Glock 41 Vs. 21 – Everything That You Need to Know!

The Glock 41 and 21 are excellently designed .45 auto-caliber pistols with the same magazine capacity. However, they are not entirely similar because the 41 is Gen 4, and the 21 is a Gen 3 version.

Factors like the overall length, width, weight, trigger, magazine capacity, barrel, and slide lengths indicate significant differences between these two different Gen pistols.

Quick Comparison Table Glock 41 Vs. Glock 21:

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

SpecificationGlock 41Glock 21
 Overall Length223 mm | 8.78 inches205 mm | 8.07 inches
Barrel Length135 mm | 5.31 inches117 mm | 4.61 inches
Caliber.45 Auto.45 Auto
MagazineStandard: 13Standard: 13
Weight675 g|23.81 oz (without magazine), 760 g|26.81 oz (with empty magazine), 1035 g|36.51 oz (with loaded magazine)740 g|26.10 oz (without magazine), 825 g|29.10 oz (with empty magazine), 1100 g|38.80 oz (with loaded magazine)
Slide Length211 mm | 8.31 inches
193 mm | 7.60 inches  
Overall Width34 mm | 1.34 inches
34 mm | 1.34 inches  
Height incl.Mag.139 mm | 5.47 inches140 mm | 5.51 inches
Slide Width25,5 mm | 1.0 inches28,5 mm | 1.12 inches
Trigger24 N28 N
Glock 41 Vs. Glock 21
Glock 41 Vs. Glock 21

What Is the Difference Between Glock 41 and Glock 21 Based on Features?

Let’s check out the difference between these guns through their specs-

Feature 1: Overall Size Differences

The Glock 41 has a .71-inch larger length, a .7-inch longer barrel length, a .71-inch longer slide length, and a .12-inch wider slide, and weighs 2.21 oz lighter than the Glock 21.

On the other hand, the Glock 21 has a shorter overall length, barrel length, slide length, and slide width. Also, the overall width of the 21 models is the same as the 41 version. But it weighs a little bit heavier than the G 41

Remember, you will feel more comfortable holding a thinner and lighter gun than a slightly shorter but heavier gun. The Glock 41 has a longer slide which means it will deliver a quicker draw and longer LOS than the Glock 21. However, if you prefer a shorter pistol, then the Glock 21 will be slightly better than the G 41.

Feature 2: Better Grip & Control

The overall length of the Glock 41 is a bit longer and slightly bigger than the G 21, so you will get enough space to hold it with all three fingers of your hand very comfortably. That means you will get a better grip and control over the gun during the shooting.

Besides the fact that the Glock 21 is a little bit smaller than the G 41, you will still get a good grip and control over your gun because it’s a full-size gun. But you might feel a little heavier holding it during continuous shooting tasks. Due to the extra weight, you might lose your grip and balance when shooting continuously for an extended period.

The bottom line is both pistols offer better grip and control, but some might feel a little more comfortable holding the Glock 41 than the G21 because of its lighter weight.

Feature 3: Smoother Trigger & Better Accuracy

The G41 comes with a longer barrel, and the manufacturer has also lightened the trigger pull from 6.3 lbf to 5.4 lbf. That means you will get a smoother trigger pull to improve the accuracy during follow-up shots has a very short reset too. You will also get better accuracy during distance shooting with the G41 pistol.

On the Contrary, the Glock 21 comes with a comparably shorter barrel length, and the trigger pull is significantly higher than the G 41. That means it will do a decent job during shooting, but the shooting will not be as smooth as the 41 and will not deliver as much precision as the Glock 41 either.

It does not mean that you will not get good accuracy with the G 21, and it will surely not disappoint you. But the G 41 has a lighter and upgraded trigger pull that helps smoother performance. You might feel the difference more during long-distance shooting, so if you are not going to use the pistol for long-distance purposes, Glock 21 will do an excellent job.

