Taurus 605 vs 856 – Which Taurus Revolver Performs Better?

There are two well-known revolvers on the market: the Taurus 605 and the Taurus 856. People frequently struggle with the decision of choosing the perfect one between the Taurus 605 vs 856.

But which one will suit your style better? Continue reading to see how these two revolvers are different from one another. Your decision-making process will be simplifed by the differences between the features and factors.

Taurus 605 vs 856

Quick Comparison Chart Between Taurus 605 Vs 856:

Take a look at this table that contrasts the Taurus 605 with Taurus 856 based on a number of characteristics.

FeatureTaurus 605Taurus 856
Cartridge.38 Special/.357 Magnum38 Special + P
Magazine5 rounds6 rounds
SightFront – Fixed
Rear – Fixed
Front – Removable Serrated Blade
Rear – Fixed
Optional – Laser
Length6.50 inches6.55/7.50 inches
Width1.40 inches1.41 inches
Height4.40 inches4.80 inches
Barrel Length2.0 inches2 / 3 inches
SafetyTransfer bar safetyTransfer bar safety
Weight24 ounces22 / 22.60 / 24 ounces

Detailed Differences Between the Revolvers: Taurus 605 vs 856 (Explained)

Now that you are familiar with the features, read on to learn about the differences in more detail.

1. Magazine:

The Taurus 605 has .38 Special and.357 Magnum cartridge chambers. The variety of cartridges available with these rounds is advantageous. For its mild recoil, the .38 Special is favored by inexperienced and seasoned shooters.

It is also ideal for people looking for alternatives for self-defense using the more potent .357 Magnum cartridges.

The Taurus 856, on the other hand, only takes.38 Special +P rounds. These have a moderate recoil and deliver powerful results in self-defense situations.

The gun’s usefulness in particular shooting situations may be constrained by this specialty.

The Taurus 605 is the better alternative for anyone looking for a wider variety of ammo options. Both normal and magnum loads are included.

However, you could be mostly interested in applications for personal safety and self-defense. The.38 Special +P cartridges for the Taurus 856 offer the best answer in that situation.

2. Cartridges:

The Taurus 605 has a 5-round magazine. This small amount can become a dangerous factor in high-stress scenarios where prompt reloading might be required.

The Taurus 856, however, has a slightly larger capacity of six rounds. The Taurus 856’s extra round may give it the upper hand in situations when more shots must be fired before reloading.

The Taurus 856 is the better option if having more rounds available before needing to reload is your top priority. In instances involving self-defense where every round counts, this extra ammo might be especially useful.

3. Sights:

The front and rear sights of the Taurus 605 are fixed. These are dependable and easy to use. The sights are ideal for close-range encounters.

The Taurus 856, on the other hand, offers more sighting possibilities. Its detachable front sight with a serrated blade enables customization and simple replacement.

This is helpful if you wish to swap to a tritium or fiber-optic sight for better visibility at night. Additionally, the Taurus 856’s optional laser sight improves targeting accuracy.

The front sight and laser are two additional sighting options for the Taurus 856. These will provide you with increased versatility that the Taurus 605 does not.

4. Accuracy:

The Taurus 605 achieves a compromise between accuracy and compactness thanks to its shorter barrel. The revolver’s effective range could be slightly constrained by its shorter barrel.

Even at near to medium distances, it can still give reliable accuracy. The Taurus 605’s sights might help with rapid target acquisition and automatic fire.

The barrel of the Taurus 856 has the potential to improve accuracy because to its greater muzzle velocity and expanded sight radius.

Because of this, shooters who value precision will find the Taurus 856, especially in its 3-inch version, to be more suitable. The Taurus 856’s adjustable sight offers more versatility.

The Taurus 856 has the advantage if you’re looking for increased precision. However, the Taurus 605’s compactness can still offer dependable accuracy for close-range self-defense.

5. Length:

The Taurus 605 has a length of 6.50 inches. It provides a balance between shootability and compactness.

