Five Major Problems that You Can Encounter with Your Ruger P90 Pistol

The Ruger LC9 pistol is not a particularly attractive handgun. But it is quite accurate and reliable. It easily passes as the best of the P-Series, or one of the best easily!

However, the prevalent problems with the Ruger P90 pistol are misfeeding, failure to go in double action, magazine falling out, ammo jamming, and slide stuck.

The reason behind the issues and the solutions will be discussed in the article. Keep your eye on the screen till the end!

Features & Specifications of Ruger P90

Action Semi-automatic, Short recoil
Caliber45 ACP
Product weight                     34.0 oz.
Product length7.8”
Capacity   8+1 rounds
Cylinder Material  Cast Aluminum alloy
Barrel length    4.5”
Typical Ruger P90 Problems and Solutions
Ruger P90

Typical Ruger P90 Problems and Solutions

Your experience with Ruger P90 may contain several issues. The reasons behind the problems and the most preferable solutions will be discussed below.

MisfeedingTroubleshoot follower and bottom plate
Failure to go into double actionTroubleshoot the spring of the sliding sight
Magazine falling outAssuring ammo is seated correctly in the well by rasping the bottom of the magazine forward in the well
Ammo jammingChecking the feed ramp and greasing the moving components
Slide StockYielding and retracting the slide


The last cartridge in the magazine would fail to feed, and the pistol would occasionally have trouble feeding the first bullet from the magazine.

Possible Reasons

The issue may occur due to the size of the magazine rounds. The pistol has 7 rounds magazine on it, and the 8 rounds magazine does not properly suit the Ruger P90 pistol.

Dirty magazine case can create the issue as well. Difficulty with the spring can also create a specific issue of misfeeding.

The Fix

The 7-round magazine has a polymer follower which fits in the pistol perfectly. Use this one.

Clean the magazine case’s interior. The inside of the other components does not require lubrication.

Install the follower and bottom plate again, replace or gently extend the spring, and then put everything back together.

Check the feed lips as well to make sure there hasn’t been any bending.

Failure to Go in Double Action

The Ruger P90 pistol will only work in single action after the usage for a short period.

Possible Reasons

A spring being out of place which will not let go of the slide causes the problem.

The failure may also arise due to the oddness of the trigger bar assembly.

It can also be a broken part that stops functioning properly too with the double action.

Extended single spring wire can also cause failure to go in double action mode on your Ruger P90 pistol.

The Fix

To prevent this particular issue, you should check the spring of the sliding sight of your Ruger P90 pistol.

Reassemble the trigger bar that is causing the disadvantage.  

Clean and lubricate the inside of the gun, and reassemble the components properly.

Extended single spring wire must be reduced by a gunsmith.

Magazine Falling Out

Ruger P90 has a common issue of a magazine falling while shooting with .45 ACP cartridges.

Possible Reasons

The problem might arise if the thumb or other fingers were placed on the mag catch while shooting. It might also potentially be caused by a damaged magazine catch spring.

You are unable to lock a magazine home if the upper receiver portion is not extending beyond the upper border of the lower front magazine well region.

The Fix

When loading a filled magazine, make sure it is seated correctly in the well by rasping the bottom of the magazine forward in the well with the palm of your hand to avoid the noticeable problem with your Ruger P90 pistol.

The spring may be made extremely tight in a brand-new magazine.

Apply a little more pressure than merely pulling the magazine up to have it fully compressed, and make sure the lock is locked.

The thumb position should precise while shooting with the .45 ACP cartridges on the Ruger P90 pistol.

Ammo Jamming

The Ruger P90 has a jamming problem with .45 ACP ammo after being shot 300 rounds.

The cartridge is ejected, but the one that comes out of the magazine is not fully loaded.

Possible Reasons

The ammo on your Ruger P90 pistol may jam if it isn’t cleaned and lubricated correctly.

An accumulation on the feed ramp might occasionally make a cartridge stick and load improperly.

Alternatively, if the moving components of the gun are not properly greased, there may be enough friction for them to seize.

Sometimes, it becomes impaled on a tiny edge or another object.

Stoppages are more likely to occur when poor ammunition is used.

The Fix

Clean and polish the magazine region. Check the feed ramp and grease moving components properly by a gunsmith.

Use clean ammo and, different ammo if the jamming issues remain with the .45 ACP ammo.

Slide Stuck

The slide release became jammed approximately 1/4″ from the battery and almost all the way ahead.

Possible Reasons

The surface of the sliding sight gets scratched and causes the jamming. It also gets stuck with the top receiver of the barrel.

Griping alongside the misplaced finger on the trigger can also cause the slide jamming issue.

Slide jamming can also happen when a magazine is placed into the weapon without any rounds in it.

The Fix

A hardwood surface will keep the finish from being scratched. Just hook the portion of the slide that is directly above the top of the barrel, leaving the barrel’s muzzle exposed.

Remove your finger from around the trigger to prevent the issue.  Now, firmly press forward while maintaining both hands on the grip’s back.

The slide needs to yield and retract. Grab the slide as quickly as you can to prevent it from moving forward once again and activate the slide lock.

Before firing, make sure the magazine is loaded with ammunition.

User Feedback on Ruger P90

While there are numerous user evaluations for the Ruger P90 pistol, most of them focus on the good aspects.

However, a user shares his experience in The High Road forum that he has a stove piping issue with the Ruger P90 pistol.

Another user reports having a stove pipe problem with his Ruger P90 pistol in The High Road forum.

Here on The High Road forum, a Ruger P90 user discusses the problem with the trigger pulling being tough.

In contrast, a user appreciates the Ruger P90 pistol’s reliability on The High Road forum.

However, the Ruger P90 pistol remains to be a favourite.

Top 2 Alternatives for Ruger P90

The two best replacements for the Ruger P90 were chosen after an evaluation of the necessities, results, and capabilities.

Ruger GP 100

Regarding griping advantage, GP 100 is better than P90. The Grip frame design of the GP 100 easily accommodates a wide variety of custom grips.

Ruger P95

The P95 by Ruger is the product of various modifications to the P90 model that were made over the course of the following few years as alterations and problems were corrected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The P90 is still produced by Ruger?

The P90 model was discontinued in 2010.

What is the price of the Ruger P90? 

$423.08 (Used)

What capacity does a Ruger P90 have for bullets?

The magazine can hold seven bullets.

Has a Ruger P90 safety been added?

It has ambidextrous manual safety levers.

What does a P90 gun do?

The P90 is a direct blowback, selective fire weapon that fires 850–1,100 rounds per minute on average.


The stock grips and recoil springs suck on the P90! If you modify them, voila! you have an amazing, reliable and smooth shooting gun!

So, despite the negative opinions, I would suggest you go for this one!

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