Remington 1911 R1 Problems You Should Know

The Remington R1 is a modified World War II era model. If you’re searching for a reliable entrance point into the world of 1911s, the Remington R1 1911 is a great choice. The Model 1911 R1 pushes the limits of performance for the world’s most popular handgun platform.

But it has flaws. There are problems with it.

Common Remington 1911 R1 Problems include jamming issues, grip safety issues, reload difficulty, failure to feed, and failure to fire etc.

Possible causes and solutions to these problems are discussed here. Continue reading to know.

Features & Specifications of Remington 1911 R1:

ActionSemi-Automatic, Short Recoil.
Caliber.45 ACP.
GripCheckered double-diamond walnut
Product weight(empty)38½ Ounces
Product length8½ Inches
Capacity7 rounds
Barrel length5 Inches
Barrel MaterialStainless Steel Match Grade
Common Remington 1911 R1 Problems and Solutions
Remington 1911 R1

Common Remington 1911 R1 Problems and Solutions

Jamming IssuesUse proper using technique, use proper ammunition and magazine
Grip Safety IssuesUse preferable grip safety
Reload DifficultyClean the chamber, examine gun parts
Failure To FeedInstall fresh recoil spring, polish feed ramp.
Failure To FireRemove any blockage of the ejection port, fix hammer spring

 Jamming Issues

The Remington 1911 R1 has ammunition and magazine-related jamming concerns, mentioned by several buyers. When using full metal jacket ammo, the Remington 1911 R1 reportedly jammed once.

Incorrect loading or shooting technique are common causes of firearm jams. Using wrong ammunition and an improperly seated magazine could cause your gun to get stuck. Finally, the gun itself may be the source of the problem.

The Fix:

Maintaining a pistol with regular cleaning and lubrication will keep it from jamming. Be sure that you’re loading and firing procedures are correct.

Only use properly kept, high-quality ammo that matches your firearm. Usually, the 1911 prefer ball ammo.

Magazines can be picky. Use aftermarket magazines considering the Sig magazine functioned well. Some customer said using Wilson combat magazine have solved the jamming issue.

Finally, make sure to replace any broken or worn parts as soon as possible.

Grip Safety Issues

The grip safeties on a Remington 1911 R1 are uncomfortable to use. The safety features on the grips are ineffective. There is a way to pull the trigger without depressing the safety.

The most problematic grip position is one in which the thumb is held straight up while the palm is pressed firmly on the grip safety. When held, it loosely rattles.

This could be due to worn springs, a disengaged beavertail safety, or both.

The Fix:

You can either get a new hammer in the commander style or have your current one shortened by a gunsmith. You can get a beavertail grip safety and smooth out any sharp edges in the area near the grip safety.

Many customers who have this problem have found success by installing a Wilson drop-in beavertail grip safety and a Wilson skeletonized bullet-proof commander-style hammer.

Reload Difficulty

The Remington 1911 R1 is hard to reload because it doesn’t shoot the rounds out. Sometimes it ejects empty shells. On its way out, the bullet’s nose would collide with the front of the ejection port.

Your round will always get stuck on the ramp leading up to the chamber. It appears like the bullet is held in place by a small sharp edge. A further issue is that the fired shell is trapped and difficult to extract.

The Fix:

First, the chamber needs to be cleaned. You’ll need to ship your weapon back to Remington if the rounds won’t chamber. Take the gun apart and examine its parts.

Slide the barrel onto the frame and all the way to the rear of the gun using the slide stop. Take a look at the junction of the feed ramps on the barrel and the frame. Include the whole circumference of the chamber and make sure the barrel is pointed backwards.

Failure to Feed

There are problems with feeding the 1911 R1. It reportedly had an issue where the initial round would not feed into the chamber.

Inaccurate feeding from the factory R1 magazines is a concern. Possible causes include the slide-stop pin’s bulk blocking some of the magazine’s shots.

The Fix:

You could try switching to a magazine where the bullet isn’t angled downward quite as much. Install fresh recoil springs to prevent feeding problems.

Lubricate it properly; the 1911 was really made to function best when lubricated with grease.

Polishing the feed ramp is the best option for factory mags. This will happen naturally as rounds are fired through your gun, or you can take the time to do it using a copper brush.

Put some strain on the extractor, lightly polish the feed ramp and throat. Don’t use the factory magazines and buy some Chip McCormick Shooting Star, Checkmate GI mags or Wilson Combat magazines. High quality magazines are a MUST for any 1911.

Failure to Fire

There are problems with this gun’s ability to fire accurately. The hammer doesn’t fully advance due to a malfunction. The ball never reaches the firing pin.

If a brand-new pistol won’t fire, it’s probably not because of a weak hammer spring but rather a problem with the ammunition. Possible causes include a firing pin channel that prevents the firing pin from moving forward fully, or a hammer spring that has been weakened.

The Fix:

Find out whether something is blocking the ejection port. Replace the hammer spring.

If you think you have a dud cartridge, you can eject it by pulling the charging handle.

Make sure the magazine is correctly seated by pointing the rifle at the target and giving the base of the magazine a hard whack.

User Feedback on Remington 1911 R1

Customers have a range of reactions to the Remington 1911 R1.

Customers have complained about the R1’s tendency to jam and their disappointment with the gun’s aesthetics.

One buyer has expressed their disappointment with the R1. The slide fails to feed, and the round before the last one is locked back, leaving the last one sitting.

The Remington 1911 R1 has received mostly positive feedback from customers for its accuracy and tight structure. People have said it is very reliable. Another user commented that it is an excellent rifle for the price.

the R1 has a good build quality for a beginner pistol. The connection between the barrel and the bushing is tight and fits well, according to other reviews.

However, the 1911 is famous for its unpleasant grip safety, bare bones sights, finicky reload, and inaccuracy with ammo other than full metal jacket. The buyers of this firearm hoped Remington would fix the problems and make the purchase less painful.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington 1911 R1

Ruger SR1911

SR1911 Ruger have the extra features; the beaver tail grip safety, the bobbed hammer, the skeletonized trigger and the Novak sights.

Rock Island Armory

RIA have good value, shoots accurately and reliably. The Remington is a Series 80 while the RIA is a Series 70 without a firing pin safety. The firing pin safety make it tougher to get a good Series 80 trigger work.

Springfield 1911

Springfield Armory product superior in fit/finish. It is perfectly manufactured parts. It’s accurate and reliable. The Springfield still has a 2-piece barrel, whereas the Remington R1 has a stainless match barrel/bushing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do they still produce the Remington 1911 R1?

The Remington 1911 was last manufactured in 1919, but in April 2010 the company stated it would once again begin production.

Is the Remington 1911 R1 a full-size firearm?


How come there is no Remington ammunition?

Remington has filed for and received Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection twice, in 2018 and 2020. The company lost investors, money, and munitions production due to bankruptcy.

Is the Remington R1 still made?



As plainly as I could, I’ve outlined the issues with the Remington 1911 R1, as well as the potential causes and fixes.

However, the suggested solutions might not be enough to the problems you’ve encountered. It is recommended that you consult a gunsmith or send the revolver to Remington in such a situation.

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