Springfield XDE Problems That You Should Know About

How much the XDE improved over the preceding XD-platform Springfield was one of the XDE’s major revelations. The XDE is far superior to its predecessor while maintaining the XD aesthetic.

Even if this model will disappoint you with slide stop problems, 9-round mag issues, extractor issues, and safety issues.

Features & Specifications of Springfield XDE:

  • Model: XDE 3.3” Single Stack
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 8
  • Barrel Length: 3.3”
  • Overall Length: 6.75”
  • Weight: 25 oz. (unloaded)
  • Sights: Fiber Optic Front – Low Profile Combat Rear
  • Finish: Black Melonite
  • Width: 1”
  • MSRP: $519.00
 Springfield XDE Problems
Springfield XDE

Common Springfield XDE Problems and Solutions

Slide stop problemInsert the magazine properly
9 round Mag issueMake sure the sleeve is all the way down
Extractor issueClean and lubricate the chamber, use wax
Safety issuePosition it ideally

Slide Stop Problem

The mag slide stop catch on some of this model is inadequately sized. The stop stops working completely as a result of the mag regularly popping up past the slide. Additionally, when it occurs, this prevents the mag from ejecting correctly.

This pistol holds the slide open nicely, however, if you close the slide and decock the hammer, the magazine won’t engage unless you really bang it in. Once you do, even with the slide closed and the hammer decocked, it won’t eject.

The Fix

When your magazine is installed, the slide stop should be positioned on a cutout in the front right corner of the magazine. Lift your slide stop after inserting a magazine to see where it sits on the magazine.

Sometimes the follower is not subjected to enough upward pressure from the mag’s spring. Remove the bottom plate, pull the spring slightly to expand it, and then reassemble it. The sliding stop will now be completely functioning.

9 Round Mag Issue

The 9-round magazine failed to lock back after firing the last round roughly 50% of the time, according to several users.

You have to really twist your hand to get the sleeve to drop since it’s caught on your palm.

The Fix

The filler piece on 9 rounders needed a small amount of the material to be removed, but everything is working fine now after using a sanding block to give it a haircut.

Make sure the sleeve is all the way down if possible. Alternatively, you might take the sleeve off completely to see if anything changes. Don’t jam the mags in if that’s the course you decide to take.

Extractor Issue

The main problem is that copper, a softer metal, deforms even when it is placed atop a steel basis and may be difficult to extricate.

Only two days later, the identical problem with the same handgun would arise if you replaced the extractor with a spare.

The ammo could be the root of the problem, and if it damages the chamber, it will continue to be a difficult extraction that overstresses the extractor and results in the same problem.

The Fix

Try waxing the casings and making some rounds. When it significantly alters the angle or range at which cases are ejected from the cannon, the wax is diminishing extraction force.

These firearms’ chamber interiors have been cleaned and lubricated. You can purchase Flex Hones, which should handle the smoothing, and then use Flitz for the finishing touch. Steel will stay lubricated because Slip2000 EWL adheres to it.

Replacements cost around $35, but Springer Precision purports to provide a higher-quality extractor for around $50.

Safety Issue

The right side of the gun’s safety/decocker lever is not as protruding as the left side lever. Some users, mostly lefties, can de-cock it without switching grips if they can get enough thumb on it. They must de-cock using the thumb of their support hand.

The hammer is still cocked after the final round. For some shooters, this circumstance, which necessitates manually de-cocking the hammer, might be unsettling.

The Fix

Your thumb knuckle was ideally positioned to flick it off. But before you commit, you’ll need to give it a shot with your particular hand.

User Feedback on Springfield XDE

The Springfield Armory XD-E is the first hammer-fired model in the company’s well-liked XD line, and it gives shooters a variety of carry configurations to choose from.

When using WinClean 124-grain loads, GunDigest reported that XDE’s accuracy was superb. The XD-E should be carried with a chambered round, the safety off, and the hammer down, according to one user.

XDE reportedly has a manual safety concern, according to many websites.

Even with a small possibility, carrying the XDE in condition 1 state puts you at risk for being discharged negligently. Unknowingly, external safety features have been deactivated, causing the pistol to enter a hot state.

You must operate the safety before firing your first shot if you carry in double-action lock mode.

Top 3 Alternative Guns

Taurus 92

Since its debut in the early 1980s, the Taurus 92 has found its niche among users who like the classic DA/SA capabilities in a larger firearm. This full-size, all-metal pistol has a 17+1 round capacity.

SIG Sauer P226

The SIG Sauer P226 is available in six different versions, each having a 15+1 capacity but varying degrees of optic plates. The DA/SA system features tritium night sights for quick target acquisition in low light and a decocker for an enhanced piece of mind.

CZ 75

Over a million of the CZ line have been produced, and it more than competes with brand-new weapons in the same class.

In actuality, the installation of a firing pin block safety makes the most recent version the B model and is the sole substantial design improvement over the original.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Did Springfield stop producing the XDE?

The XD-E series was formally dropped by Springfield Armory in December 2021. That is less than a four-year retail lifespan.

In Springfield Xde, what does the E stand for?

The XD-E, which was introduced by Springfield Armory, is a version that operates in double action/single action (DA/SA) and requires an external hammer (the “E” stands for this feature).

What makes a Springfield XDS and Xde different from one another?

Smaller than the XD-E, the XD-S is easier to hide but slightly less shootable, and it’s harder to control recoil makes it problematic for lengthy days of handgun training. Compared to the XD-8+1, E’s capacity is 7+1.


Overall, the Springfield XDE is comprehensively covered. It offers several features and possibilities that haven’t been seen in a hidden carry sub-compact handgun while also fulfilling all the fundamental requirements for an excellent concealed carry weapon.

Anyone looking to add to their armory or find a daily carry weapon should definitely consider the XDE, in my opinion. As XDE has discontinued in 2021 you may go for a second-hand piece.

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