Common SIG SP2022 Problems and Solutions

SIG SP2022 is a 9mm DA/SA SIG with 15-round magazines. They were SIG’s only venture into the polymer industry at the time. Despite being sleepers, they have a big following.

While they sold a lot of products through contracts in other countries, they maintained a low profile among civilians. So this answers the question, ‘what role did the model play in the SIG lineup?’

But they are not free from issues. The most common problems with the SIG SP2022 are failure to eject/feed (FTF/FTE), slide occasionally locks in a .40 caliber, not ammo friendly, trigger issues and hammer issues.

I will discuss the solutions to all these problems and user reviews in this article. So read on till the end!

Features & Specifications of SIG SP2022 Gun:

SIG SP2022 Gun Specs
Catridge9×19 mm, . 357 SIG or . 40 S&W.
Capacity15 rounds.
Barrel Length3.9 inches
Weight27.0 oz
Length7.4 inches
Width1.4 inches
Height5.7 inches
Safety-MS designation (Manual Safety).
SightsFront: blade with white dot Rear: square notch with white bar
common sig sp 2022 problems
sig sp 2022

Common SIG SP2022 Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG SP2022 problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Failure to Eject/Feed (FTF/FTE)Troubleshoot parts.
Slide Occasionally Locks in a .40 CaliberTroubleshoot the Slide Catch Lever.
Not Ammo FriendlyUse specific ammo only.
Trigger IssuesTroubleshoot or send to SIG.
Hammer IssuesBy design so solution may not be available.

1. Failure to Eject/Feed (FTF/FTE):

After the first shot, often the second shot fails to eject. This may happen in the case of specific ammo. For example, in case of the Federal Champion 115 gr FMJ.

The FTE or FTF slows down shooting. This may be irritating to users. Additionally, the troubleshooting of this problem eats a lot of ammo.

The Fix:

Try racking the slide. The problem may persist after shooting smoothly once or twice. You may use different ammo, such as, the Winchester Ranger 124grain.

It would be a magazine issue if it would FTE and FTF only on the final few rounds. Additionally, call SIG as soon as possible and get the gun fixed.

In most cases, the polishing of a disconnector can fix the issue. A gunsmith can do this. You can also lubricate the gun with Hoppe’s 9 lubricant.

2. Slide Occasionally Locks in a .40 Caliber:

This problem can also occur in the .375 caliber ones. Sometimes when there are more rounds in the magazine, the slide will lock open. This results in casing ejects, then FTF.

The slide may be bouncing back and locking as the round becomes stuck. You could occasionally be making touch with the Slide Lever and creating the issue.

The Fix:

To take a closer look, take the slide off. Ensure that the Slide Catch Lever tab is close to the projectiles. Because the rounds in the magazine may travel fore and aft slightly.

There may be a 020 clearance from the side of the cartridge. This may be making it an intermittent issue rather than a continuous one.

It may also be a broken rail as shown in the picture. In that case, SIG will replace the part.

replace the part
replace the part

3. Not Ammo Friendly:

The SIG SP2022 may not support some ammo. Those are weaker ammo on this one. Additionally, it may eat a lot of ammo and loves a thicker lubricant. For a pretty large pistol, the ammo capacity is not that amazing.

For example, the Winchester 124gr is a good ammo on it. But not HPR JHP 9mm 124 jacketed hollow point rounds.

The Fix:

Look up the HPR 9mm being loaded weakly on the internet. Alternately, your handgun might shoot the HPR just fine when you apply additional cycles to the recoil spring.

If you have no problems with any other ammunition (including FMJ and JHP), throw away the HPR. I’d advise putting it out of your mind.

HPR is terrible and gives you extreme bullet setbacks (Hornady projectiles). 115 FMJs at the range and 124 JHP for carry are good ammo selections.

4. Trigger Issues:

There may be issues with the trigger not resetting. It would happen about twice per 15rd mag. The trigger would have to be pushed manually forward to reset.

The Fix:

This happens most likely due to a manufacturing bur or metal chip getting left in the lock-work. It might blow out with an air compressor, or a good hosing out with a gun scrubber. Or it might go away with further lube & break-in.

If it doesn’t, send it back to SIG and let them fix it. Could also be a trigger return spring problem if it resets manually. Visually check it (spring tangs seated/not broken) as you pull the trigger with it broken down.

5. Hammer Issues:

When decocked, the hammer has some play in it. There is a slight wobble in the hammer when it is not cocked.

The Fix:

For safety reasons, the SP2022’s rebounding hammer typically sits a respectable distance away from the firing pin. Unload your firearm, pull the trigger while slowly advancing the hammer with your other hand to see how far the hammer may advance from its at-rest position.

User Feedback on SIG SP2022

The SIG SP2022s offer an excellent value for beginners. You get a lot for your money. Finding grip components can occasionally be challenging, depending on the model you own.

Mags are widely available, and the costs are reasonable. Additionally, they typically feature a better/smoother trigger pull than the typical P-series due to the design of the trigger mechanism. The trigger pull is sure to surprise you!

It goes exceptionally smooth! The pistol is similar to a polymer frame including a 226 or 229 slide. It does feature an extra grip component that appears to be a novel solution to the issue.

It’s an excellent pistol, and many users have praised how accurately and consistently it fires. For many years, Bruce Gray used it as his everyday carry. He frequently posted about how much he liked it.

They serve as the French National Police’s standard side arm as well. They are excellent weapons. Excellent trigger, incredibly accurate, soft shooting, and completely trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some SIG SP2022 recommendations for holsters?

A JMCK holster is the most common one.

How do you get the firing pin and extractor out of the slide on a SIG SP2022?

Knock out the sliding roll pin from left to right, and the firing pin will come out the back with the firing pin spring attached. The firing pin Saftey Lock and safety lock spring will come out the bottom. 

Is the SIG SP2022 discontinued?

Yes. Only the SP 2022 model is still on the SIG Sauer website as of March 2020.

Do the higher pressure 124gr NATO round harm the slide on a SIG SP2022?

It’s okay to use +P at range or as a defensive round occasionally. It will be necessary to service the handgun more frequently if this round is used continuously.
SIG does not advise using any +P+ rounds. This can make your warranty void.


This SIG SP2022 is incredibly simple to shoot. Buy with assurance if you can handle DA/SA and are a competent shooter. Although, I don’t like how much the mags cost or how there seem to be no holsters.

It does support the idea that SIG releases something that might be fantastic. But fail to support it adequately. However, as I dug deeper, I discovered that nobody who was disparaging it had ever used it.

So my suggestion would be to go for this pistol!

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