Key Differences Between the Glock 43X and 43X MOS!

Since its release in 2015, the Glock 43x version got an immediate success and led Glock to expand its territory by introducing another incredible version G43x MOS.

Even though both versions are excellent for concealed carry, factors such as overall length, weight, width, sights, trigger, ammo capacity, and recoil handling ability indicate significant differences between these pistols.

Quick Comparison Table Glock 43x Vs. Glock 43x MOS:

Let’s check out the difference between these two guns through their specs-

SpecificationGlock 43xGlock 43X MOS
Overall Length165 mm | 6.50 inches165 mm | 6.50 inches
Barrel Length87 mm | 3.41 inches87 mm | 3.41 inches
MagazineStandard: 10Standard: 10
Weight465 g|16.40 oz (without magazine), 530 g|18.70 oz (with empty magazine), 654 g|23.07 oz (with loaded magazine)461 g|16.26 oz (without magazine), 526 g|18.55 oz (with empty magazine), 651 g|22.96 oz (with loaded magazine)
Slide Length154 mm | 6.06 inches154 mm | 6.06 inches  
Overall Width28 mm | 1.10 inches28 mm | 1.10 inches  
Height incl.Mag.128 mm | 5.04 inches128 mm | 5.04 inches
Slide Width22 mm | 0.87 inches22 mm | 0.87 inches
Glock 43x Vs. Glock 43x MOS
Glock 43x Vs. Glock 43x MOS

What Is the Difference Between Glock 43x and Glock 43X MOS Based on Features?

Let’s check out the difference between these guns through their specs-

Feature 1: Difference in Size (Width & Weight)

The first thing you will notice between the Glock 43X and 43X MOS is the difference in their width and weight, where one is slightly wider and heavier than the other. The G43X is 1.06 inches wide and weighs 18.7 oz or 23.07 oz (with a loaded magazine).

On the other hand, the 43X MOS is 1.10 inches wide and weighs 18.55 oz or 22.96 oz (with loaded magazine). That means the 43x MOS is visibly wider and heavier than the 43x version. Especially when the gun is fully loaded with the same ammunition, you will feel that the Glock 43x MOS is top-heavy.

Even though the 43x MOS is a superbly thin and lightweight handgun compared to most other available guns on the market, it is slightly heavier than the 43x and might feel a bit chunky. Besides the fact that 43x is less heavy and wider than the 43x MOS, the 43x MOS fits into the hand well. Even some shooters prefer pistols that feel slightly heavy on the hand, so the 43x MOS will be a perfect choice for them.

Feature 2: Traditional Black nDLC Finish & Red Dot Ready Optic Mounting System

The Glock 43x is a two-tone configuration with a black polymer frame and brushed stainless steel slide. It has a similar slide length as the Glock 43x MOS but does not feature a Modular optic system. Still, the nPVD finish and front-to-back slide serrations of the 43x offer a near-perfect edge in handling.

The Glock 43x MOS has a modular optic system, which is better than previously released MOS on Glock guns. The 43x MOS also comes with a traditional black nDLC finish. It also comes with a modern micro red dot design to make it faster and more precise to shoot the target easily.

With the 43x MOS you will get an additional traditional black nDLC finish, a modular optic system with a modern micro red dot design for precise and quicker performance during continuous target shooting. The 43x will also work great but might not be a better option for distance target shooting.

Feature 3: Glock Standard Slide Lock Occasionally Causes Trouble

The Glock 43x comes with the basic Glock slide-stop feature and works great. Even disassembling the pistol is very easy when you drop the slide. But the G 43x pistol’s slide lock is not lefty-friendly because it’s on the left part of the pistol. Therefore, right-hand users might feel more comfortable with the slide lock than lefties.

The 43x MOS also features the traditional Glock standard slide lock design, but users might encounter occasional troubles or issues with its gun slide lock. Reportedly, when you forward the grip with your thumb, the slide lock sometimes pins down and fails to engage with an empty mag.

Both pistols come with the standard slide lock and have a different negative side which users might encounter at one point. However, if you are a right-hand user, you will be fine with the 43x pistol.

Feature 4: Comfortably Balanced and Versatile Grip

The Glock 43x offers a solid yet comfortably balanced and versatile grip by combining a compact-size grip space, a built-in beavertail, and a subcompact-lean slide.

However, the Glock 43x MOS offers a longer and more solid grip because it fits inside the hand better (fits into any hand size) and does not feel like the frame is too harsh or biting the fingers while someone is holding the gun. Also, the upgraded slight beavertail gives additional protection to the hands.

The bottom line is that the grip quality of the 43x MOS is not only better than the 43x version but also better than the original 43 model’s quality. Therefore, the Glock 43x MOS is the clear winner against the 43x version.

Feature 5: Additional Picatinny Rail

The Glock 43x does not feature any additional Picatinny Rail and does not allow you to connect the pistol with any other devices, such as lasers or small lights.

However, the 43x MOS version features a small Picatinny rail, which allows you to attach it with devices like the lasers, Olight Mini Valkyrie, or the MantisX.

If you want a more upgraded and modernized gun, the G 43x MOS is your ideal option because of its additional features. But if you just want a moderately advanced yet excellent concealed pistol with a standard mag. capacity, the 43x will be enough for you.

Glock 43x or Glock 43X MOS – Which One to Choose?

Since the Glock 43x MOS is mainly a redesigned version of the 43x model, both pistols have similar or identical main features. That’s why it’s really difficult to differentiate them at first glance.

But the G 43x MOS has been designed with some additional features such as traditional Black nDLC Finish, Picatinny Rail, & Red Dot Ready Optic Mounting System (MOS).

Both guns are small and lightweight compared to other Glock models, but the 43x MOS is slightly thinner and more appealing for OWB, IWB, and AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) carrying.

However, some users might feel that the 43x MOS is a bit wider and heavier to hold, so the 43x will be better for those users.

Therefore, the bottom line is, it is absolutely up to the users’ preference and choice because the liking or preference will vary person-to-person.

The best way to find out which one to choose is to go through the specs and features of the Glock 43x and the Glock 43x MOS first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Glock 43X MOS come with a safety feature?

Yes. It comes with three safety devices, but none of them are manual safety.

Does Glock 43X MOS come with additional adapter plates?

No, this gun does not come with an adapter plate.

Which grain Ammo will be better for my Glock 43x?

115-grain Ammo will be better for the G 43x gun.

Is the Glock 43x +P rated?

Yes, it can handle +P ammunition.

Is it possible to ankle carry the Glock 43x pistol?

Yes, you can comfortably ankle-carry it.

Does the Glock 43X MOS come with a threaded barrel?

No. It features a non-threaded barrel.

Can I interchange my Glock 43X slide with 43 pistol slides?

Yes, they are interchangeable.


Even though they look identical and the Glock 43x MOS is the redesigned version of the Glock 43x model, there are significant differences between their features. These disparities also affect their appearance, capacity, and handling ability. 

Therefore, consumers need to know and understand the difference well before choosing between them. All the notable differences between the Glock 43x and 43x MOS are already discussed in the earlier section of this article to make the selection task a little bit easier. Both are excellent subcompact pistols and perfect for concealed carry, but one might offer some additional features or benefits than the other. So, choose wisely.

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