Beretta 92 Compact Vs Centurion: A Comprehensive Comparison

The Beretta 92 Compact and Beretta 92x Centurion are two popular semi-automatic pistols produced by the Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta.

Both handguns share a common design concept but are otherwise distinct in terms of size, caliber, magazine capacity, locking mechanism, and so on.

To help you decide which of these two handguns is best for you, this article provides a detailed comparison of their features.

Beretta 92 Compact Vs Centurion

Quick Spec Comparison Chart: Beretta 92 Compact Vs Centurion

Check out the distinctions through their specs-

SpecificationsBeretta 92 CompactBeretta 92x Centurion
Caliber9×19 (PARA)9×19 (PARA)
Barrel length (in)4.254.25
Overall height (in)5.255.4
Sight Radius (in)5.755.75
Weight unloaded (OZ)31.628.5
MSRP$ 800.00$699.99.

What are the differences between Beretta 92 Compact Vs Centurion based on their features?

Check out the detailed comparison based on their features:

1. Caliber

The Beretta 92 Compact is a semi-automatic handgun chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum measuring 7.75 inches in length and 5.25 inches in height. It has a 4.25-inch barrel and weighs approximately 31.6 ounces unloaded.

It has a checkered plastic grip and offers both single and double action. The 92 Compact is a short-barreled version of the full-sized Beretta 92 pistol.

The 92X Centurion is an upgraded version of the full-sized Beretta 92 pistol chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. It is in between their Full Size and Compact models. It has a longer barrel and slide than the compact Beretta 92, measuring 4.25 inches in length, with a 4.3-inch frame.

The overall length of the pistol is 7.75 inches and it weighs approximately 28.5 ounces unloaded. It has a textured rubber grip.

As such, there is no clear winner, as it depends on the shooter’s preferences and intended use.

2. Magazine

The Beretta 92 Compact magazine holds 13 rounds of 9mm Parabellum. It has a polymer base plate and a steel body. The magazine can be easily removed from the firearm with the use of its single-sided release button.

The Beretta 92X Centurion has a 9mm Parabellum magazine that can contain 17 rounds. The steel body, polymer base plate, and steel insert all contribute to its long lifespan. It can be quickly detached from the gun thanks to its dual-function release button.

The Beretta 92X Centurion is the clear winner when it comes to magazine capacity. The Beretta 92X Centurion holds more rounds in the magazine, than the Beretta 92 Compact.

3. Locking System

The Beretta 92 Compact uses a short-recoil, locked-breech system with a rotating barrel. It has a locking block that moves rearward with the slide and barrel and engages the frame when the slide is fully in battery.

This locking block is released when the slide is moved rearwards, allowing the barrel and slide to recoil together until the locking block is reset.

The Beretta 92X Centurion uses a modified locking system that combines elements of the traditional short-recoil, locked-breech system with elements of the Beretta Vertec system.

It has a locking block that moves rearward with the slide and barrel and engages the frame when the slide is fully in battery. The Beretta Vertec system also features a new slide-stop lever and a different type of trigger mechanism.

The improved locking system offers a more secure and reliable lockup of the slide and barrel during firing, making the 92x Centurion the better option of the two.

4. Sight System

Beretta 92 Compact handgun features a 3-dot sight system with a rear sight that is dovetailed into the slide and can be adjusted for windage. The front sight is integral to the slide and is a white dot.

Beretta 92X Centurion features a 3-dot sight system with a rear sight that is a metal combat-style sight with two white dots and a metal front sight with a single white dot for quick target acquisition. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.

92X Centurion has a higher front sight than the 92 Compact, which makes it easier to acquire a target quickly. Therefore, the Beretta 92X Centurion is the better choice when it comes to sight systems.

5. Grip Feature

Beretta 92 Compact grip is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand and is slightly slimmer than the 92X Centurion. It also features a reversible magazine release and a rounded trigger guard to ensure a comfortable and secure grip.

Beretta 92X Centurion grip is wider than the 92 Compact, with a more aggressive texture for a more secure grip. It also features an integral accessory rail and a squared trigger guard for a more ergonomic grip.

Overall, the Beretta 92 Compact has a more traditional and comfortable grip, making it better suited for those with larger hands. The Beretta 92X Centurion is better suited for those with smaller hands due to its slimmer grip and shorter grip length.

6. Ergonomics:

The Beretta 92 Compact has a traditional double-stack magazine and a frame that is slightly larger than a standard service pistol.

The frame is made from lightweight aluminum alloy and features a wraparound grip, an extended beavertail, and a reversible magazine release. The 92 Compact has a slide-mounted decocker and a manual safety.

The Centurion has a flat-profile frame and a single-stack magazine. It has a manual safety, a slide-mounted decocker, and an extended beavertail.

The centurion has a more compact frame, but its grip is a bit too short for some users. It also has a more standard size magazine release, which may be difficult for some to use.

The Beretta 92 Compact is the better choice if you are looking for ergonomics.

Pros And Cons of Beretta 92 Compact Vs Centurion

The following list of pros and cons will assist you in making the best decision.

Beretta 92 Compact Pros:

  • Small and lightweight, making it easy to conceal
  • High-capacity magazine for its size (up to 15 rounds)
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Safety features include a manual safety lever and firing pin block

Beretta 92 Compact Cons:

  • Expensive compared to other handguns
  • Slide is difficult to rack due to short slide stop lever
  • Lack of aftermarket support for parts and accessories
  • Trigger pull is heavy and long

Beretta 92x Centurion Pros

  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Very ergonomic and comfortable to shoot
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Large capacity magazine
  • Ambidextrous safety/decocking levers
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Adaptable to many different accessories

Beretta 92x centurion Cons:

  • Relatively high price tag
  • Heavy trigger pull
  • Limited aftermarket support
  • Ruber grips may not be to everyone’s taste

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which pistol is better for concealed carry?

The Beretta 92 Compact is generally better suited for concealed carry due to its lighter weight and smaller size. The Centurion is a full-size pistol and may be too big for some users to carry concealed.

What accessories are available for the Beretta 92x Centurion?

The Beretta 92x Centurion is compatible with a variety of aftermarket accessories, including sights, triggers, extended magazines, and holsters.

Does the Beretta 92 Compact have a magazine disconnect safety?

No, the Beretta 92 Compact does not have a magazine disconnect safety

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