Ruger LCP vs. Ruger LCP Max: Which one to choose? (An Extensive Comparison!) 

With its light weight, small size, and potent firing capabilities, the Ruger LCP can be an excellent option.

On the other hand, the LCP Max has enhanced magazine feed lips, feed ramp, extractor, and barrel cam geometry.

Before choosing between these two high-quality Ruger firearms, several factors must be considered.

This article compares and contrasts the Ruger LCP and LCP Max and provides detailed information about the key differences between the two models.

LCP vs LCP Max: Quick Comparison Table

Specifications for Luger LCP and LCP Max are listed below.

Capacity6+1 .380 Auto10+1 .380 Auto
Action TypeDouble-action onlySingle-action only
Barrel Length2.75 inches2.8 inches
Overall Length5.16 inches5.22 inches
Overall weight9.6 ounces10.6 ounces
GripFrame Black, High-Performance, Glass-Filled NylonBlack, High-Performance, Glass-Filled Nylon
SightsBoth the front and rear sights on the slide are fixed.Front sight: Tritium with white outline Rear sight: Drift adjustable
LCP vs LCP Max
LCP vs LCP Max

What’s The Difference Between Ruger LCP and LCP Max Based on Features?

The detailed comparison of these two guns is given below-


Ruger LCP is an affordable .380 Auto with 6+1 capacity. These .380 pistols are extremely popular for concealed carry, but despite their popularity, they lacked capacity and suitability.

The third generation of the LCP.380 ACP series is the LCP Max. This gun has significant increase in capacity 6+1, 10+1, and even 12+1 with a longer mag.

Ruger designed the Ruger LCP MAX to address concerns with the original LCP. With its 10 round capacity and flush-fit magazine, the LCP Max wins in this category. The original LCP’s capacity was much lower; thus, LCP Max is a significant upgrade.

Action Type:

Despite being a single-action hammer-fired pistol, the Ruger LCP’s trigger pulls like a double-action only trigger.

The Ruger LCP MAX has a hammer-fired trigger, making it a single-action pistol.

Due to its heavier and longer trigger pull, a double-action revolver might reduce shooting accuracy. Since LCP Max just requires to drop the hammer, it also excels in this category.

Barrel Length:

Ruger LCP’s barrel length is 2.75 inches.

LCP Max’s barrel length is 2.8 inches.

However, longer barrels do not improve accuracy. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.  shorter, more rigid barrels vibrate more steadily and accurately.

Due to the Ruger LCP‘s shorter barrel length compared to that of the LCP Max, it is the winner for this section.

Overall Length & Weight:

The Ruger LCP has an overall length of 5.16 inches and a weight of 9.6 ounces.

The Ruger LCP Max’s overall length and weights are 5.22 inches and

10.6 ounces respectively.

Both the length and the weight of these models are not drastically different from one another. but a pistol that is heavier will have less recoil and be easier to shoot.

The LCP Max is preferable than the LCP because it has much weight and longer length.


Something that is crucial when selecting a pistol for concealed carry, and the Ruger LCP does not disappoint in this regard.

The shoulder straps and front strap of the LCP Max gun are not detachable. A regular polymer grip is what you get. The LCP MAX lacks a traditional beavertail but has a smooth tang.

The ergonomics of the LCP from Ruger are superb. A pleasure to hold in one’s hands. The LCP Max is likewise comfy, albeit a little smaller. So, Ruger LCP takes first place in this category.


The Ruger LCP’s sights are exceptionally low-profile and machined into the slide. The rear-sight notch is reasonably wide and sufficiently deep. The front sight is absolutely flat with no texture, making it difficult for the eye to detect.

Ruger LCP MAX sights make the system much better by adding dovetailed sights. This means that if you don’t like the sights that come from the factory, you can change these out.

The Ruger LCP Max is the clear victor due to its quality Tritium sight surrounded by a narrow white ring. Additionally, the rear sight features a great, wide U-notch and serrations on the back of the sight blade, providing a decent view.

Ruger LCP or Ruger LCP Max Which One to Choose?

The LCP Max’s compact, pocketable design and large storage capacity make it a desirable product. This weapon is identical to the LCP, except that it is longer, heavier, and more fully featured.

The LCP Max is a more versatile option because of its greater capacity, improved grip, and genuine night sights. It also includes a superior extractor, interchangeable sights, and a reversible magazine release button.

Therefore, the LCP Max should be your first choice if you’re shopping for a promising compact gun that will satisfy all your wants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to carry a loaded Ruger LCP Max?

Mechanically, the LCP Max is safe. It will not fire unless you pull the trigger.

But remember that any pistol with a loaded magazine in it should never be carried with the slide open and the chamber empty. If you drop or hit a gun, it could go off.

Is LCP A Hammer or Striker?

The LCP has a 380 ACP barrel and can hold six bullets in its magazine. It’s hammer-fired, uses recoil, and is as compact as a pistol can be with today’s materials and technology.

Is it possible to dry fire an LCP Max?


The firing pin and other parts of the Ruger LCP Max handgun may withstand occasional dry fires without being damaged. Extensive dry-fire training requires the use of a snap cap. The Ruger LCP Max pistol’s trigger does not go forward to reset when dry fired.


Now that you’re more knowledgeable about the differences of Ruger LCP vs LCP Max, you’ll be able to make calculated decisions on which one to use for your specific need.

If you need to carry a very small gun, you can choose the Ruger LCP, but the LCP Max is an improved version of the original LCP that includes many new features and fixes for known problems.

Before buying a Ruger LCP MAX, it’s a good idea to try shooting with one first, either from a buddy who already owns one or from an indoor range.

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  1. The Ruger LCP MAX is ridiculously inaccurate and the high capacity leads to the spray and pray philosophy that grates against my “old school” thinking that was drilled into me by my parents saying “you are responsible for every round you fire, where it ends up, and you can’t call a bullet back.” My MAX’s point of aim was over a foot over it’s point of impact at 25′ and having a tritium front sight can not be filed down, so I would have to either invent a sight picture incorporating a combat hold plus putting the tritium dot at a point where a thread running from one side of the rear sight to the other bisects the tritium dot or getting a much lower or fileable front sight that fits.After researching this a bit, I found that people have been having the same problem for at least a couple years. Why hasn’t it been fixed. The tritium front sight isn’t that good. It isn’t worth it, IMO. I’d like to know if the LCP has this problem.

  2. Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

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