SIG P226 Vs. P320 – Everything You Need to Know About!

The SIG P320 and P226 both have undeniable and noticeable fundamental differences, yet many consumers often ask which one is better among these two SIG guns.

However, features like overall length, barrel length, weight, height, sight, and magazine capacity indicate the obvious difference in these pistols.

Now, read discussion between the P320 & P226 pistols in this very article so that you can easily identify the one that suits your need better.

SIG P226 Vs. SIG P320: Quick Comparison Table

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

SpecificationsSIG P226SIG P320
 Overall Length7.7 inches8 inches
Barrel Length4.4 inches4.7 inches
StockE2 GripPolymer Frame
Width1.5 inches1.3 inches
Number Of Mags23
Height5.5 inches5.5 inches
Weight34 oz.29.6 oz.
FinishMatte Black NitronCoyote
SIG P226 Vs. SIG P320
SIG P226 Vs. SIG P320

What Is the Difference Between SIG P226 and SIG P320 Based on Features?

Let’s check out the difference between these guns through their specs-

Feature 1: Modular Fire Control Unit with Interchangeable Frames

The SIG P226 is a metal-framed, hammer-fired, double-action pistol. It is designed with non-modular internals and you will not be able to interchange its frame, slide, barrel, or other major components.

On the contrary, if you check the SIG P320 pistol’s design and available features, you will notice that it is a full-size polymer-framed hammerless striker-fired pistol. The P320 is designed with a Modular fire control unit which means you can purchase a new slide, barrel, or frame to turn it into a compact carry pistol because this gun lets you interchange (the serial number must match with the replacing part) its factory-assembled major components.

Therefore, if you compare these two’s manufacturing designs and features, you will see the obvious differences between them. Both are designed incredibly and ensure excellent reliability, but the SIG P320 is a newer version and offers more options in terms of interchangeability. 

Feature 2: Percentage of Metal and Magazine Capacity

The SIG P226 is designed and built with a significantly higher ratio of metal and it makes the gun quite heavier than the P320 gun. Not only that but the P226 also has only a 15+1 magazine capacity which is less than the P320. But the P226 is not as chunky as the P320 and is thinner than the P320 version.

On the other hand, the SIG P320 is a polymer-based (polymer-made frames) gun, but the main components, such as the slide, springs, and barrel are made of metal. That means it has a significantly less percentage of metal and is lighter than the P226. Also, the SIG P320 has a bigger mag capacity of 17+1.

Therefore, if you are looking for a heavier but thin pistol with a decent mag capacity, P226 is better. But if you are interested in lighter and need a higher mag capacity, the P320 will be better for you.

Feature 3: Single-action/Double-action (SA/DA) & Legion Configuration

The SIG P226 pistol can either be a single-action/double-action (SA/DA) or a single-action only (SAO) configuration. Besides that, it also features Legion configuration (which means the gun contains an upgraded trigger, grips, sites, and tuning).

On the other hand, the SIG P320 pistol’s trigger pulls generally stay somewhere between the single-action or double-action (SA/DA) and is a cheaper version especially because of the Polymer. Also, it does not have an upgraded legion model, but users can enjoy the advantage of the Modular system.

If you desire Legion configuration over modularity, then the P226 is a better choice, but if you prefer modularity, go for the P320.

SIG P226 or SIG P320 – Which One to Choose?

It is really impossible to pick one between these two based on which one is better than the other concept.

Because both pistols are designed with upgraded and improvised features like optics-ready configurations, which means both are equally reliable. 

Therefore, it solely depends on the users’ preference to claim one over another as “the better option”.

Some users might prefer polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols and the P320 will become a better choice for them.

Another thing is, the P226 absorbs the recoil better than the P320 because it is more solid than the P320.

On the contrary, the P320 offers more flexibility and allows customizing the gun based on your preferences.

Other users might like a gun with a higher percentage of metal and feels a little heavier the P226 is the ideal option for those consumers.

Similarly, some people prefer having a DA/SA system on their handguns and the P226 will be better for them.

While considering the price difference between these two, the SIG P226 is more expensive than the SIG P320, and if you are interested in a more affordable gun, the P320 is better.

You might also consider how upgraded and improvised each of these pistols is because they both have some individual benefits that are missing in the other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the SIG P320 trigger pull or fire on its own?

Some 2018 reports state that some users have witnessed situations where their P320 guns got discharged on their own and without trigger manipulation. Some even claimed that it happened when their guns were inside their duty holster.

Can I dry-fire a SIG P320?

Yes. You can dry-fire your P320 and it will not cause any damage to your gun.

Did SIG discontinue its P226?

Yes. The company was forced to discontinue the P226 pistol with a Nitron coated stainless steel slide due to several reports.

Is it possible to dry-fire a SIG P320?

Yes. You are allowed to dry-fire your P320 gun and use a snap cap or plug during extensive dryfiring.

Can My SIG Sauer SIG P320 shoot +P Ammo?

Yes. All the SIG P320 models are rated to take +P Ammo.

Does the Ruger SIG P320 come with safety?

Yes. The P320 is designed with striker safety and disconnect safety to ensure a robust safety system.

Does the Ruger SIG P226 come with any safety features?

This gun does not come with any manual safety feature, but it is designed with internal safety that protects it from accidental discharge.


Now that all the significant differences between the SIG P226 and the SIG P320 version guns are already explained, there should not be any confusion regarding these two SIG guns.

Still, if you ask which one you should pick, the answer is both are designed with upgraded and improved features. That’s why both are excellent and reliable pistols, but just like any other guns, they also have individual pros and cons. 

Also, it will highly depend on the consumer whether the P226 is more suitable or the P320 for them. Therefore, it’s up to your need and preference to choose one.

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