The Taurus 856 is offered with two different lengths: 6.55 inches and 7.50 inches. The Taurus 856’s longer 7.50-inch barrel may help with increased precision.

Shooters may find it simpler to line their sights and take precise shots with a greater sight radius.

Those who value precision and accurate shooting may prefer the Taurus 856 with the 7.50-inch length. For target shooting or competitions, it is a preferable option. But, the larger length could make it less suitable for concealed carry.

6. Width and Height:

The Taurus 605 and Taurus 856 have just slight width and height changes. The Taurus 856 has a slightly broader 1.41 inch width compared to the Taurus 605, which is 1.40 inches wide.

The Taurus 605 stands 4.40 inches tall, while the Taurus 856 is a hair higher at 4.80 inches.

The tiny width and height variations are unlikely to have a big influence on the user’s choice. Both revolvers are simple to conceal and carry depending on this factor. So, prioritize on the length of the revolver.

7. Barrel Length:

A 2.0-inch barrel is included with the Taurus 605 revolver. With this, compactness and muzzle velocity are balanced. This barrel length is appropriate for close-range combat and concealed carry.

The Taurus 856, in comparison, has two barrel length choices: 2 inches and 3 inches. Increased muzzle velocity and better aiming may result from the 3-inch barrel’s length.

The 3-inch barrel variant for the Taurus 856 is a good choice for both accuracy and velocity. It is a good option for individuals who wish to improve their shooting performance without giving up too much concealability.

8. Safety:

A transfer bar safety device is included with both the Taurus 605 and Taurus 856. The transfer bar safety prevents unintentional discharges.

Without the trigger being completely squeezed, this device stops the firing pin from contacting the primer.

There isn’t much of a difference between the Taurus 605 and Taurus 856 in terms of safety. This feature is less of a differentiating element between the two alternatives because they both offer an equivalent level of safety assurance.


The Taurus 605 is 24 ounces in weight. It offers a respectable heft. This much weight can aid to reduce recoil and increase stability all around when shooting.

However, there are three weight options available for the Taurus 856: 22, 22, 60, and 24 ounces. These weight variations are hardly noticeable.

In comparison to the Taurus 605 and other weight selections from the Taurus 856, the 22 ounce variant is lighter.

The two models’ weight differences are minimal. The lighter Taurus 856 alternative, however, might be advantageous for carrying the firearm. It could be advantageous for novices but may have increased recoil while shooting.


The cost of the Taurus 605 is $429.99. It is more expensive than the 856.

At $399.99, the Taurus 856 has a somewhat cheaper pricing. This $30 price difference is notable, but it may not be the only factor for prospective customers.

The cheaper cost of the Taurus 856 may appeal to those who are on a tight budget. However, other aspects including the revolver’s characteristics and intended application should be taken into account while making the choice.


The Taurus 605 revolver can be used for target shooting, hunting, and personal protection.

Those who prefer a wider range of ammunition options may like the .38 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges. So, it is ideal for all of these circumstances that may necessitate greater stopping strength of these cartridges.

The Taurus 856, on the other hand, is geared at self-defense applications. The 38 Special +P cartridges denotes that these cartridges are filled at higher pressures.

When compared to standard, this results in greater velocity and energy. The .38 special +P rounds are used for personal defense. So, you can emphasize ease of usage, fast target acquisition, and moderate recoil with the 856.

In such scenario, the Taurus 856 will be advantageous to you.

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Taurus 605 vs 856 – FAQs

How many models does the Taurus 605 have?

The Taurus 605 has 4 models: 605, Defender 605, T.O.R.O. 605, and 605 poly protector.

How many models does the Taurus 856 have?

The Taurus 856 has 3 models: 856, Defender 856, and Defender 856 T.O.R.O.

What is the twist rate of the Taurus 605?

Taurus 605 twist rate = 1:16.5 inch RH twist.

What is the action type of the Taurus 605?

The action type of the Taurus 605 is single action / double action.

What are some special featurs of the Taurus 856?

Extend ejector rod and night sights.

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