Glock 20 SF VS Glock 20? Is There Any Difference?

Glock offers their 20 SF guns as an altered version of itself. Bear attacks and many other threats have historically been stopped by Glock 20 and 20SF handguns.

Now the Glock 20 and the 20SF has very little difference. However, many considerations suggest that the G20 is better than the G20SF.

Glock 20 SF vs Glock 20: Quick Comparison Table

SpecsGlock 20 SFGlock 20
Length8.03 inches8.07 inches
GripBlack polymerPolymer, modular backstrap
SafetyTrigger Block SafetyTrigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety
Capacity15 rounds15 rounds
Barrel Length4.6 inches4.61 inches
Weight30.71 oz.30.69 oz
Glock 20 SF vs Glock 20
Glock 20 SF vs Glock 20

Difference Between Glock 20 SF and Glock 20 Based on Features?

This is the article you need to figure all that out in a short time and in brief details. Let’s cut to the chase now!

Feature 1: Size

Glock 20 is a 10-millimeter full-size pistol. The FBI was seriously considering switching from nine millimeter to ten millimeter when Glock released this pistol. These are one of the largest frame pistols that Glock makes.

The width of the Glock 20SF is exactly the same as the G20. It is not a slim frame, rather SF means short frame. The grip distance is shorter (for about a quarter inch), making it more ergonomic.

Glock 10 is the most powerful caliber that Glock offers. And 10mm pistols should not be messed with by shrinking size (because of the velocity and ballistics).

I would prefer you go for the Glock 20 if you want to shoot a proper 10mm. But go for the SF if you have small hands, not much compromise on the power output.

Feature 2: Accuracy and Shooting

First of all the Glock 20 capacity of 15 rounds for a 10mm is excellent. It is one heck of a smooth gun. It is also highly accurate.

With 180 grain JHP, there’s a strong ejection and no FTFs in the Glock 20. A 158grn 357mag shot from a 6″ pistol can actually travel farther than a 165grn 10mm round. At about 15 yards, getting within about 2 inches of the target is simple.

Glock 20SF on the other hand performs a little dissatisfactory. The underwood 200gr XTP is a good ammo to use for range test and otherwise. Winchester 180gr PDX produces lesser FTFs though.

All in all, the Glock 20 is a better-performing option in terms of accuracy and performance between two.

Feature 3: Recoil

The Glock 20’s recoil is more tolerable than a full-sized revolver’s .357Mag recoil. It is said to be significantly better than the Colt 10mm 1911, which is substantial but manageable.

With Sig 180gr FMJ or JHP at 1250 fps, the Glock 20SF’s recoil is robust but comfortable. The Sig 10mm ammunition is not your standard ammo. It appears comparable to Winchester Super-X 10mm (which is hotter than most). But with the 20SF, the recoil is surprisingly strong.

The only factor that will matter for reducing felt recoil is the surface area on the back strap, and it is the same for both the standard and SF models. However, it seems that the 20SF gets more complaints about the recoil than the Glock 20.

Feature 4: CCW

You’re considering a large, “duty size” gun. It can be concealed, but that isn’t really what it was designed for. Furthermore, carrying 15 rounds of 10mm is a bit “overkill” for self defense.

Glock 20 is a good firearm to open carry in the wood. It is just a regular combat pistol. A standard Glock 20 and a 20SF has the same amount of surface area on the back of the grip. The front strap to back strap distance on the SF model is 2mm shorter.

So CC might not feel so comfortable in either of the Glock 20 and the 20SF. But if you can conceal 20SF because it has a shorter grip, you can conceal Glock 20 too.

Glock 20 SF or Glock 20 Which One to Choose?

Most people that hold the G20SF fall in love with it. It lacks the usual full size Glock grip. But the 20SF is different.

The main difference between these two is the size. Apparently people who get the Glock 20 end up regretting not buying the 20SF. Especially people with smaller to medium hands.

However, the SF has some challenges too. Finding ammo will be the biggest hurdle with the Glock 20SF.

On the other hand, the Gen 3 G20 was almost uniquely designed from ground up for the 10x25mm Auto and its single recoil spring has worked well for the last 20+ years.

Thanks to this, the recoil impulse is felt mildly softer in the gen 4 Glock 20 compared to the Glock 20 SF. Trigger reach on the Gen 3 G20 SF models is reduced, making the guns easier to use by those with smaller hands.

These changes were incorporated into the Gen 4 models too. However, all gen 4 Glock 20s have a dual recoil spring. On Gen 3 guns, only the subcompacts have that setup.

All in all, in my opinion, both are good guns. But if you have smaller hands go for the Glock 20SF. Otherwise, the Glock 20 is an absolute catch!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs )

Are the Glock 20 and 20SF magazines the same?

The same mags are used by the G20, G20SF, and G40. The magazines are the same size, but the frames are different sizes.

Should you change your magazine followers on the G20, 20SF or other generations of the G20?

The current generation #4 followers can address a problem some people had with hotter ammunition in Gen 3 G20/G20SF and Gen 4G20 slide lock. Especially with a final round still in the magazine.
If you ever run into the early slide lock, it’s worth updating any old magazines. Glock will send #4 followers to you if you ask for them.
The Gen4 magazines differ from the Gen3 magazines in that the Gen4 magazines have notches on both sides so that lefties can configure the magazine release.
There was a rule for lefties…….
For right-handed people, all of the aforementioned models function and are the same.

What is different in the Glock 20SF backstrap?

The back strap has a less pronounced arch and tucks in closer to the magazine well at the base of the grip.
Because the SF is cut higher under the beavertail, moving the web of your shooting hand closer to the centerline of the bore. Well and truly, shorter fits the bill.


Overall, Glock 20 seems to outperform the 20SF in many areas. Although this may not be the case for a few people. It’s just that the G20 is a classic and most people never get over how amazing it is.

You should give both a try and see which feels better. Go with your heart, good luck!

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  1. Thank you for the G20sf and G20 comparison. iam highly considering the purchase of the Glock 10mm. I do have a relatively small hand, so maybe better off with the G20sf.

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