6 Ruger p95 Problems Can Cause Headache if you don’t know about them

Nearly the perfect solution for concealed carry is the P95. It is trustworthy inexpensive. It is accurate enough and chambered in a common caliber. The trade-off is that it is an older design.

You may also likely to face some Ruger p95 problems such as safety switch issue, feeding issues, extractor problems, frequent jamming, and a few more. But it will work dependably as long as it is maintained and expectations are reasonable.

In this post, we will explore the problems a new user is likely to face and how to solve those problems.

Features & Specifications of Ruger p95 Gun:

Height5.7” inches
Length7.2” inches
Barrel length3.9″ inches
Weight27.0 oz
OperationSemi-automatic, Short recoil
RiflingRight-hand with 6 grooves
Ruger p95 problems and solutions
Ruger p95 problems

Common Ruger p95 Problems and Solutions

Jamming problemHold the gun in a firm hand to avoid limp wristing/ Change the extractor
Reassembly problemReleasing the ejector would unlock the gun
Extractor problemKeep the gun clean/ replace the extractor
Magazine release problemChange the latch spring in the magazine or replace the magazine
Safety issueContact Ruger customer service as soon as possible
Feeding issueProperly lubricate the gun/ change the magazine/ hold the gun firmly

1. Jamming Problem

Jamming is a common problem in Ruger P95s. So, you better be prepared to handle it.

Possible Reasons:

This is such a broad problem that any element might contribute to it.

Furthermore, there are several components that induce jamming in this composition.

It might be dirt, debris, mechanical failure, or anything else. As a result, pinpointing a single point of failure becomes extremely difficult.

But the main two reasons for jamming in this gun are usually wrist limping or the faulty extractor.

Limp wristing occurs when the shooter’s grip is not strong enough and the wrist is not held stiff/straight enough to keep the firearm’s frame from moving backward as the pistol’s bolt or slide cycles.

The Fix:

Your upper body, not your hands and wrists, should serve as the foundation for your shooting.

Shooters who use their support hand to “teacup,” grasping the bottom of the handle rather than the grip and frame of the pistol, are more likely to limp their wrist. With both hands, grip the pistol tightly.

If jamming still occurs afterward then the problem lies with the extractor. Replacing the extractor should solve this problem.

2. Reassembly Problem

There has been more than one incident where users were having problems reassembling once they had taken the gun apart.

Possible Reasons:

The internal design of this gun makes it a little hard to reassemble.

The most common problem is getting the slide on wrong. Afterward, you won’t be able to insert the slide stop pin all the way & without the pin, you won’t be able to take the slide off.

As a result, it will get locked.

The Fix:

If somehow you could manage to release the ejector that would solve some of the problems. The gun slide should get unlocked once you have released the ejector. Then you can start carefully all over again.

As another option, you can take the gun to the gunsmith as he will be able to handle the situation more professionally.

3. Extractor Issue

The bullet casing should be allowed to depart the chamber after each shot. When the casing becomes stuck within, it is unable to evacuate.

Possible Reasons:

The problem might be with the gun’s extractor, which isn’t doing its job.

The gun functions normally for a short period of time before failing to eject, resulting in horizontal and vertical stovepipes.

As the situation increases, the rifle stops extracting the casing.

The Fix:

According to a Ruger, certain extractor arms did not respond to heat treatment, therefore you must replace the extractor or tune it. Bend the extractor arm back to its normal position, which should be more bent than it is now.

Also, thoroughly clean the filth from the area where the arm and slide come into contact, as well as the hook. This should resolve the issue.

If the issue still persists, you will need to change the extractor.

4. Magazine Release Problem

Inserting the magazine would be impossible while it is jammed.

Possible Reasons:

When pressed all the way in, the magazine release button becomes jammed. To get it unstuck, you’ll have to push it back from the opposite side. Each time you pressed the release button with force, it became stuck.

If you try to insert the magazine, the Magazine Latch Spring and Magazine Latch Catch will both fall out of the rifle.

Be warned, if you press the mag release in till it sticks all the way in, don’t push the magazine in.

To be safe, pull the magazine release from the other side before inserting the magazine.

