Don’t Buy Ruger SR9c If You Are Not Aware Of These 6 Problems

The SR9c was unveiled in 2010. Essentially, it is the SR9 in a compact form. Both of those models have a lot in common, including the trigger group, appearance, and general feel. Compared to the SR9, the SR9c is lighter, smaller, and equipped with two recoil springs.

Ruger had to make certain compromises because it is the compact version in order to accommodate everything inside a small body. As a result, you will experience issues like jamming, failure to feed, failure to eject, stovepiping, and a few more.

Don’t panic! In this post, I’ll be discussing the problems and their solutions at length.

Features & Specifications of Ruger sr9c Gun:

Length6.85 inches
Barrel length3.5 inches
Feed systemDetachable box magazine
ActionShort recoil
SightIron sights
Caliber9×19mm Parabellum
Common Ruger sr9c Problems and Solutions
Ruger sr9c Problems

Common Ruger sr9c Problems and Solutions

Failure to feedChange magazine/ polish feeding ramp/ change recoil spring
Trigger reset issueKeep the gun clean and lubed
JammingMake sure you are not limp wristing /replace the extractor / send to Ruger
Extracting problemsTry changing magazine/ammo/recoil spring
StovepipingKeep the gun well maintained/avoid limp wristing

1. Failure to Feed:

FTF, or failure to feed, is a regular issue with this weapon. On the internet, a lot of irate clients are complaining about this issue.

Possible Reasons

Failures in the magazines, feed ramps, or recoil springs are virtually invariably to blame for feed failures. The Ruger SR9c is capable of the same thing.

A feeding issue could also be attributed to the extractor. It can produce too much or too little stress if the extractor is even slightly twisted, making feeding challenges.

Despite the fact that this is a frequent issue during the break-in season. If the issue continues, you must react.

The Fix:

Replace the magazine first, as stock magazines are known to be the source of this issue.

If the magazine is not the issue, you ought to examine the feed ramp. If the feed ramp is the cause of the issue, properly polishing and lubricating it would resolve it.

Replace the recoil spring if that doesn’t work. The recoil spring can easily be replaced. For a detailed walkthrough on how to replace the recoil spring, visit this video on YouTube.

2. Trigger Reset Issue:

It is an issue where the trigger does not go in place to be pulled for the next shot. It lays backward until it is manually pushed to its place.

Possible Reasons

Essentially, the region behind the trigger bar had to be kept clean, and the trigger bar’s angle had to be maintained. If someone forces the slide off while the trigger bar is not in the proper position, that angle can be adjusted.

The Ejector has a path that the Trigger Bar follows, and the Trigger Bar can only operate when the Ejector is up and a Magazine is in position. If some of the holes in the ejector aren’t lined up correctly, it may have trouble resetting.

The Fix:

Replacing the whole trigger group and trigger disconnect bar would certainly cure the problem if the problem lies in them.

To prevent this issue you should make sure that the gun is regularly cleaned. Especially, the region behind the trigger bar should get extra attention.

3. Jamming:

Jamming is a frequent issue with Ruger SR9c. Therefore, you had better be ready to handle it.

Possible Reasons

Dirt, debris, a mechanical issue, or anything else could be the cause. As a result, it is very challenging to identify a single point of failure.

However, limp wristing or a malfunctioning extractor are typically the two main causes of jams in this gun.

Limp wristing happens when the shooter’s grip is insufficiently firm and the wrist is not held rigidly and straightly enough to prevent the firearm’s frame from recoiling as the bolt or slide cycles on a pistol.

The Fix:

Shooters are more likely to limp their wrists if they “teacup” with their support hand, holding the bottom of the handle rather than the grip and frame of the handgun.

Take hold of the pistol firmly with both hands. The foundation for your shooting should be your upper body, not your hands and wrists.

If jamming persists after that, the extractor is probably the source of the issue. The extractor should be replaced to fix the problem.

Nevertheless, there is a good likelihood that the problem will persist. Send the weapon to Ruger for repair in this situation.

4. Extracting Problem:

When the slide or bolt moves backward, but the empty cartridge case stays in the chamber, this is referred to as failure to extract.

Possible Reasons

This can be caused by a filthy chamber, a damaged extractor claw, case rim failures, or a variety of other factors.

Failure to extract is frequently caused by low quality or broken magazines, weak magazine springs, or shooters who do not keep a firm hold on the rifle or ride the slide forward as it travels.

The Fix:

The SR series centerfire pistols are extremely easy to limp wrist. To keep the gun working, you must maintain your arm completely rigid.

The strong recoil springs absorb so much of the recoil that it’s simple to “assist them along a bit” by allowing your arm to absorb enough of the recoil that the slide doesn’t cycle correctly.

If the problem persists, you will need to replace the recoil spring.

5. Stovepiping:

A failure to expel is essentially what is meant by a “stovepipe.” It is a special instance of ejection failure.

Possible Reasons

If the case became entangled in the filthy chamber, allowing the extractor to slide will cause the bullet stovepiping. It might be caused by a faulty extractor spring or by flaws in the bullet case.

The most prevalent problem, though, is a weak grasp, sometimes known as “limp-wristing.”

The Fix:

Here’s a tried-and-true method: Tap, Rack, and Assess. Tap the bottom of your magazine hard to ensure it’s properly seated; rack the slide to the rear to feed a new round into the chamber, and evaluate downrange.

Stovepipes can be avoided with proper grip and maintenance.

Keeping your gun clean and oiled is the standard treatment for many stovepipe difficulties that aren’t caused by a shooter’s technique.

Less frequently, it is the ammunition that creates a stovepipe, with handloads being the most common problem.

User Feedback on Ruger sr9c

Since the first production copies of the Ruger SR9c 9mm handgun were released, the bugs have been ironed out. Early on in the pistol’s production, both the SR9 and this tiny version had numerous issues. But many hold the same old opinion that this gun is still plagued with problems.

Threads of glocktalk and rugerforum are proof that most problems of this gun have been fixed. I think with time, this gun will shade out all its bad reputation and take its place as one of the community favorites.

Overall assessment: It’s not flawless. However, it has a great trigger and is a consistent, dependable, fun little rifle. The Ruger SR9c is great for range practice and bedside defense. This firearm would be an investment in the right hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ruger SR9c reliable?

Due to its ideal carry size, ability to grasp the pistol firmly, and current reliability with any sort of factory ammo it has become a very reliable gun.

What does SR stand for Ruger SR9?

SR stands for ‘Savage Reality’.

What does SR9c stand for?

The SR9c is not simply an SR9 with a shortened barrel; rather, it is a whole new design. The “C” stands for compact.

What kind of ammo does a Ruger SR9c use?

The 9mm Luger cartridge is chambered in the semi-automatic, short recoil-operated SR9c pistol.

How long is the barrel on a Ruger SR9c?

The barrel on Ruger SR9c is 3.5 inches.

Does the SR9c have a rail?

The inbuilt accessory rail on the 3.50″ barreled pistol can hold the majority of lights and lasers.


The Ruger SR9c is a great option if you have prior experience with firearms. It would not be out of the ordinary to grow weary of the problems that come with owning a gun if you are a first-time owner. But once the quirks are worked out, it is a pretty reliable rifle.

The vast majority of Ruger SR9c issues are common and easily fixable. Whatever gun you choose, these are common problems.

If you are interested in learning more about guns, this one could be a great starting point if you have some patience.

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