Beretta Bobcat vs Tomcat: Are They Any Different? (Take Your Pick!)

The Beretta Tomcat and Bobcat both are only intended to be used for recreational purposes. It is not a competition or self-defense pistol.

Getting that out of the way, it all comes down to how much the gun is reliable. Most will tell you that both are okay. And it’s true, but the Bobcat is slightly better than the Tomcat.

Beretta Bobcat vs Beretta Tomcat: Quick Comparison Table

SpecsBeretta BobcatBeretta Tomcat
Caliber.22 LR32 ACP
GripCheckered walnutPolymer
ActionBlowback semi-autoDA/SA
SightsFixed notch rear, half-circle blade frontAdjustable windage rear sight
Capacity7+1 rounds7 rounds
Overall Length3.7 inches4.9 inches
Barrel Length2.9 inches2.4 inches
Weight11.8 ounces14.4 ounces
Barrel MaterialStainless steelCarbon/Stainless steel
Beretta Bobcat vs Beretta Tomcat
Beretta Bobcat vs Beretta Tomcat

What’s The Difference Between Beretta Bobcat and Beretta Tomcat Based on Features?

Now. let’s get into the nitty-gritties of the Tomcat and Bobcat of the Beretta. Hopefully, at the end of the article, you will have your choice.

Feature 1: Size

Slides in the Bobcat, the 21A ones rack very stiffly. The Beretta Bobacats (in.32 or.22) are typically lighter. It is small, light, cheap, and has a great power/weight/size package. Unfortunately, they tend to be finicky.

The Bobcat and Tomcat have essentially the same design. Although the factory website lists the same overall length, the .32 Tomcat appears to weigh almost 3 ounces more than the .22 Tomcat, which is a lot for a small pistol.

The trigger guard’s frame has been stronger than the Bobcat, and the slide is obviously heavier.

Size-wise, Beretta Bobcat is convenient for carry and for smaller hands.

Feature 2: Cycling

The Bobcat has an upright barrel without an extractor. The gun is inherently safe when the barrel is tipped, similar to having the slide locked back on other pistols. You can easily clear it in a few seconds.

The Tomcat is quite large for what it is. The frames squeak, the firing pins snap, and they jam. Do not entrust them for a CCW. For dependable cycling, the chamber needs to be kept clean.

So, cycling a Bobcat is easier and smooth.

Feature 3: Accuracy

Most owners claim that Bobcats are very particular about their ammunition. The owners claim that the Bobcat prefers Stingers and CCI MiniMags (with a few exceptions). The pistol fires  reveal that the CCI MiniMag 40gr RN cartridge 1.5″ to the left and 2″ below the point of aim.

At 7 yards, the Tomcat can hit 3-inch groups, which is quite accurate. Early on, PMC ammo will fail to fire a few times, but similar ammo has failed in other guns. The Tomcat favors bullets with standard velocities.

It is easy to say that the Bobcat is more accurate than the Tomcat. This has been reported more by users of both pistols.

Feature 4: Recoil

The Bobcat has a stiff recoil on it. For reliability, the recoil springs are symmetrical, with one on each side. A rimless case and a centerfire primer both improve feeding and ignition reliability.

The Tomcat’s double action pull is popular with users. However, the trigger has far too much play before engaging. It tends to catch you off guard a little because you keep expecting it to engage before it actually does.

Both have a ‘this-or-that’ kind of problem with their trigger reset. In my opinion. The Bobcat would be a better choice here.

Feature 5: Magazine

There are some quirks to the Bobcat magazines. 6 rounds per mag shoots perfect. The seventh however seems to put too much pressure on getting the second round.

The Tomcat magazines are worse. The magazine release is a little off. It does take some getting used to because it is in an unusual place.

After firing a full magazine, it takes quite a bit of force to get the magazine to drop free. To drop the magazine, you must really push firmly and forcefully.

So the Bobcat wins this round too. They at least have a better performing magazine than the Tomcat.

Feature 6: Ammo

The most dependable ammo with Bobcat have been Aquila 60grn Super Sniper Subsonic (SSS), Federal (Bulk pack, American Eagle, all variations and velocities), CCI (Mini mags, Stingers), and others. The CCI Small Game Bullet (SGB), however, doesn’t feed occasionally. Especially during the first round.

It is advised not to use .32 ACP +P in the Tomcat. The gun has a blowback action, so it might object to the increased strain. Frame cracks can be caused by hot ammunition. Beretta advises staying under 130 ft pounds of pressure.

By the looks of it, Bobcat is better with ammo, despite being so picky about it.

Beretta Bobcat or Beretta Tomcat Which One to Choose?

Tomcat is rarely dependable and does not tolerate any limp-wristing. It dislikes feeding truncated bullet profiles in particular. Additionally, the Tomcat in .32ACP has a notoriously bad frame-cracking reputation.

Years have passed, but Beretta won’t alter the issues of cracking frame. The Bobcat is always dependable though. The best caliber is .22LR!

If it is lubricated, clean, and loaded with CCI Stingers, it will make you fly. After a while of shooting, the Bobcat will experience hiccups with other ammunition though, lowering its reliability to around 90%.

I much prefer the older, slimmer Tomcat slide model to the wider, “improved” model. Because it always goes bang and the frame is still intact (although they still work with a crack as well).

To conclude, I would carry either model with confidence. And if you want to buy one, get a Bobcat for 25 ACP. Although more expensive to shoot, it is very dependable.

Are the Grips Interchangeable Between the Bobcat and the Tomcat?

No. The left grip in the safety area is different on the Tomcat. Round versus Square.

How to fix a Bobcat Slide Coming off?

Take a look at your pistol’s back. Two “tabs” that lock into the slide rails should be present.

Verify that the slide and the frame are completely connected and that there is only a very small space between them.

After removing the slide, check to see if the tabs or the slide’s grooves are worn or damaged. Send it to Beretta or replace the pistol if you find damage.


Almost every point discussed in this article points out that among the Bobcat and Tomcat by Beretta, the Bobcat has proved to be a better one. Despite having minimal differences, Bobcat outshines the Tomcat.

Hopefully, this article answers all of the questions regarding the confusion between a Bobcat and a Tomcat. Cheers!

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