The Fix:

Replacing the latch and spring would is most likely to solve the problem. Replacing these two devices at home would require some expertise.

So, if you are not experienced in handling guns, then you better go to a gunsmith.

Before you rush to the gunsmith, you should also try changing the magazines. Sometimes faulty magazines can cause the same problem.

5. Safety Issue

When you squeeze the trigger with the safety switch engaged, you will observe the slider moving up beneath the switch, enabling the hammer to activate. A lot of fiddling with the switch allows this to happen.

This is a manufacturing quality control issue which leads the safety switch does not work in this manner.

The Fix:

As this is a design issue there is not much you can do. Once you notice the problem you should stop using the gun immediately.

Call Ruger customer service and describe the problem as soon as possible. They will instruct you on what to do next.

6. Feeding Issue

Another issue that many people had with this Ruger P19 Gun is the failure to feed. This issue appears to be fairly frequent since there appear to be numerous allegations.

Possible Reason:

An extractor, feed ramp or recoil spring is frequently to blame for a failure to feed.

Another cause could be the magazine. The stock magazines of this gun often fail to feed properly.

Despite the fact that this is a common issue during the break-in period. If it persists, you must take action.

The Fix:

The gun should be well lubricated and you should make sure you are not limp wristing. And if changing the magazine does not work then do the following.

  • Close the slide.
  • Insert a fully stocked magazine into the seat.
  • While pushing up on the magazine, press down on the slide stop to allow the slide to advance as quickly as possible.
  • Replace the OEM magazine if the first round comes out of the mag properly.

User Feedback on Ruger p95

The Ruger P95 was the only sidearm that was provided as a second standard to US forces in Iraq.

There are likely still a large number of them in use by Iraqi security forces today. It served as a useful test ground for Ruger’s current generation of poly pistols and permitted the use of existing P-style gear.

It’s a solid weapon. The weight and grip are the most common criticisms. The P95 has a problem with the “Limp Wrist,” which can cause it to malfunction. However, with perfect grip technique, the P95 can compete with the greatest pistols on the market.

Discussion on threads like rugerforum, survivalist, pistolworld will help you to get a general consensus on how the gun is received in the community.

In reality, the great majority are pleased with the performance of their weapon. Furthermore, it will almost certainly outperform its price.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger p95

Keltec P17:

It’s light, accurate, reliable, super fun to shoot, and has great features like an accessory rail, adjustable fiber-optic sights, and a threaded barrel.

It beats the P95 with its 17 rounds capacity whereas P95 only offers 15 rounds.

Ruger EC9:

It has non-adjustable machined sights, manual safety in addition to trigger-blade safety, a magazine disconnect, and a black-oxide-coated slide.

If you’re looking for a concealed carry gun, this gun will be easier to handle than the P95.


The SAR 9 is a duty-style, double-stack pistol with a textured frame and finger grooves along the gun’s front strap. Users can customize the frame to fit their hands, thanks to replaceable panels.

When compared to the modern looks and features of the SAR9, the P95 falls far short.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do they still make Ruger P95?

The P95 and its derivatives were officially terminated in 2013.

Is the Ruger P95 accurate?

The Ruger P95’s overall average accuracy for five-shot groupings at 25 yards was 3.79 inches.

What replaced the Ruger P95?

The P95PR was released in 2005, and it includes a Picatinny rail as well as improved non-slip texturing in the polymer frame. In manufacturing, this model superseded the original P95.

What ammo does P95 use?

Ruger P95 pistols fire the 9mm x 19 Parabellum (9mm Luger) cartridge.

Are Ruger P series magazines compatible?

These factory Ruger magazines work with any handgun that accepts the standard SR9 magazine, including the SR9, SR9C, 9E, PC Charger, and PC Carbine


Despite a few Ruger p95 problems, the gun is cheap, it happily consumes any ammunition you throw at it and it’s accurate enough. You can’t go wrong with one of these fine pistols.

The best part is that the Ruger P19 is inexpensive. In a nutshell, this classic is a fantastic weapon. It’s still an excellent choice for a low-cost home defense weapon, and it’s well worth the money.

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