Glock 21 Vs. 19 – The Comparisons That One Should Be Aware Of!

The Glock 19 is one of the best semi-automatic pistols designed for military and police forces. On the other hand, countless law enforcement swears by the power, capacity, and reliability of the Glock 21.

Even though both guns are incredible for self-defense, they are not similar and are two different pistols based on their overall length, barrel length, slide, calibers, sizes, and shapes.

Therefore, this article is intended to discuss every difference between these pistols so that you can decide which one is the most suitable.

Quick Comparison Table Glock 21 Vs. Glock 19:

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

SpecificationGlock 21Glock 19
 Overall Length205 mm | 8.07 inches187 mm | 7.36 inches
Barrel Length117 mm | 4.61 inches102 mm | 4.02 inches
Caliber45 Auto9x19mm
Mag. CapacityStandard: 13Standard: 15 Optional: 17/19/24/31/33
Slide Length193 mm | 7.60 inches174 mm | 6.85 inches
Slide Width28,5 mm | 1.12 inches
25,5 mm | 1.0 inches  
Overall Width34 mm | 1.34 inches
32 mm | 1.26 inches  
Trigger Pull28 N28 N
Height5.51 inches4.99 inches
Weight745 g|26.28 oz (without magazine), 830 g|29.28 oz (with empty magazine), 1100 g|38.80 oz (with loaded magazine)600 g|21.16 oz (without magazine), 670 g|23.63 oz (with empty magazine), 855 g|30.16 oz (with loaded magazine)
SightFixedFT: White Dot RR: White Outline
Glock 21 Vs. Glock 19
Glock 21 Vs. Glock 19

What Is the Difference Between Glock 21 and 19 Based on Features?

Let’s check out the difference between these guns through their specs-

Feature 1: Difference in Caliber and Overall Size Make an Impact

The Glock 21 is chambered in .45 ACP caliber, 8.07 inches overall length, 1.34 inches width, and weighs 29.1 oz. The Glock 21 is a slightly larger version than most 9mm guns like the G19 and the size difference sometimes makes a notable impact.

On the contrary, the Glock 19 comes with a 9x19mm round. Also, it is 7.36 inches in length, 1.26 inches wide, and weighs 23.65 oz. That means the G21 is slightly bigger and wider than the G19. It also means that the Glock 19 is perfect as a compact pistol since the G19 is smaller and lighter than the Glock 21.

The Glock 21 is a more powerful full-size pistol than the Glock 19 and comparably lighter than most full-size handguns. Thus, it will not feel too heavy to carry. Therefore, if you are interested in full-size pistols, the Glock 21 will be great. But if you prefer more compact, smaller, and lighter pistols, the Glock 19 will be a better option.

Feature 2: Longer Sight Radius Ensures More Accuracy

The Glock 21 pistol has a longer sight radius, and longer sight equals easier and more accurate shoots, especially during distance shooting.

With the Glock 19, you will get standard sight for decent performance and not get the longer sight radius. That means compared to the G21 you will get less precision with the G19.

Both will provide accuracy, but due to the longer sight radius, the Glock 21 will give more precision than the Glock 19. Thus, if you prefer a gun with more accuracy, then the Glock 21 will be perfect for you.

Feature 3: Lower Recoil and More Shooting Power

Since the Glock 21 has a greater weight than the Glock 19, it helps the gun to absorb perceived recoil. Therefore, some users claim that the 21 is more fun than the 19 to shoot. However, the G21 has more shooting power or energy because it is a full-size pistol with a .45 ACP round fire.

On the other hand, the Glock 19 has 9mm rounds that deliver lower recoil, but at the same time, it has less energy or shooting power than the G21.

Even though you will get better and more shooting energy with a Glock 21, the Glock 19 will be a better choice because of its lower recoil.

Feature 4: Magazine Capacity and Concealability

The Glock 21 has a 13+1 magazine capacity. If you compare its overall size and length with other Glock or other brands’ full-size pistols, it is a relatively smaller, lighter, and great concealed carry weapon. You can even carry it open as a service pistol (only if carrying pistols openly is legal in your state).

The Glock 19 has a 15+1 magazine capacity. Since it’s a compact pistol with just 9mm, it is slightly smaller and lighter than the G21. Therefore, it is an ideal choice as a concealed carry weapon. One can easily carry it as an open-service pistol (if only your state allows it) and will not even feel that he is holding such a powerful gun.

It means both are excellent concealed or open-carry handguns. But if you compare the overall size and weight, the Glock 19 is a little more acceptable than the Glock 21. Another fact is you will get a higher magazine capacity with the Glock 19.

Glock 21 or Glock 19 – Which One to Choose?

Before you ask which one to choose between the Glock 21 and the Glock 19, let me remind you that they are completely different besides the fact that both are excellent as concealed carry weapons for self-defense.

If you prefer a full-size .45 ACP gun with higher capacity, then the Glock 21 is a perfect choice. But if you want a compact and lightweight pistol with a higher mag. capacity and lower recoil, you should choose the Glock 19.

Let me also remind you that both guns are designed in such a way that delivers better accuracy, durability, and reliability.

Therefore, neither of them will disappoint you on that, but the 21 pistol will be slightly better in accuracy due to its longer sight radius.

If you compare the price range between these two, then the Glock 21 is slightly more expensive than the Glock 19.

Therefore, it’s up to you and your need & preference to choose between these two guns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it easier to engage the Glock 19?

Yes, it comes with the striker-fired trigger design, which makes it easier to engage and get better accuracy.

Will the Glock 19 fire if accidentally gets dropped?

No, it will not fire because the Glock 19 is designed with a trigger safety that prevents the pistol from firing when anyone accidentally drops it.

Can I dry-fire a Glock 21?

Yes. You can dry-fire your Glock 21, but Glock recommends users use a snap cap or plug if they are going to dry fire for a longer period than usual.

Will my Glock 21 jam?

Yes. Even though this gun is considered one of the most Glock pistols, still sometimes it can jam.

Can my Glock 21 hold 30 rounds?

It depends because Glock has released the latest upgraded version of its Glock 21 and this version comes with additional 17 rounds of capacity. Therefore, if you own this latest 21 pistol, it will hold 30 rounds comfortably, but if you own the older version, then the gun will only hold 13+1 rounds.

Can My Glock 19 shoot +P Ammo?

Glock recommends users use only SAAMI or other industry standards Ammo on all of their guns and some +P ammunition meets this standard, so you can use them.


The Glock 21 is an outstanding choice due to its accuracy, light recoil, and reliability. On the other hand, the Glock 19 has proven to be all types of irritation or malfunction-free weapon.

Both are robust, powerful, reliable, and excellent concealed-carrying pistols, but each gun has some additional benefits. Also, both come with a fair share of pros and cons. They serve better when used for different purposes.

Therefore, it is essential to know and understand the key differences between them first.

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