Glock 17L Vs Glock 34: The Differences Are Not That Much!

Glock has to be the most renowned ‘gun wizard’ company in pop culture. Known for producing reliable and accurate pistols, its 17L and 34 might be lesser-known models. But they are loved by the shooters!

Although both pistols share many similarities, there are some key differences between the two that may make one more suitable than the other for certain applications. The tangible differences are in the barrel length, weight, magazine capacity, sights and most importantly – the trigger!

In the following sections, you will get the entire information on the difference between Glock 17L Vs Glock 34.

Glock 17L Vs Glock 34

What’re The Differences Between Glock 17L Vs Glock 34 Gun Models?

A Quick Comparison Chart

FeaturesGlock 17LGlock 34
Cartridge9 mm Luger9x19mm
SightAdjustable rear sight and a fixed front sightAdjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight
MagazineStandard: 17 Optional: 19 / 24 / 31 / 33Standard: 17 Optional: 19 / 24 / 31 / 33
Weight26.63 oz25.93 oz
Length8.85 inches8.15 inches
Barrel length6.02 inches5.31 inches
Width1.18 inches1.18 inches
GripRubber Glock textured gripGlock textured grip
SafetyTrigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safetyTrigger safety and a firing pin safety
Height5.43 inches5.43 inches
Gun TypeHandgunSemi-automatic pistol
DesignPolymer framePolymer frame with finger grooves

Looking at both guns, you can see some little differences in specs and features with a huge difference in price point and demand.

Hopefully, this next section will solve that dilemma for you:

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1. Barrel Length and Slide:

The Glock 17L and the Glock 34 are based on the same frame. The only notable difference is the 17L barrel and slide are longer and squared in the front. Also, the 34’s slide nose has side bevels.

The Glock 17L has a 6.02-inch barrel and corresponding square-nosed slide. Whereas, the Glock 34 has a 5.31-inch barrel, with a tapered muzzle-end of the slide. Does that extra .7″ make that big a difference? May be not.

According to shooters, they usually choose the longer and heavier 17L accounts for better balance in their hands! But as a functional defense gun, the 34 is better.

The 17L slide has more material cut out. It is also lighter.

However, the tapered slide nose on the G34 makes reholstering easier and smoother.

2. Weight:

On the Glock website, the 17L is listed as having a lower unloaded weight than the 17 and 34. But for some reason, 9mm bullets seem to weigh more in the 17L. Must be magic!

By feel and measurement though, the Glock 17L weighs approximately 26 ounces without a magazine. While the Glock 34 weighs approximately 25.06 ounces without a magazine. This means that the Glock 17L is slightly heavier than the Glock 34.

The weight difference between the two models is not significant enough to affect the shooting experience. But it may give a reduced recoil for the 17L. And provide a more stable shooting platform.

3. Trigger:

The 34 and 17L generally have much nicer triggers from the factory. They also have the weight-reducing cutout in the slide.

Many users report that the Glock 17L Gen 3s have better triggers. Just take a look here.

The Glock 17L trigger has a crisper, a more defined break. It also has a slightly shorter reset than the Glock 34’s trigger, which may be an advantage in competitive shooting scenarios.

4. Sights:

A longer sight radius will always be an advantage. So the Glock 17L should be slightly more accurate to the shooter. You can double-tap a 17L and stay on target.

However, the stock sights on the Glock 34 are generally well-regarded by users. The white-dot front sight and an adjustable rear sight are better preferred by users.

Both the Glock 17L and Glock 34 have a wide range of aftermarket sight options. For better visibility in low light conditions, some users prefer to replace the stock sights on their Glock 17L with fiber optic or night sights.

Similarly, some Glock 34 owners prefer competition sights like the Dawson Precision adjustable rear sight or the Trijicon HD XR front sight.

5. Availability:

The Glock 17L variant was introduced in 1988. At present, the Glock 17L has been discontinued. But very limited production often runs in some exceptional cases.

The Glock 34 is still in production. Most Glock 34s are Gen 4 and 17Ls are Gen 3. The Glock 17L is only available in Gen 3 and they are rarely available.

6. Recoil Spring:

There would probably be a slight difference in felt recoil favoring the 17L. other than that, the Glock 17L and Glock 34 share the same recoil spring assembly. It consists of a guide rod, a recoil spring, and a plastic end cap.

The spring weight and assembly are the same for the 17L and the 34. They all come stock with the same 17lb spring and polymer captured recoil rod. Although the 17L has heavier slides than the 34.

That is why a slight change of recoil is felt. Moreover, it is not recommended to go lower than 15 lbs ISMI or a 14lb Wolfe for the recoil springs for either gun.

7. Accuracy:

The Glock 34 is actually more accurate than the Glock 17L. It is just to say that the barrel length alone is not the main reason for accuracy.

Other factors (including ammo) are also important. For example, the “lockup” on the Glock 17L barrel is not as tight as the G34.

The best Glock 17L  shots with the likes of frangible ammo go about 1-3/4″ for five shots at 25 yards. But with ammo like 115 gr FMJ Blazer (Aluminum casing), Winchester 115gr FMJ (white box) etc. this increases.

A Gen 5 Glock 34 should be able to place 5 rounds in a 3″ or smaller group at 75 inches.

8. Range:

In general, the effective range of the Glock 17L can be considered to be around 50m (55 yds). This is for target shooting or self-defense scenarios. It seems that the maximum effective range of Glock 34 is also 50m

However, the range is not a fixed number. And might change depending on modifications done to the gun.

9. Safety:

Both the Glock 17L and Glock 34 have similar safety features. This includes trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety.

These features help prevent accidental discharge and provide added safety when handling the firearm.

Fan Favorite: Glock 17L or Glock 34?

It’s very subjective. Some would always pick the 17Ls over the 34. The 34 might feel a little unbalanced to them. Because the extra weight might shift things a little with the 17L.

Others prefer the 17L because it’s the unicorn, it is rare. It seems everyone at the range has a 34, but you never see a 17L.

Additionally, the sight radius of the Glock 17L is harder to come by. Theoretically, the longer sight radius is an advantage, and so is the added weight, but with that comes longer swing times and slower cycle times.

However, some users might complain about the Glock 17L dimensions. The trouble with failure to feed and cycle properly is common in these cases.

Bottom line is that the Glock 17L is preferred by shooters and for tactical use.

Cost Details Between Glock 17L Vs Glock 34

Back in September 2021, the suggested retail price for a new Glock 17L is around $749. Meanwhile, the suggested retail price for a new Glock 34 was around $649.

Currently, the Glock 17L retails for $1,050 on But offline, the value is about $935.44 new and $901.09 used. Whereas the value of the Glock 34 is $585.95 new and $499.52 used.

The actual prices may vary based on local taxes, shipping fees, and other factors. Yet, a Glock 17L costs way more than the Glock 34.

Glock 17L Vs Glock 34 – FAQs

Are the Glocks 17L and 34 suitable for USPSA and IDPA?

95% plus of all shots in USPSA and IDPA are within 15 yards, and most within 3-7 yards, so it is of no great advantage in action pistol.

Do the Glocks 17L and 34 come in the MOS model?

The G17L does not come as a MOS model, but the G34 does.

Does the Glock 17L have ported barrels?

Only the Generation 1 models of the Glock 17L have ported barrels.

Between the Glock 17L and 34, which has a higher resale value?

The Glock 17L has a higher resale value than Glock 34.

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