Common SIG P365 SAS Problems and Solutions

The Sig P365 SAS (Sig Anti Snag) is primarily intended for carry in the pocket. To prevent snagging, it has contoured controls and “melted” sights. This gun is ideal for this carrying method because it is made to be snag-free.

The sights that are so special have been debated so much by many people. In addition, the most common problems with the Sig P365 SAS are RTB issues, magazine release button issue, recoil spring rod issues, bullseye sight issues and slide issues.

The solution to these issues have been discussed in this article. The current experiences that the users have with this product are also included. To learn more, read the full article!

Features & Specifications of SIG P365 SAS:

Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum, .380 ACP
Barrel Length3.1 inches.
Weight17.8 oz.
Length5.8 inches.
Width1.0 inches.
Height4.1 inches.
SafetyNo manual safety.
SightsFlush FT Bullseye.
Common SIG P365 SAS Problems

Common SIG P365 SAS Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG P365 SAS problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

RTB IssuesTroubleshoot.
Magazine Release Button IssueExtend the release button.
Recoil Spring Rod IssuesTroubleshoot or replace the spring rod.
Bullseye Sight IssuesTroubleshoot adjustment. Replace from SIG.
Slide IssuesTroubleshoot.

1. RTB Issues:

The gun fails to return to battery. These may be termed as ‘break-in’ issues. You may notice this with the mag fully loaded or even with one round less than full.

In new guns, this is quite common.

The Fix:

RTB failure is brought on by excessive friction from several sources. You can try leaving the gun fully loaded for a week. The issue usually resolves like this. If it persists you can call SIG.

Another solution is this: pull the slide slightly out of battery while the chamber is loaded. The recoil spring should be able to pull the slide closed. However, it doesn’t usually work with new SIGs.

2. Magazine Release Button Issue:

If you didn’t twist the P365X in your grip, you couldn’t press the stock magazine release button. In a defensive situation where you might drop the pistol while attempting a magazine change, this would be risky.

The Fix:

This could be solved by sliding the magazine release button to the opposite side of the grip module and using your index finger to activate the magazine release. But for people with long fingers, it is impossible.

In that case get a longer magazine release button. You can try extending the existing magazine release button. This is cheaper.

The JB Weld epoxy would stick perfectly to the stock Nylon layer. So this is something you can try. Here is another option.

3. Recoil Spring Rod Issues:

The recoil spring tends to get popped out of place. Moreover, spring rod failures are common causing the jamming of the gun.

The Fix:

The spring that SIG uses is not heat treated. It is also not stress-relieved after forming. This recoil spring also has a failure mode where it can coil back on itself and jam the P365 SAS after as few as 200 rounds.

Recoil springs made by ISMI undergo heat treatment, shot peening, and stress relief after forming to create a more durable and dependable spring.

Additionally, because of the flat coil construction, there is very little chance of the spring coiling back on itself.

The recoil spring retaining bolt and guide rod from Rival Arms are both made of steel with an oxide coating. Typically, these metals don’t activate the thread locker. So, you’ll need to prime the threads for the thread locker to cure.

The guide rod and bolt threads at Rival Arms are most likely not primed. Just something for you to consider.

4. Bullseye Sight Issues:

In low light, the bullseye isn’t very noticeable. The tritium isn’t very bright. This will be more clear if you had a laser sight. They don’t function in all lighting situations.

The SAS’s Meprolight Bulleye sight is way off-center. Bad enough to aim anything incorrectly. The sights are functional but not as bright as night sights with tritium inlays.

5. Slide Issues:

During reassembly, the slide won’t move all the way back and gets stuck. Other times, it won’t return to batteries, but shooting should not be a problem. A new slide and the RSA being used may be a reason.

The Fix:

Strip it down, clean it and use some lubrication. It can be fixed with a small slide barrel adjustment. To speed up the break-in, try racking the SAS slide 30–40 times without any ammunition or magazines.

The take-down screw or lever may not be at a 90-degree angle. Remove the slide, raise the slide lock and turn the take-down screw back to 90 degrees. Before reassembling, make sure the barrel and RSA are properly seated.

User Feedback on SIG P365 SAS

This weapon appears to get tangled up in itself and have battery issues. Most complaints are made on this area by the users. The controls on this also feels like worthless gimmicks.

The bullseye sights get much criticism from people. They may not function in some circumstances. Everything else may be alright.

See how it goes after attempting to remove the slide. It’s really not that tough to remove the slide though.

The SAS should come with a cartridge that fits nicely into the “takedown screw” at the outset. If you’re of smaller build or want a pocket gun, go with the normal P365 or the P365x and get a decent pocket holster right away.

Look closely at the P365xl if you’re a normal-sized person who wants to wear it on your belt and can fit all of their fingers on the grip.

In addition, ported barrels release gas while the cartridge is inside the barrel, slowing it down. This can be a challenge during a self-defense shoot.

In addition to ported barrels, they have an entirely new sighting setup. Some users dislike it, while others like it. They appear to agree that the standard version is adequate.

On the other hand, some ourchase the SAS particularly for the sights. But the toughest challenge is aiming into bright light. You can’t get very small groups when using sights, either.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long after should I replace the recoil spring assembly on SIG P365 SAS?

SIG recommends to do it after 2,500 rounds.  

What is the size of the P365 SAS?

The same size as the Sig P365, a very small 10-round 9mm.

What kind of slide does the SIG P365 SAS use?

The same slide as the regular P365. But it lacks cutout for a front sight.


Not everybody can handle this pistol. Consider it to be similar to the S&W Shield 380EZ or the Glock 19X. It doesn’t imply it’s a useless monster that has no use for anyone just because it’s not for you.

The slide catch, on the other hand, is made to allow you to lock the slide back when you want to. The only thing you cannot do is drop the slide while the gun is loaded or unloaded with a magazine.

I would advise you to give it a try if some of the features appeal to you. And you’re prepared to use this rifle at the range twice or three times to get used to the sight picture.

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