About Us

We, at Gun Analyst, provide you with informative articles regarding guns and firearms. Whether it may be a troubleshooting guide, review, insight, or advice for beginners.

And we are satisfied with the feedback that we have received from all of you. But we don’t want to stop here. We wish to grow our website until it can become a source of reliability for all gun owners. And that is what we’ll thrive to achieve.

What We Cover:

The Gun Analyst team is made up of capable individuals, each with their own set of skills and passion for firearms that they wish to share with the world. Our enthusiasm paired with our combined skill have enabled us to provide adequate support to our readers.

We know how frustrating it is to find an issue with your firearm and not be able to fix it. And sometimes, the issues might be rare. Hence delving into the obscurity of the internet and not being able to find a solution can be extremely demoralizing.

Therefore, our aim is to create a one-stop website for all solutions to your problems. We are trying to create a storehouse of informative guides on how to tackle various issues with your firearm. Regardless of the brand or the type, no firearm is too insignificant. And with time, we wish to integrate helpful guides for each and every firearm so that you may have to look no further.

Helping our readers in any obstacle they may encounter in their journey towards finding the perfect gun, the perfect ammo, and the perfect accessory is our sole duty.

Our Research Process:

Our research process is mostly comprised of the steps as follows:

  • Step 1: The first step is to conduct thorough research on the topic at hand. Both online and offline (if possible).
  • Step 2: Then we authenticate that information. Either practically by ourselves at the workshop or the range. Or through a reliable source of information.
  • Step 3: The third step is to summarize our findings and simplify them as much as possible for the convenience of our readers.
  • Step 4: The actual writing of the article is the fourth step. After completing the piece, it goes through several steps of editing.
  • Step 5: When the chief editor accepts the piece and is happy with it, it is published on our website.
  • Step 6: And finally, we accept suggestions and concerns from our readers and make adequate edits to the article if necessary.

Our Team:

Now, it’s time to introduce our readers to the Gun Analyst team. The team is made up of the following members.

Nick Smith:

Nick Smith, a professional gunsmith and an expert at product design and manufacture. And that gives him the perfect credentials to be on the Gun Analyst team. He is the backbone of the team and keeps the foundation as sturdy as it needs to be. He has a soft spot for rifles and is an extremely good marksman with the right tools.

Robert Bandon:

Born in the heart of Texas, Mike has spent a great deal of his life at the range. And slowly this hobby turned into passion. Although he admires pistols and rifles, shotguns are his favorite. He is the head of research and has friends in all the right places. And has often helped us with several cases which were stumped before his intervention.


James is the youngest and most enthusiastic member. After graduation, he chose to delve into the world of guns as he had a deep interest in firearms. Although a bit late to the party, he has compensated this with his sheer will to learn. And now has achieved keen insight on all things that can shoot a bullet.

Contact Us:

We, at Gun Analyst, are always at your service. We will try to provide you with the answer that you seek regarding any queries you may have about your firearm.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us about any assistance, or helpful tips you might have for us on how we can make Gun Analyst a better website for our readers.