Glock G45 VS G17 Gen 5- Which One Is the Best?

Glock has been offering two latest upgraded and modernized gun models by introducing the G45 and G17 Gen 5 in 2018. The Glock G45 model features the same firepower as the G17 Gen 5 but is designed with more compact dimensions and upgraded more ergonomically.

These two might look identically similar, but there are obvious differences between their features such as overall length, barrel length, or magazine capacity.

Glock G45 VS. G17 Gen 5: Quick Comparison Table

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

SpecificationsGlock G45Glock G17 Gen 5
 Overall Length189 mm | 7.44 inches202 mm | 7.95 inches
Caliber9x19mm9 mm Luger
Barrel Length102 mm | 4.02 inches114 mm | 4.49 inches
Mag. CapacityStandard:17 Optional:17/19/24/31/33Standard:17 Optional:19/24/31/33
Weight  616 g | 21.73 oz (without mag.), 695 g | 24.52 oz (with empty mag.), 860 g | 30.34 oz (with loaded magazine)630 g | 22.22 oz (without mag.), 708 g | 24.97 oz (with empty mag.), 945 g | 33.33 oz (with loaded magazine)
Trigger Pull26 N26 N
TypeSemi-Auto PistolPistol: Double Action
Number Of Mags3Not mentioned
Glock G45 VS. G17 Gen 5
Glock G45 VS. G17 Gen 5

What’s The Difference Between Glock G45 and G17 Gen 5 Based on Features?

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

Feature 1: Shorter Barrel & Lower Mass Equals Less Recoil

The Glock G45 guns feature shorter barrels for easier use and these guns draw faster from the holster. Since CQB is tighter in distance, therefore it’s easier to manipulate.

Also, G45 comes with lower mass and fewer slides resulting in less recoil. The Glock G17 models feature comparatively longer slides. Thus, these guns have more weight up front and recoil softer.

But since you will get a slightly longer slide and sight radius with the G17, you will get more accurate shots than the G45.

Feature 2: Longer Length Lines up the Target Better

Although the frame size is similar, the G17 comes with a slightly longer length and line of sight. The Glock G45 has a 0.51 inches shorter length than the G17 gun model.

Longer length ensures a strong and more comfortable grip during shooting (because longer length means more space for better grip), especially during back-to-back continuous shooting.

Added length provides a better line of sight similarly better line of sight ensures lining up the target easily and quickly.

The G17 works better than G45 during shooting longer ranges than 40-50 yards. So, G17 is better than G45 for distance shooting.

Feature 3: Concealed Carry Purpose

The G45 is a crossover compact and lightweight pistol, but the G17 model has slightly bigger than G45.

Therefore, if you are planning on carrying your gun concealed, G45 can fit into the waistband rigs perfectly and is much more comfortable for that purpose.

For concealed carry purposes, G45 is better than G17 simply because the G45 is smaller than the G17, and compact means the weight is lighter than the G17.

Feature 4: Modular Backstrap System (MBS)

Even though the G45 model is mainly a hybrid version of the G17 and designed with all the Gen 5 features available in G17 Gen 5 gun, Glock has added Modular Backstrap System (MBS) in the G45 gun as an additional feature.

This Modular Backstrap System (MBS) system ensures amazing individual adjustability and accuracy. So that the users can smoothly and quickly reload while shooting in critical conditions.

Since the MBS system is missing in the G17 model, it will not be faster or quicker enough like the G45 during 40 to 50-yard shooting.

Feature 5: Faster Out of the Holster & Extra Sight Radius Ensures Accuracy at Speed

When you take the retention test of the Glock 45 and 17 Gen 5 at a time, you will notice that Glock 45 is a little bit faster than the 17 Gen 5 out of the holster. Especially when one keeps drawing the gun at a distance of 50-yard lines repeatedly, the G45 will come out of the holster much quicker than the G17 Gen 5. If one concentrates well during the testing, the G 45 will be quick enough to get noticed.

However, that could make one overrun their target a little bit during shooting, and they have to bring back the gun down to get on target again. That means the Glock 45 has an accuracy problem at speed. But with the extra sight radius benefit of the Glock 17 Gen 5, you will feel a little more comfortable shooting at distance and will not have the accuracy problem at speed.

Therefore, when comparing their speed and accuracy at distance shooting, the Glock 45 will seem faster but has an accuracy problem at speed. On the contrary, the Glock 17 Gen 5 might not be as fast as the Glock 45 but its extra sight radius will provide better accuracy at distance shooting.

Glock G45 or G17 Gen 5 Which One to Choose?

Determining the best out of these two incredible Glock gun models highly depends on your need or purpose for choosing between these Glock models.

Remember, you will not be able to identify the difference between these two unless you have tried the thorough shooting test because they are pretty identical at first impressions.

Before considering the best between G17 and G45, you need to confirm whether you need a professional workhorse gun or a home defense option to carry concealed.

The G17 gun model has been more widely popular and used in most military and security enforcement.

Because based on performance in the field tests or yard tests, the G17 provides better grips, better accuracy, and line of sight for distance shooting due to its extra sight radius feature.

Even though Glock claims that the G45 is tested and proven for the next level of performance service pistols, this gun is better for home defense and way more comfortable to carry.

Thus, if you are looking for a gun for carrying purposes or home defense, G45 can be one of the best choices.

In short, if you need better grip and control during long-distance shooting and dealing with critical situations, go for G17. But if you are looking for a duty pistol that you can easily carry, choose the G45.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is there any similarity between the Glock G45 and G17 Guns?

Yes. There are several similarities between the Glock G45 and the G17 models.

What are the similarities between them?

As I previously mentioned that G45 model features the same frame size and firepower as the G17 but in a more upgraded nature.
Basically, the G45 model contains all the features that the G17 Gen 5 has, but the manufacturer has added some additional features to the G45 to modify it in a better way.
Besides that, both guns are from Glock’s Gen 5 pistol series.
Another major similarity between these two Glock guns is that both feature TALON Grips and Stock triggers.
They both are designed with the same MOs system plates, night sights and feature gold agency arms barrels.

What gun cleaner does Glock recommend for G45 and G17 guns?

Glock recommends using Hoppe’s gun cleaning products to clean your G45 or G17 everyday use guns. If you are new, follow the instructions provided in this video: Glock’s Official Recommended Cleaning & Inspection to clean your gun without damaging it.

How often should I Inspect or Clean my Glock G45 / G17 gun?

According to GLOCK’s recommendations, you should clean and lubricate your everyday use gun (whether it’s G17 or G45) before the first shooting if it’s new. Later on, do that after every firing session.
However, if you do not use your gun regularly or your gun has been unused for a while, then you should clean and lubricate it at least once a month.


Now that, all the core differences between the Glock G45 and the G17 Gen 5 are explained, there should not be any confusion in understanding what makes them different.

If you ask which one to pick, the answer is both are developed with lots of quality features to deliver the best performance but pick the one that suits your intent.

Therefore, think thoroughly and determine your need first before you choose.

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