal follower to remedy the problem. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

      • Empty the magazine of all ammunition.
      • Press the little retention pin on the bottom of the magazine using a small screwdriver.
      • Slide the baseplate off slowly.
      • Slide the existing follower and magazine spring out of the magazine body.
      • Put the all-metal follower within the magazine body.
      • Make sure it is correctly oriented.
      • Replace the new follower with the magazine spring.
      • Reassemble the magazine.

      5. Tolerance Issue:

      There is a problem with some Kahr CM9 that does not shoot in very cold temperatures. In cold weather, the tolerance between the trigger and the polymer frame causes a malfunction.

      If the sear of the CM9’s trigger mechanism is faulty, it will cause the gun to not fire after pulling the trigger.

      The Fix:

      To fix this problem, you should send your Kahr CM9 to the company. This is a manufacturing issue. They might offer you a new gun or fix the tolerance issue.

      Replacing the trigger and the polymer frame of the gun is a possible solution. But, to do that, you also have to send the gun to a professional.

      User Feedback on Kahr CM9

      The Kahr CM9 is a reliable gun. Although it may have a few minor issues, major problems are rare with this gun. From this post on Glock Talk, you can see that there are people who face fewer Kahr CM9 problems.

      But, there are some downsides as well. In this post from the Kahr Talk, a user said that disassembling and reassembling the gun resulted in coming short about a fraction of an inch.

      In another post on the Kahr Talk, many users said in the comments that their CM9 has been reliable.

      Top 3 Alternative Guns of Kahr CM9

      Here are the best alternatives for the Kahr CM9:

      1.  Heckler & Koch VP9SK
        – Supports 9mm ammo with a capacity of 10+1.
        – Features luminescent3-dot steel sights for great aiming.
        – Has a 3.39-inch barrel with a black oxide slide finish.
      2. Taurus G2C
        – The Taurus G2C is a single-action gun with a restrike.
        – Features an accessory rail and 12-round capacity magazine.
        – Has a compact frame with polymer material and a black finish.
      3. S&W Bodyguard 380
        – Comes with drift adjustable sights and two magazines.
        – Has an internal hammer-fired action type.
        – Supports 380 auto caliber and has thumb safety.

      Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

      What type of recoil lug does the Kahr CM9 have?

      The Kahr CM9 has a browning-type recoil lug.

      How much is the twist rate on the Kahr CM9?

      The Kahr CM9 features a twist rate of 1-10 right-hand twist.

      How much does the magazine of the Kahr CM9 weigh?

      The magazine weighs 1.9 ounces.

      What type of grips does the Kahr CM9 have?

      The Kahr CM9 has textured polymer grips.

      What is the finish type of the Kahr CM9?

      It has a matte stainless steel slide and a black polymer frame.

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