P365 Vs. LCP Max – Everything You Should Know Before Considering One of Them!

The SIG Sauer P365 (Striker-fired subcompact pistol) and Ruger LCP Max (Internal hammer-fired single-action-only gun) handguns are designed effortlessly to offer better accuracy, comfort, and reliability.

However, factors like the overall length, barrel length, slide length & width, weight, height, sight, and magazine capacity indicate the significant difference between the P365 and LCP Max.

Now go through the notable differences between these two pistols and share other related information so that you can easily choose one suits you the most.

P365 Vs. LCP Max: Quick Comparison Table

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

SpecificationsRuger LCP MaxSIG P365
Overall Length5.17 inches5.8 inches
Barrel Length3.1 inches2.8 inches
Caliber380 ACP380 ACP
Capacity10, 12 plus1 in chamber (Additional Flush option)10 + 1
StockPolymer FrameSteel Frame
Width0.924 inches1.0 inches
Number Of Mags12
Height4.12 inches4.2 inches
Weight10.6 oz.17.8 oz.
SightTritium w/ White Outline FrontSIGLITE Night Sights
FinishTungsten CerakoteNitron
P365 Vs. LCP Max
P365 Vs. LCP Max

What Is the Difference Between P365 and LCP Max Based on Features?

Let’s check out the difference between these guns through their specs-

Feature 1: Different Overall Size Dimensions Make Difference in Overall impact and performance

The SIG P365 380 is 5.8 inches long front to back, 4.2 inches high, 1 inch wide, and weighs 15.7 ounces. The heel of the gun is angled lower on the P365 380, which makes it a little bit easier to pull from the grip.

On the contrary, the LCP Max is 5.17 inches long, 4.12 inches high, 0.924 inches wide, and weighs 10.6 ounces. The back of this gun is very rounded and melted.

Based on the overall size dimension, the SIG P365 is a slightly bigger firearm than the LCP. If you look closely, you will notice that the front of the P365 is slightly clumsy and a bit taller than the LCP. The LCP Max will stay longer and less snags on things than the SIG P365. Also, the slight difference between the dimension makes Ruger LCP Max more suitable for pocket or ankle carry.

Feature 2: Magazine Capacity, Mag Release & Grip Flexibility

Both firearms come with a 10-round magazine, but the LCP Max has one 10-round magazine, while the P365 comes with two 10-round. There is a 0.6-ounce magazine weight difference between these pistols and the LCP magazine is lighter than the P3645. You will get a full three-finger holding grip with the P365 with both 10 and 12 magazines.

On the contrary, when using a magazine on the LCP Max and holding it without any pinky extender you will not get a fully comfortable grip. Without the pinky extender, you will only get a full two-finger holding space on the LCP Max. However, the 12-round magazine of the LCP is reasonably integrated.

Both have similar magazine options, but the LCP Max’s magazines (whether it’s 10-round or 12) have a tendency to get released when the holder slightly bumps or touches it. The magazine release button of the LCP is also too light that you always have to be very cautious to not release it accidentally. Even when you consider getting a better solid grip, the SIG P365 is a little better than the LCP.

Feature 3: Two-dot Tritium Rear Sight Vs. Anti-glare Black Rear Sight

The SIG P365 comes with a nice replaceable two-dot tritium rear sight. That means it’s easy to see sights with this gun.

The Ruger LCP Max comes with a replaceable anti-glare black rear sight.

But the night sight feature on the P365 might seem more of an anti-snag or lower snack potential low-profile sight if you compare it with the LCP because the manufacturer has added some angle surfaces to minimize surface area on the LCP.

Also, the tactical rack with a nice flat face edge on the LCP Max pistol rear sight lets you catch that on your belt or a table and is more convenient if you need to hold and operate the pistol with only one hand.

Feature 4: Control & Slide Release

Even though both firearms have a control option on the left side of the frame, the SIG P365 has a little nicer positioning, and the slide release feels slightly better than the LCP Max. It also features an additional takedown lever.

The LCP Max pistol’s control positioning and slide release might seem similar to the P365. But the LCP Max has an upgrade fire control and the slide release will not be as functional as the P365. Also, you will require an extra tool to pop the takedown pin out.

Feature 4: 9mm Accessories Compatibility

Since the SIG P365 is a 9mm gun and features a similar body type (slide, frame, and everything else except the barrel) as most 9mm SIG guns come with, it will work with all the 9-millimeter accessories. Therefore, you do not have to re-buy the accessories if you already own a 9mm gun.

That extra benefit you will not get with the LCP Max due to its slightly different appearance and have to re-buy the accessories.

So, if you already have a 9-millimeter gun and want to choose between these two, the P365 will be more cost-friendly because you will not have to purchase additional accessories.

Feature 5: Difference Based on the MSRP Standpoint

Based on the MSRP standpoint of the P365 and the LCP Max, the P 365 380 will be available at around $589, while the LCP Max will be available at around $449 or $469.

That means the LCP Max is noticeably less expensive and budget-friendly than the P365. Therefore, for those interested in a cheaper or more affordable option, the LCP will be more convenient.

P365 or LCP Max – Which One to Choose?

There is no single answer to this particular question because when you compare the features, functionality, and capacity between the P365 and LCP Max, there are some similarities as well as some notable differences.

Based on the feature differentiation that I just discussed in the earlier section, I will say it highly depends on the consumer’s choice, preference, and need because features that are suitable for you might not be attractive to others.

However, the Ruger LCP Max and the SIG P365 guns are amazing concealed carry weapons and work great as a home or self-defense pistols. Both have some additional advantages and disadvantages too.

Therefore, go through each feature and specs of these two pistols to determine which matches your preference the most.

Besides that, price is also an important factor for many consumers, so keep the quality and cost in consideration to take the final decision.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are the Similarities Between the P365 and LCP Max?

Just like the differences, the P365 380 and the LCP Max also have some notable similarities.
The first similarity between these two is their caliber range because they both feature 380 ACP caliber.
Both are optics ready directly from the factory.
Another thing is both are small, lightweight, and compact to be considered excellent concealed carry pistols.
If you look at those two firearms side by side, you will also notice that they have very similar widths.
Besides that, both pistols come with replaceable night sights on them.

Is it possible to dry-fire a SIG P365?

Yes. According to the SIG declaration, it is safe to dry fire all their centerfire guns.

Can My SIG Sauer P365 shoot +P Ammo?

Yes. All the P365 models can take +P Ammo, but the manual also recommends avoiding running +P all the time.

Is it safe to carry a loaded LCP Max pistol?

Yes, you can carry an LCP Max when its magazine is loaded. But for better safety, ensure that the chamber is empty and the slide is closed while carrying your loaded LCP.

Does the Ruger LCP Max come with safety?

No, the LCP Max does not have any safety features, but it is not needed either because of its incredible factory trigger design.


The LCP Max and the P365 are excellent choices for concealed carry, home defense, and backup options, but there is some notable difference between their features and capabilities. These differences point out that in some situations, one might be slightly better and perform a little more effectively than the other.

That’s why one needs to know and understand these differences to choose the right one that suits your preference and needs.

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