Glock 20 VS Glock 40- Let’s Find Out the Key Differences Between Them!

The Glock 20 Gen 4 Safe Action Pistol and the Glock 40 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol are widely popular and used among the outdoors duty person, hunter, & sport shooter community.

But are they similar types of guns or different? There are notable differences based on their overall length, height, barrel size, frame, weight, Mag. capacity, and other features.

Thus, keep reading this article to discover the key differences between these two Glock guns to decide which one is better for you_

Glock 20 VS. Glock 40: Quick Comparison Table

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

SpecificationsGlock 20 Gen 4Glock 40 Gen 4 MOS
Overall Length205 mm | 8.07 inches241 mm | 9.49 inches
Caliber10mm Auto10mm
Barrel Length117 mm | 4.61 inches153 mm | 6.02 inches
Mag. CapacityStandard: 15Standard: 15
Weight  780 g | 27.51 oz (without mag.), 870 g | 30.69 oz (with empty mag.), 1130 g | 39.86 oz (with loaded magazine)915 g | 32.28 oz (without mag.), 1005 g | 35.45 oz (with empty mag.), 1265 g | 44.62 oz (with loaded magazine)
Trigger Pull28 N24 N
TypeSafe ActionPistol: Semi Auto
SightFSAdjustable Glock Sights
FinishMatteGas Nitride
Glock 20 VS. Glock 40
Glock 20 VS. Glock 40

What Are the Differences Between Glock 20 and Glock 40 Based on Features?

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

Feature 1: Lighter & Higher Muzzle Velocities with Longer Barrel

On the Glock 40 gun, the MLS before you put an optic on is 28.15 ounces, and the manufacturer has also done some lightening on the slide assembly of the G40 gun to make a cycle reliably. That actually lightened the overall gun.

But the Glock 20 has 30.07 ounces while unloaded. Therefore, the Glock 40 MOS is lighter than the Glock 20. The Glock 20 is 8.07 inches from the back of the grip to the front. On the contrary, the 40 MOS is 9.49 through the same dimension.

Thus, based on the frame length and barrel length, the Glock 40 gun is a much longer gun than the G20 Gen 4. You will even get better muzzle velocities with the longer barrel. From the hunting perspective, you will get a more impactful shot/hit with the Glock 40.

Feature 2: Softer & Higher Felt Recoil with The Longer Barrel Length

With the Glock 20 gun, you will notice less felt recoil because it’s smaller and has a shorter barrel length than the Glock 40.

You will notice more felt recoil with the Glock 40 MOS because it is bigger as well as slightly lighter than the Glock 20 and imparts more energy into the bullet with the longer barrel.

While fire-arming them side-by-side, you will surely feel the difference in recoil and notice that the 40 MOS is taking full advantage of featuring hotter ammo. Also, the counter energy coming back towards you will feel flipper when the energy goes into the bullet because a bigger gun tends to absorb the recoil.

Feature 3: Concealed Carry Purpose

Since the Glock 20 Gen 4 is pretty light and smaller in overall size or length, it is very convenient as a concealed carry weapon. It can easily fit inside or outside the waistband, but a little bit bulkier to carry in the pocket.

However, the Glock 40 is obviously bigger than the Glock 20 and is knotted inside the waistband gun because it is too big for concealed carry. Especially if you add an optic on the G40 (as most people prefer to get), that optic will soon bite into your body.

The Glock 40 MOS is not ideal if you are looking for an appendix carry a gun and the Glock 20 will perfectly fit for concealed carrying purposes.

Feature 4: Modular Optics System Capability  

The Glock 20 does not feature a Modular optics system (MOS) which means you will not be able to customize your gun.

Fortunately, you can do that with the Glock 40 because it’s a MOS gun which means you can mount the optic sights to increase your gun’s accuracy during target shooting, hunting, or competitions.

Therefore, to enjoy the additional customizing benefit, you should choose the Glock 40 over Glock 20.

Besides those discussed differences, another major difference between these Glock Gen 4 guns is the retail price difference. The Glock 20 retails for around 590 (Depending on where you are buying the gun from, the price might go slightly up or down), and the Glock 40 MOS retails for around 699. That means you can see around 100 dollars difference here because of the extended/additional feature that the Glock 40 offers.

Glock 20 or Glock 40 Which One to Choose?

Honestly and technically speaking, there is no such thing as which one is better or best among them when both guns are from the same Gen 4 series of Glock. Since both are Gen 4 models and are designed with all the Gen 4 features.

But does that mean you cannot determine the best among them?

You can distinguish them based on the additional feature or benefits that each of them individually offers. But before that, you need to determine your need or purpose first because they are best for serving different purposes.

I will help you to decide by pointing out each of these guns’ key advantages-

Let’s start with the Glock 20 Gen 4, if you are looking for an affordable yet strongly reliable gun for home defense and self-defense during hunting in the woods or hiking, the Glock 20 will be the most practical, versatile, and dependable choice for that purpose.

Because of the G20 Gen 4 gun’s incredible capability and dependability, it has been considered one of the most accepted guns that most American choose and they even named it the “Woods Handgun“.

From the hunting perspective, you will get more impactful shots with the G40.

Another fact to consider is the size and weight of the Glock 20 because it’s comparatively small, lightweight, and perfect for concealed carry.

However, if you are looking for a three-figure price ranged bigger and more professional gun (considering for serious hunting), the Glock 40 MOS will be perfect for you.

Since the 40 MOS is a big gun, people with smaller hands can also comfortably shoot with the Glock 40. Also, the Modular Optic System feature, long barrel length, longer slides, and long sight radius options make it more competitive, effective, and worth spending the extra penny.

Remember, if you are considering a competition hunting gun to carry inside the waistband, go for the Glock 20 gun. On the contrary, if you prefer a gun outside the waistband, choose the 40 MOS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many rounds can a Glock 20 Gen 4 hold?

The Glock 20 Gen 4 pistol features 750 Joule muzzle energy and a standard magazine capacity. Therefore, it can hold up to 15 rounds very comfortably.

Is it possible to insert a 40 Cal barrel in a Glock 20 gun?

Yes, you can put a 40 Cal on your Glock 20 gun and you can even add the same magazines too.

How fast does a Glock 40-gun shoot?

On average, a Glock 40 can shoot with a velocity between 950 and 1440 feet per second, but if you have performed any modification on your Glock 40 (as many consumers do), the result will fluctuate based on your level of modifications.

Does the Glock 20 Gen 4 pistol come with safety?

Yes, it does. Just like every Glock pistol released so far, the G20 model also comes with three independent safeties: Trigger safety, Firing pin safety, and Drop safety.


Both guns feature dual recoil spring assemblies, removable backstraps, and RTF 2 texturing on their frame. Therefore, they might have a similar operating mechanism, and both of them work great.

However, it does not mean they do not have any significant differences and all those dissimilarities are already covered in today’s article.

All you have to do is, determine your purpose for buying the gun first, then choose the one that suits the most.

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