Beretta M9 VS. Glock 19: Which 9mm Pistol to Choose?

Compared to the Beretta 19, the Glock 19 is more manageable for everyday carry because to its lower weight and size, but neither is particularly compact for certain people’s tastes. The grip and point aim of the Glock replacement are more natural and less tiring.

The best way to compare two weapons brands is to consider your priorities, your intended use, and the guns’ accuracy, weight, magazine capacity, and value.

This article compares the Beretta M9 to the Glock 19.

Beretta M9 Vs. Glock 19: Quick Comparison Table

SpecsBeretta M9Glock 19
ActionSingle/DoubleDouble Action Only
Caliber9x19mm Parabellum9x19mm Parabellum
Barrel Length4.9 inches4.02 inches
10, 15 (+1)  
Magazine10 rounds (restricted) 15 rounds (standard) 17 rounds,20 rounds, 30 rounds ,32 rounds,35 roundsTwo 15’s with 10/17/33 options available.
Overall length and weight8.5 inches & 34.2 ounces7.36 inches & 21 ounces
SightsFixed SightsAdjustable
Beretta M9 Vs. Glock 19
Beretta M9 Vs. Glock 19

What’s The Difference Between Beretta M9 and Glock 19 Based on Features?

Now go through the detailed comparison between Beretta M9 and Glock 19 and choose your desired one.

Action Type:

The Beretta’s double-action/single-action system requires some adjustment but is valued by those who have mastered it, such as those who trained to use the sidearm while in the military.

As with all striker-fired firearms, the Glock 19 is Double Action Only (DAO) and lacks a hammer. This means that the trigger is responsible for both cocking and releasing the internal component that strikes the firing pin and propels the bullet.

The Glock’s striker action provides a constant trigger pull, whereas the M9’s double action makes the initial shot less precise. hence Glock is the victor in this category.


The M9 is chambered for the widely-used German 9x19mm Parabellum pistol cartridge in which fifteen are housed in the straight detachable box magazine fitting into the base of the grip.

9mm has been the caliber of the Glock 19 since its debut. It is the only caliber available for the Glock 19. The Glock 23, for example, is identical to the 19, except that it fires.40 S&W ammunition instead of 9mm.

Both of these handguns use 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition but Beretta is “superior” because it uses a more widely accessible cartridge, 9x19mm, and its longer barrel and three-dot sights make long-range shooting easier.

Barrel Length

The barrel length of Beretta M9 is 4.9 inches. The Beretta has a barrel that is just a bit longer, so it will have muzzle velocity just a hair higher

Glock 19-length barrel 4.02 inches long, resulting in an overall length of 7.44 inches. This made a compact pistol more than an inch shorter than the existing Beretta M9.

Shorter, stiffer barrels tend to vibrate more consistently and are probably more accurate on average so the Glock 19-barrel length would a major feature to consider.


The Beretta M9 has a magazine capacity of 15+1 rounds and can be fired without an inserted magazine. Numerous manufacturers, including as Beretta and Mec-Gar, produce flush-fit magazines that accommodate 17 or 18 rounds.

There are extended models that contain 20 to 30 rounds and protrude from the grip’s base.

The standard magazine capacity of the Glock 19 is 15 bullets, plus one round in the chamber. The handgun is also compatible with 17, 19, and 33-round magazines.

If you need more capacity, the G19’s capacity can be increased with an impressive 33-round extended magazine. Thus, G19 is the clear victor.


Additional magazine options for the M9 range from 15 to 18 rounds. You can choose between 10, 15, and 17-round factory magazines for your Beretta. The 35 round is also available. Magazines are made out of steel that has been phosphated to prevent rusting.

The Glock 19 comes with two regular 15-round magazines. The Glock 19 is compatible with a wide variety of magazines, including those holding 10, 17, 31, and 33 rounds.

The Beretta’s increased magazine capacity does make it heavier, which could be a deal breaker if you’re hoping to conceal carry it or just prefer a lighter firearm. A complete half-pound of weight has been cut from the Glock, making it more maneuverable and reliable.

Overall Length and Weight:

The Beretta M9s length and weight are respectively 8.5 inches & 34.2 ounces. The M9 is made of steel and big and heavy.

Whereas, Glock 19s length and weight is 7.36 inches & 21 ounces.

The Beretta M9 is a bit longer and heavier comparing to Glock 19. Lighter handguns are easier to carry around. Heavy handguns absorb recoil better. So, depending on your preference this feature of the gun varies.


The M9’s sights are notably different from those of previous models. The rear sight of the M9 is a rectangle or semicircular mark, while the front sight is a single dot, in contrast to the standard 3-dot sights found on most modern pistols.

The front and rear sights on the Glock 19 are both made of polymer and are fixed. White dots help the user zero in on their target quickly.

Aiming may be fine-tuned by adjusting the back sight. A Glock 19 has a front sight height of 0.165 inches.

The Beretta M9 triumphs because its fixed sights make it ideal for concealed carry and self-defense.


Top-notch designed mechanisms like those found in Berettas are notoriously pricey because to their high level of refinement. There is an average cost of $733 for a Berretta M9.

The Glock 17 costs an average of $500. For almost similar features the cost of Glock 19 is affordable.

The Glock comes in at a slightly lower cost than the Beretta from most sellers so this gun a winner in this section.

Beretta M9 or Glock 19 Which One to Choose?

It’s preferable to find a range where you can test out both pistols, as the decision ultimately comes down to your particular needs and level of comfort. Look at the weight, the handgrip, and the ease of use and control while firing to see which one you like best.

If you intend to use the weapon covertly, you should measure it against the space available. A large pistol like the Beretta might not bother you at all, but if you like to conceal your firearm at all costs, the Glock’s smaller weight and slimmer profile will be a huge asset.

In comparison to other handguns, the Glock 19 is far superior. This alternative to Beretta is cheaper, more accurate, has the same capacity, is simple to maintain, smaller, have comfortable grip and rarely jams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the M9 Available to the General Public?

Citizens of the United States can. The M9A1, M9A2, and M9A3 are all available for purchase by civilians through Beretta USA. Furthermore, the 92 and 96 series. Obtaining a M9 is not legally convoluted.

What Makes the Glock 19 so Special?

The shooting mechanism of Glock 19 makes it special.
The Glock 19’s trigger is a simple striker-fired mechanism, which facilitates precise shooting. The trigger pull is not overly heavy, and the rifle has a positive, short reset.
 Its 9mm ammunition is not noted for producing significant recoil, and its size makes it comfortable to handle.

Which gun is superior, a Glock or a Beretta?

The Glock is obviously superior than the Beretta.
Those with smaller hands, or who prefer or require more control when firing with one hand, will find the Glock’s grip to be superior. The Glock and the Beretta are quite similar in other respects, such as accuracy and price.


As always, gun selection is personal. Prior to making a purchase, it is best to test the weapons. If you are to choose between the Beretta M9 and the Glock 19, the Glock 19 would definitely be a better choice.

This judgment is based on the simple facts that have been outlined in this article when comparing with Beretta M9 previously.

Glock 19 weapon’s striker-fired trigger makes it easy to fire, and its small size makes it the greatest option for easy carry.

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