Differences Between CZ SP01 Vs 26 (Explained with Evidence!)

The CZ SP01 and P01 are two guns, both of which users end up buying. Not one or the other, but both. It just depends on which one you want first.

Both the SP01 and P01 are equally good. It is difficult to point out which one is better without discussing the use for it first! It is necessary to understand why both are different though. And how one is better than the other (if at all).

This is what you’ll learn in this article now. So carry on till the end.

CZ SP01 vs CZ P01: Quick Comparison Table

SpecsCZ SP01CZ P01
Caliber9mm Luger9mm Luger
Length8.15 inches8.15 inches
GripMolded RubberAluminum (red or blue)
SafetyManualManual; ambidextrous
Capacity10+1 rounds17-21 rounds
Barrel Length4.6 inches3.75 inches
Weight40.7 oz28.2 oz
Barrel MaterialStainless steelSteel
CZ SP01 vs CZ P01
CZ SP01 vs CZ P01

What’s The Difference Between CZ SP01 and CZ P01 Based on Features?

Feature 1: Configuration

The updated versions of the original CZ-75 are the SP01 standard and SP01 Tactical. Both firearms have rails, a steel frame, firing pin blocks, and night sights.

The only distinction between those two is that the Tactical has a de-cocker while the Standard has a safety.

The SP01’s competition variant, the Shadow, lacks a firing pin block. The trigger has been upgraded. But without the safety engaged, the gun is not “drop safe.”

The SP01 Tactical has an alloy-framed compact version called the P01. It has a rail, which is the primary distinction between it and the PCR.

This is a more recent version of CZ’s primary CCW handgun, which also has a de-cocker. The P-01 has a safety feature and a steel frame as opposed to an alloy.

Feature 2: Ease of Shooting

The CZ barrel is designed to hold 124g. Typically, the 147-150 gr. bullets have a higher impact than the 115 and 124 gr. bullets. You will be pleased with the 10-yard, 20-shot group because it shoots well. But it consistently shoots low—a few inches at 10+ yards.

The P01 exhibits the “short chamber” syndrome like other CZs. As a result, some ammunition with a very wide ogive can hang up. It is challenging to cycle because of the heavy recoil spring and the small slide.

Despite these issues with both, the SP01 reportedly shoots better than the P01.

Feature 3: Trigger  

The SP01 and P01 trigger both exhibit poor performance. The SP01 trigger has about 5 or 6 millimeters of slack before the break.

It was definitely a sadist that created the hooked trigger on the SP01. The tip will dig into your finger.

Many folks complain about the P01 trigger’s gritty nature. The trigger reset is very long and has almost no resistance, even with the trigger job.

Nevertheless, the SP01 trigger performs better than the P01. It’s about which one is worse because both are bad.

Feature 4: Conceal Carry

The SP01 is excellent. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t buy it for concealed carry purpose. The SP01 will be far too large and clumsy.

As you are aware, the P01 has an alloy frame. So in terms of size and weight, a little better for CCW. It is somewhat more flexible due to size and lighter weight.

The P01 is the best option if you prefer lighter guns and intend to carry your weapon and use it at the range occasionally.

Feature 5: Accuracy

With the ideal load, 2 inches at 25 yards (75′) for the SP01 would be about right. You can anticipate an unmodified gun to produce a 1″–1.25″ group with S&B 115 FMJ at 50′. 2″–2.5″ at 25 yards and 5″–6 yards.

The P01 shoots 3″ groups about 2-3″ to the left of the center when shooting WWB from a bench rest at a distance of 15 yards.

I would say the SP01 has more accuracy than the P01.

CZ SP01 or CZ P01 Which One to Choose?

The SP01 has amazing ergonomics, great features, and great recoil impulse. but it is heavy as it is full-sized.

The P01 has a nice weight balance, is more versatile, and is surprisingly light. However, Gorilla hands can strip holes more easily, and the SP01 feels better in the hand.

The SP01 being a safety-featured gun while the P01, a de-cocker can also be a factor. However, you can’t go wrong with either.

The SP01 is really nice for use at the range and a great pistol. Mags are very simple to locate. Although the P01 is fantastic for use at a distance, finding mags can be difficult.

Get the P01 if you don’t lose control of the grip. Some people find that a full-size gun is a little too big for their hands, and they find that a compact fits them better.

What you want to do with it is what it will ultimately come down to. Because the P01 can do everything the SP01 can, but not quite as well. I’d advise starting with the P01.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need a P01 if you have an SP01?

Yes. You can keep the P01 as a carry and the SP01 as a bedside gun. That’s how most people use it. You gain the higher capacity magazines and other improved features from an SP01 and ease of use and carry from a P01.

Why does the P01 magazine spit rounds?

When loading, the factory 14-round magazines may become “jammed.” By pressing the cartridges in the mag down and releasing them, you can usually get the 14th round into the magazine without much difficulty. This appears to resolve a problem with the rounds being improperly staggered.

How similar are CZ P01 and P07?

The P01 is made of alloy, while the P07 is made of poly. Both have good-feeling grips. The weights are comparable.
The P07 is slightly less expensive, which is always beneficial. Less recoil is produced by the P-01. Though it is mitigated by a number of factors.
Compared to the P-01 slide, the P-07 is much simpler to rack. And the P07 is a much better concealed carry than the P01.


I think the heavier the better if you’re not going to conceal carry your CZ. Recoil is significantly reduced.

Although I think the SP01 is a good target and competition gun, I’d strongly suggest the P01 with the steel frame for home defense only. It also seems like an overall better option with Fiber Optic sights and all.

Nevertheless, the decision is yours and I hope you make a wise one.

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