6 Ruger EC9s Problems & Fixes That Can Make Your Life Easier

EC9s is a reliable, accurate, and affordable guns. Despite such popularity, I have found several Ruger EC9s problems that you must know as a user or potential buyer.

Among the most common ones, the issues regarding trigger, safety lever, extractor, ammo feeding, accuracy, and magazine release are worth mentioning.

Read this full article to also know the possible reasons and fixes for these problems. So, let’s get started by knowing the specs first.

Features & Specifications of Ruger EC9s:

Barrel Length3.12″
Magazine Capacity7 rounds
Overall Length6″
Twist Rate1:10″ RH
Rear SightIntegral
Front SightIntegral
SafetyIntegrated trigger safety, manual safety, magazine disconnect, and inspection port
Dimensions 4.50″ H; 1.21″ W
Weight18 oz.
Trigger PullAlmost 4 pounds
Common Ruger EC9s Problems and Solutions
Ruger EC9s Problems

Common Ruger EC9s Problems and Solutions

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

TriggerChange how you hold the gun, or send it to Ruger for the fix.
Safety LeverTake the help of a gunsmith or send it to Ruger after cleaning the gun.
ExtractionDisassemble the gun, replace the faulty extractor, spring, and guide rod, and reassemble it.
FeedingClean and lube the gun, polish the feed ramp, change the ammo, and insert the magazine properly.
Low AccuracyReplace the sights.
Magazine ReleaseTrim extra material on the button and magazine, and hold the gun properly.

1. Trigger Problem

Lots of users complain that their EC9s trigger slaps on the finger after shooting 4 or 5 magazines.

Possible Reasons

There is little to no information on the Ruger EC9s trigger problem because of its unique nature.

Some say that users are putting pressure on the very bottom of the trigger where it becomes very painful.

And, any kind of fault in the trigger system can cause this issue.

The Fix

From the reasons, you can understand that the problem can be solved by simply changing the holding pattern.

Due to very little information, it is hard to suggest any solid solution in this case.

It will be better to send it to Ruger for the fix.

2. Safety Lever Problem

In this issue, you will notice that your pistol’s safety lever is stuck in the off position.

Possible Solutions

The first thing you should suspect for Ruger EC9s safety problem is dirt buildup inside.

Further inspection and solution require disassembling the gun completely and checking the components related to the safety mechanism. 

The Fix

I know that users don’t have sophisticated tools to access the gun’s tiny components that are related to the safety lever.

So, it is better to send the gun to Ruger in case cleaning doesn’t solve the issue.

3. Extractor Problem

When this issue occurs, the gun fails to eject fired shells.

Possible Reasons

Most of the time, the Ruger EC9s extractor problem indicates that the firearm’s extractor and spring are faulty.

Sometimes, the guide rod can become the reason for this problem. One can’t tell which part is the culprit before a thorough inspection.

The Fix

From the reasons I have described above, you can understand that the whole process of inspection and part replacement needs disassembly and assembly.

In this YouTube Video, you can see how it is done properly.

  • Firstly, push down the takedown gate in the middle of the slide.
  • Secondly, slide the top part slightly back to take off the pin in the middle.
  • Now, insert a dummy magazine or empty magazine for taking off the slide.
  • Then, pull the trigger and there is a click sound. Without letting the trigger go, slide it back a notch, and you can take it off from the front.
  • Finally, replace the faulty parts and assemble the gun. Watch the video for clear instructions.

4. Feeding Issues

You may notice that your EC9s is suddenly failing to feed ammunition properly.

Possible Reasons

Ruger EC9s feeding problem usually occurs due to roughness on the feed ramp and not-supported ammo dimension.

Sometimes, failing to insert the magazine properly can cause it too.

Or, when the gun suddenly can’t extract the fired shells, it jams the way preventing the new bullet from chambering.

The Fix

The standard procedure for solving this issue is by disassembling the gun, cleaning it, and lubricating it properly.

At the same time, change the ammo brand. In most cases, these steps solve the issue for good.

But there are some exceptions. If the feed ramp has rough edges, you will have to polish it.

Be careful not to remove material from the piece as it can permanently damage the mechanism.

To avoid the magazine issue, slam the bottom while inserting it to make sure that it sits properly.

Lastly, the extraction problem and solution are talked about right above this point. Solving the ejection issue automatically solves this feeding problem.

5. Low Accuracy Problem

Large target groups from standard distance shooting indicate the accuracy issue of EC9s.

Possible Reasons

When Ruger EC9s accuracy problem occurs, the first thing you have to check is the sights of the gun.

After that, check the condition of the barrel. If you don’t have the right tools to measure, take the gun to a local gunsmith.

This issue generally occurs while shooting a small target.

The Fix

Assuming that the sights are faulty, you can install third-party replacements without spending a lot.

I can recommend a great laser sight with a tactical holster for your gun. Check out this product on Amazon.

It can be slightly expensive for some people. Those who are not into electronics can check out a more affordable fire sight set.

Take the help of a gunsmith to install the newly purchased sights and calibrate.

6. Magazine Release Problem

You may notice that the magazine release button has become stiffer or the magazine is not dropping smoothly.

Possible Reasons

It may sound odd but placing a finger on the opposite side of the magazine press button can cause stiffness.

Apart from that, the most obvious diagnosis is that the magazine spring has become faulty.

Lastly, closely watch the mechanism, and see whether there is extra material on the switch or magazine body.

The Fix

First of all, correct how you hold the gun ensuring the opposite side of the button is free.

Then, disassemble the gun, clean it thoroughly, and notice whether the motion has become smoother or not.

Before assembling the gun, take a close look at the button. In case of suspecting additional material, trim it slightly, and it should solve the matter.

User Feedback on Ruger EC9s

EC9s are the more affordable version of LC9s. It is a lightweight and easy-to-carry handgun with lots of appreciable features.

The fixed sights do the job accurately enough but some people don’t like the quality of them.

And, you may not like the aesthetics and overall finish of the gun as Ruger has compromised a lot of things to keep it under $339.

I know that there are lots of problems with this model but there are worse 9mm handguns than the EC9s.

Considering everything, it gets a 5 out of 5 for the low price tag. Overall, reviewers and users consider giving it a 3.8 out of 5.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger EC9s

Here are 3 of the best 9mm handguns available in the market that can be an alternative to Ruger EC9s.

M&P Shield 2.0

Comfortable grip, good-quality sights, and affordable pricing are the strong suits of the Shield 2.0.

Glock 26

Better accuracy, easier shooting features, and ergonomic design are the reasons people love the Glock 26 a lot.

Springfield XD

The Springfield XD looks great, has a durable build, and comes with both double and single-action features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ruger EC9s a good gun?


Did Ruger discontinue the EC9s?


What does EC9s mean?

E means essential. The cheaper version of LC9s is the EC9s.

How accurate is the Ruger EC9s?

Not that impressive

What ammo does Ruger EC9s use?

9mm Luger cartridge


You reached the end of Ruger EC9s problems and solutions article. One should understand that no problem with this gun is unsolvable.

Those who have a budget constraint should get this handgun as there are no better options in this price range and category.

Please share your thoughts and experience with your EC9s in the comments below.

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  1. I bought my ec9s about 4 months ago. I haven’t had any problem at all with it. I can take the X out of the target from 7-10 yards. The sights are right on, and no misfires, or FTE. I love this firearm. It’s now my EDC.

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