P320 X5 Legion Vs P320: Which Sig Sauer Gun Would You Pick?

The P320 X 5 Legion is the best handgun for professionals. This pistol is the first of its kind on the market, combining the weight and flexibility of steel with additional characteristics.

SIG Sauer’s P320 pistol began its service handgun career well. It is the new sidearm for many federal agencies and the US military. The firearm also benefits sport shooters. 

P320 X5 Legion Vs P320: Quick Comparison Table

SpecsP320 X5 Legion P320
Caliber9mm Luger9 mm Luger  
ActionA single action only striker-fired; no hammer; and the trigger system is double-action only.
Barrel length5 inches4.7 inches
Capacity17 rounds17 rounds
Overall length and weight8.5 inches and 43.5 ounces8.0 inches and 29.4 ounces
sightsDawson Precision; Adjustable3-Dot, Lateral adjustment
GripTXG full-size XGrip ModuleModular Polymer
Trigger actionStriker Flat Trigger
P320 X5 Legion Vs P320
P320 X5 Legion Vs P320

What’s The Difference Between p320 x5 Legion and p320

Based on Features?

It’s hard to choose between these two guns. Based on the variations in specifications and features between these two gun, this article explains which firearm you should purchase.


Both of the guns chambered in 9 mm Luger.

The P320 X5 Legion best 9mm ammo for self-defense. The only stoppages have been ammo related, all with steel cased ammo, including a squib load.

The SIG Sauer P320 is available in calibers .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

The construction of the P320 gun is better than others in its class but isn’t as good as an H&K, legacy Sig Sauer, or any of the high end 1911’s. This is very much a carry or light duty gun.


The P320 Legion is a single action only pistol carried by the Swiss Military and Police.

The P320 on the other hand is a striker-fired, no hammer and the trigger system is double-action only.

A single-action revolver’s trigger pull is light and smooth, so the P320 X5 legion wins this one.


Three P320 X5 Legion 17-round magazines are loaded each package of 50 rounds. The pistol’s easy-to-use shooting characteristics and ample capacity made loading rounds simple.

The Sig P320 magazine is equipped with Henning group aluminum base pads and can store up to 17 bullets. The firearm accepts Sig P320 magazines compatible with the Sig X Frame.

The P320 X5 Legion wins here because it is an extra-full-size striker-fired 9mm Luger semi-automatic competition gun.

Barrel Length:

The barrel length on the P320 X5 Legion is 5 inches.

The barrel on the P320 measures in at 4.7 inches.

The P320 X Five Legion has a longer barrel and slide than the standard P320, measuring five inches in total. The barrel length and sight radius both increases, though not by much. The Legion’s accuracy is on par with what has been seen in earlier models.

Overall Length and Weight:

This P320 X5 Legion firearm measures 8.5 inches in length and weighs 43.5 ounces. As a full-size handgun, this is incredible.

The full-sized P320 weighs 29.4 ounces and is 8 inches in length.

The P320 is significantly more compact and lighter than the P320 X5 Legion.


Dawson precision adjustable positioned at the rear of the optics mount cover pate on the Sig P320 legion. For use with a red dot sight, the Sig X-Five P320 Legion has an optic rail installed. It also comes with a fantastic set of fully-adjustable iron sights.

This P320 model features metal night sights. They’re a vast improvement over the sights seen on most factory handguns.

The Sig Sauer’s P320 X5 Legions sight is pretty advanced and a good option.


The Sig P320 X5 legion has a huge grip for a strong grip. Only if you have medium-to-large hands.

No backstraps or other adjustments are available. It lets you regulate gun recoil by applying stress in the proper spots.

Sig P320 grips are great. The grip’s sides are rounded. Thus, it comfortably fills your hand without being overly bulky for small-handed shooters. The large beavertail eases recoil management.

If you want the most comfortable grip, consider the Sig P320 is a good option.

Trigger Action:

The trigger of the P320 X5 Legion is nearly forward-adjusted and flat. It has a very low uptake. The wall is spotless. The reset is located at the exact wall. The rear has no take-up. It has an exceptionally smooth trigger.

P320s trigger is superior than most striker-fired firearms. It’s light and double-action. The pull is smooth and the break crisp, with nearly no mush. One of the greatest striker-fired triggers available.


The P320 X5 Legion shoots quickly and accurately. The trigger is 30% lighter than the original X-Five, according to SIG. The gun fires well and has less muzzle flip, making follow-up rounds simpler than before.

The firearm is precise enough for competition use and will easily outshoot the majority of shooters. The firearm operates and shoots all hollow point and plinking ammunition that can be fed into one ragged hole if the proper procedure is followed.

The P320 X5 Legion comes out on top because of its superior accuracy, speed, and portability.

Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion or p320 Which One to Choose?

As a whole, the Sig Sauer P320 is a reliable and easy-to-operate handgun. It’s reliable in every shooting situation and packed with useful features for self-defense users.

The P320 X5 Legion’s well-executed design and attention to detail, including its jet funnel, straight trigger, and slide ports, make it an ideal option for dynamic sporting applications.

The P320 X5 Legion is the preferred choice because of its superior trigger and recoil assembly. It’s big. It’s weighty. But it is so much easier to shoot and has a better grip than the normal P320 grips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Properly Maintain Your SIG P320?

Knowing how to disassemble and clean your firearm is essential knowledge for maintain your gun.
You will learn not only how to perform a field strip on a P320 X-Five Legion, but also how to take it apart piece by piece in this video.
Watching this video will help you understand your Sig in greater depth than ever before.

What distinguishes the Sig P320 X5 from the Sig P320 X5 Legion?

The most notable change between the new X-Five Legion and the original X-Five is the frame.
The gun’s tungsten-infused grip module is probably the most noticeable upgrade. As a result of upgrading the grip module, the Legion X-Five is significantly heavier than the original design.

Is the P320 possible to conceal?

Yes. The Sig P320 X is concealable.
The Sig P320 X Compact is an excellent option for concealed carry because to its tiny size. It’s on the small side of what’s practical for heavy duty. While the Sig P320 X Carry is undoubtedly large enough for duty use. Additionally, many users have found that it is suitable for concealed carry.


Now that you’re more knowledgeable about the differences of SIG Sauer P320 X 5 Legion vs P320, you’ll be able to make calculated decisions on which one to use for your specific need.

The SIG Sauer P320 is a durable, reliable, and user-friendly pistol. The 9 mm Luger-chambered, polymer-framed P320 from SIG Sauer is a well-engineered and dependable handgun.

The SIG Sauer P320 X 5 Legion, in contrast, is bulkier and lengthier, but more accurate and user-friendly. Aside from the X5 legion being the undeniable victor here, the choice is ultimately yours.

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