Most Prevalent Problems with the Ruger 10/22 Rifle

The Ruger 10/22 rifle has historically been America’s most popular rimfire rifle, selling millions of units for over 50 years. Not only is it affordable, dependable, and has a huge aftermarket support, but they have a rimfire rifle’s greatest magazine mechanism.

Even if the chances are slim, you can still experience Ruger 10/22 rifle issues. The most prevalent issues with the Ruger 10/22 rifle are jamming issues, stove pipe issues, misfiring issues, accuracy issues, and feeding issues.

However, possible reasons and the most probable solutions will be discussed in the article. Let’s begin!

Features and Specifications Ruger 10/22 Rifle

Caliber22 Long Rifle
Product weight35.7 oz (loaded)
Product length37″
Capacity10 rounds
Housing Materialglass-filled, polymer trigger housing assembly.
Barrel length18.5″
Common Ruger 10/22 Rifle Problems and Solutions
Ruger 10/22 Rifle

Most Prevalent Problems with the Ruger 10/22 Rifle and the Solutions

Jamming IssuesCleaning and oiling properly
Stove Pipe IssuesInstalling an extractor
Misfiring IssuesEnsuring that the hammer isn’t binding in the trigger housing
Accuracy IssuesEnsuring that the screws holding the scope in place are tight.
Feeding IssuesEnsuring that the bolts are not so tightened that touching the barrel causes the issues.

1. Jamming Issues

The gun occasionally displays nosing in, failure to feed out of magazine etc. issues. In addition to sudden jamming, users notice the magazine springs being soft.

Possible Reasons

The trigger action of the Ruger 10/22 rifle causes clogging, and the dust taints the bolt.

There is always an empty case involved when it becomes jammed.

Usually, the jamming is attributed to a gummed-up spring or another component. Furthermore, oil attracts debris.

The Fix

The rifle must be field-stripped, cleaned and oiled properly. Additionally, pull the trigger and remove the bolt while removing the stock.

Try different ammo on your particular rifle.

2. Stove Pipe Issues

Many users of the Ruger 10/22 Carbine rifle type have the annoying problem of the round stove piping. This also makes the shot unfired on many occasions.

Possible Reasons

The problem typically arises as a result of the rough surfaces. A damaged extractor causes the issue. 

Additionally, dirty bulk adds the annoying stove pipe issue exclusive to the Ruger 22/10 Carbine rifle model.

The Fix

Polish and clean up all the rough surfaces. Install an extractor and a Spartan charging handle for the extractor system. The extractor will cost around 10–12 USD. (Click here to buy)

Polish the dirty bulk that causes the stove pipe. Make sure the magazine is secure and fits tightly.

Carefully grind off the lip of the magazine if the problem persists.

3. Misfiring Issues

Give or take a few rounds, the gun misfires 1 round out of every 20.

Possible Reasons

The misfiring problem may be brought on by a dirty or lead-filled chamber. It can also be brought on by installing an aftermarket hammer spring as a trigger job.

The firing pin frequently “fails to fire” because the force of the hammer impact is diminished.

Sometimes the extractor and extractor cut in the barrel breech is out of alignment, resulting in misfired rounds.

With the Ruger 10/22 rifle, an untuned magazine can occasionally lead to misfires.

The Fix

Clean the dirty or lead-filled chamber. Ensure the slot is facing up by checking the retainer’s alignment.

Make sure your hammer isn’t binding in the trigger housing by doing another inspection.

Avoid letting the hammer fall to the ground while the trigger group is out of the receiver to minimize misfires.

Before firing, check the magazine tuning.

4. Accuracy Issues

Several users complain about the accuracy issue with their Ruger 10/22 Carbine rifle model. The issue is related to bad ammo most of the time.

Possible Reasons

The shooter’s grouping at 50 yards is all around a 5-inch group, which is an inferior performance for the specific rifle type.

Remington golden bullets can occasionally provide an accuracy problem.

Dirty lube causes the scope to not work precisely.

The Fix

To solve the accuracy issue with your Ruger 10/22 Carbine rifle whenever you want to shoot a higher score than a 5″ group, please make sure that the screws holding the scope in place are tight.

Then, have another skilled shooter attempt the same target and range to determine if there is any variation in group size or if you fire more than a 5″ group.

You may start investing in ammunition if the sight is good and the other shooter consistently produces groups larger than five.

Clean up the dirty lube to prevent the particular issue.

5. Feeding Issues

It makes users unable to shoot the Ruger 10/22 rifle.

If the upper side of the barrel and the bolt gets close to each other the issue occurs.

Possible Reasons

Sometimes the barrel was not installed properly.

The uneven installation of the barrel makes it get closed with the bolt and makes the Ruger 10/22 rifle unable to shoot.

Turning off the barrel runs off due to the screws on top that hold on the weaver rail that comes on the Ruger 10/22 rifle.

The Fix

To fix the feeding issue with your Ruger 10/22 rifle due to the barrel and bolt conflict, try to bottom down every single screw as tight as you would install a receiver.

You can Install 4 screws through the sight rail.

If you tighten the second screw here, it will hit the bolt and cause the bolt to not fully close and cause the round not to chamber properly.

So, make sure the bolts are not so tightened that touching the barrel causes the issue.

Top 2 Alternative Guns of Ruger 10/22 Rifle

I’ve identified the two greatest alternatives to the Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle based on a comparison of features, fitness, and performance.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

Here, the 15-22’s bolt locks open on the final shot, enabling quicker and easier reloads than the Ruger 10/22. Its price costs around USD 489.

Savage Mark II FV-SR 22LR

The Savage Mark II FV-SR 22LR has the 16-1/2″ strong carbon steel twisted, button-rifled connected barrel and matte-finished synthetic grip that make up the threaded bolt action Rifle. Its price costs around USD 269.99.

Shooter’s Feedback on Ruger 10/22 Rifle

After some shooting trials, you must confess that the Ruger 10/22 rifle lacks a grip in the cleanliness and accuracy categories.

But it is the best in its class if you are shooting less than a 5 ” group.

No rival models can match it in terms of dependability and high pressure. It is also a reasonably priced revolver.

Finally, I’d want to bring up the Ruger 10/22 rifle recoil spring issue that I did not cover in the earlier part.

This is because several YouTube videos demonstrate how to remove and repair this rifle.

This rifle is far from flawless, yet it works well enough for the purpose for which it was intended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price of Ruger 10/22?

Starts from $369.00

Can you pocket carry Ruger 10/22?

No. It is very big in length.

Can you dry-fire the Ruger 10/22?

The Ruger 10/22 was created with the goal of enabling dry shooting without harm.

Is a Ruger 10/22 considering an assault rifle?


Is a Ruger 10/22 good for home defense?

Yes, undoubtedly.


The Ruger 10/22LR has been a popular firearm for many generations. It shoots as sweetly as ever even after having thousands of rounds through it over the years.

It is one of the most accurate, dependable, and entertaining guns you can own. I suggest you definitely buy it if you are looking for one.

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  1. Ok, here we go, just bought a 10/22, pushed the bolt release up,and the bolt still won’t slide forward., it did finally slide forward loading the bullet. But that was maybe 1 out of 10 to 20 times

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