Feature 4: Extremely Manageable Recoil

The Glock 41 offers extremely manageable recoil tolerance and handling due to its extra weight and double recoil spring setup. It can soak up a lot of punches, and you will feel the extra benefit on your hands. Even the larger appearance of the Glock 41 adds up the benefit of having a longer barrel and slide length. This extra length provides a longer sight radius and better recoil control while shooting the heavier rounds.

Similarly, the Glock 21 does not disappoint and features the significant advantage of having lower recoil. It means users will get less fatigue during training with the 21 version. The G 21 has reduced recoil and lets users fire follow-up shots more accurately and quicker. But due to its shorter barrel and slide length, you might not get the perfect sights for heavier rounds as you will surely get with the G 41.

Both overs manageable and reduced recoil for better sights and accuracy, but if you compare which one will be better, then Glock 41 is the winner.

Feature 5: Polymer Grip Frame Texture Ensures More Solid Grip

The Glock 41 comes with a polymer grip frame textured all the way around, including the front finger grooves. Therefore, you will get a better grip even in the rain or summer-times when your hands get all sweaty due to the heated weather.

The Glock 21 Gen 4 also comes with a textured finish on the grip. Due to this upgrade textured grip, it fits the hand well and feels significantly less harsh or biting during use.

But when you compare the G21 pistol’s grip with the G 41, the Glock 41 pistol’s grip texture feels slightly more comfortable and the 41 also offers a more solid grip due to its thinner barrel thickness and slimmer appearance.

Feature 6: Additional Modular Backstraps & Reversible Magazine

The Glock 41 is Gen 4 model, just like other Gen 4 models, this gun also features modular backstraps. These modular backstraps are available in various sizes, and you can easily swap them according to your preference. Another catch will be the reversible magazine option for left-hand shooters.

On the other hand, since the Glock 21 is a Gen 3 model, it does not feature any modular backstraps and reversible magazine options for lefties.

For some users, these two additional features might not be a major concern, so the Glock 21 will be better for them. But if you are interested in those additional Gen 4 features, the Glock 41 will be the ideal deal.

Glock 41 or Glock 21- Which One to Choose?

Based on the earlier discussion, I will say Glock 41 is definitely a better choice because it is thinner, lighter, and smoother in performance.

Besides that, you will get a better grip, more accuracy, and an easier trigger-pulling option with the G 41.

Since the G 41 is a Gen 4 it is more improvised and upgraded. So, it features some additional benefits and you will not get these extra advantages with the Glock 21 Gen 3 model.

Another notable fact is that Glock has discontinued the production of its Glock 21 versions along with some other previous Gen versions.

Therefore, Glock 41 pistol is the only .45 auto caliber model, which is still available in the Glock production.

Thus, you do not have to choose between them and if it suits your preferences, you can directly pick the G 41 without any second thought.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does the Glock 41 come with any safety features?

Yes. It comes with the three typical Glock safeties: trigger safety, a firing pin safety, and drop safety.

Which purpose doe the Glock 41 serve the best?

The Glock 41 was originally designed for competition shooters who desire a softer shooting, but it is a versatile gun. Therefore, one can use it for multiple purposes.

Can I dry-fire a Glock 21?

Yes, you can.

Even though the G 21 was initially designed and manufactured for the LEO, it is legal for any civilian to use but they should buy it from an authorized dealer only.

Is the Glock 41 a double-stack pistol?

Yes, it is.

Can a Glock 21 jam?

Besides the fact that the Glock 21 is a reliable gun, it can still jam occasionally just like other Glock models.


Both Glock 41 and 21 are designed excellently and can serve multiple purposes. 

But if you compare their features side by side, versatility, ability, and capacity, you will see notable differences between them to make them slightly better for distinct purposes.  

Since what characteristics or features make them different are already discussed and explained earlier, there should not be any confusion about whether they are similar or alternative. So, go through the details accordingly before you choose one of them.

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  1. A longer barrel and slide will result in a slower draw, not a quicker one. The longer slide will take more time to clear the holster.

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