Taurus G3 Vs G3C Detailed Comparison

The Taurus G3 and G3C in the market entered as two of the most affordable, striker-fired, polymer-frame 9mm pistols. From everything I’ve seen they seem to be a quality budget-oriented carry gun.

But which one is better? The G3 or G3C? From what it seems, they are pretty similar, but the G3C being the improved version.

SpecsTaurus G3Taurus G3C
Cartridge9mm9mm Luger
TypeHybrid EDC pistolsStriker-fired semiauto centerfire
Length7.3 inches6.3 inches
Height5.2 inches1.2 inches
Width1.25 inches5.1 inches
Sights3-dot: Front fixed, rear drift adjustableSteel; serrated rear, white-dot front
ActionSingle Action w/Re-strike capabilitySingle Action w/Re-strike capability
SafetyManual thumb lever (left side only) and trigger tabManual thumb, trigger block
Capacity10, 15 or 17 rounds10+1 or 12+1 rounds
Barrel Length4 inches3.2 inches
Weight25 oz22 oz
Barrel MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Taurus G3 vs Taurus G3C

What’s The Difference Between Taurus G3 and Taurus G3C Based on Features?

With the comparison below, , the better of the two has been investigated. So you will get a good start on your purchase decision. Read thoroughly.

Feature 1: Home defense and Hunting

Something is always preferable to nothing when it comes to home defense. While there are a variety of options for home defense (a shotgun is at the top of my list), a G3 is significantly superior.

The G3C is a good firearm. Better for concealed carry, but still useful in a lot of situations. Though probably not very effective for deer or duck hunting, it works well at close range, which includes home defense.

For Range/Home Defense, the G3 would make the most sense. For continuous Conceal Carry, the G3C would be the easiest to conceal.

Feature 2: Accuracy

Accuracy tests of 5,10, 15 and 20 yards are enough to determine the precision of these guns. And in the case of the G3, the accuracy was 2-5 inches at 20 yards. Which is pretty acceptable.

The accuracy with the G3Cs can be about 6 inches at 25 yards. This is demonstrated by a short throat on the barrel. However, during shooting, the magazine releases could malfunction and drop loaded magazines.

Overall, the accuracy with the Taurus G3C is more. It goes through flawless 300-350 rounds with more accuracy than the G3 on a roll.

Feature 3: Trigger Reset

Clean break and quick reset are features of the G3 trigger. If you pull the trigger and nothing happens (a malfunctioning light primer strike), reset the trigger and try again. Because it has a double-strike capability.

The G3C has the same trigger feature. But the G3C doesn’t dampen the recoil as well as G3 because the majority of the weight is behind the trigger.

Feature 4: Feed Ramp Jams

The regions where the G3 feed ramp funneled inward and upward meets the chamber. And at that particular point, the chambering is poor (on the circumference of the chamber mouth). The cases catch at this point badly

The top of the G3 feed ramp is also narrower than the G3C. Many G3C, however, also exhibit these issues. A “curled” lip can be seen at the feed ramp’s base.

If you come out of the feed ramp, the G3C has great mag compatibility though. Everything from G3C, before that point, fits the G3C pretty smoothly (regarding magazines).

To resolve this problem, polish the ramp. Other than that, both guns report more or less jamming issues. The G3C demonstrates jams less than the G3 however.

Feature 5: Sights

Taurus finally stopped producing guns with plastic sights with the G3 and the G3C. They put metal sights in it.

In the case of the G3, the front is on a stud screw, the rear is dovetailed, and the iron sights are made of steel (the factory is a white dot front sight and blacked-out rear). This will be familiar to you if you are familiar with Glock Sights. You only need to look for Glock 17 or Glock 19 compatible sights if you want to upgrade them.

The G3C uses metal sights too. The new G3C front sight comes loose after shooting a couple of mags. It also uses Glock sight so there should be a huge variety available.

Both G3C and G3 are SIG-compatible with the sights.

Taurus G3 or Taurus G3C Which One to Choose?

The G3 is a Taurus full-size gun. It is highly accurate and quick. On top of that it has excellent ergonomics.

However, it falls short of the G3C’s high level of dependability. Jams are common with the G3 trigger bars. The G3’s misaligned trigger bar is the cause of slides that rub and stick, causing these jams.

The G3C is a result of a long line of compact pistols from Taurus that have been improved. It has excellent dependability, no problems with magazines, no problems feeding or ejecting, and shoots fine with a range of ammunition (even some of the worst ammo like Wolfstar Plus, shoots smooth).

Replacing the magazine springs and using ammunition compatible with the G3 can make it a good usable pistol. However, considering everything, it is pretty clear that the most reliable pistol has to be G3C between the both.

Is a Taurus G3 pistol a suitable alternative to the Glock 19?

Yes. Some say it’s a budget Glock 19. Size wise it is very similar.

What barrel produces the most accuracy with Taurus G3C?

Because of the smaller sight radius, a shorter barrel can occasionally make it more difficult to be accurate. With a 4-5″ barrel, a 1/32″ movement off target can be tolerated more easily than with a 2-3″ barrel.

Are the Taurus G3C and G2C comparable?

It is primarily a G2C upgrade. On the G3C, all problems of the G2C were resolved. This included an improved trigger, improved sight options, and three 12-round magazines. Front serrations, a better finish, a better-sized and improved grip, as well as finger cutouts.

Both are almost the same size. The G3C is marginally taller and marginally longer (by about 1/8″).

The G3C, is only available in 9mm, is said to have a better trigger than the G2C without the latter’s lengthy first strike takeup.

Both of them have a 9mm magazine that holds 13 rounds. The G2C has an indented tapering on the front of each side of the slide, whereas the G3C has front slide serrations.


Because the G3 is a full-size version of the G3C, its form and functionality are therefore superior. But its reliability is not more than G3C.

So it is finally up to you to pick your compromises. I hope this article assists you in your Taurus purchase. Cheers!

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