Taurus Public Defender Vs Taurus Judge: Which Gun to Chose

The first thing anyone notices about the Taurus Public Defender is how light and compact it is, while the Taurus Judge is probably the best home defense weapon that a person can carry.

Before choosing between these two Taurus firearms, examine characteristics like as capacity, weight-length, sights, accuracy, grips, and so on.

This article explains in detail how a Taurus judge differs from a Taurus public defender.

Taurus Public Defender vs Taurus Judge: Quick Comparison Table

SpecsTaurus Judge Public DefenderTaurus Judge
Caliber45 Colt/410 Bore 2.5 In.45 Colt/410 Bore 2.5 In.
Capacity5 Rounds5 Rounds
Action TypeDouble Action/ single actionDouble Action/ single action
Barrel length2 Inches3 / 6.5 Inches
Overall Length7.75 Inches9.50 Inches
Overall weight28.00 Ounces (Unloaded)29.00 Ounces (Unloaded)
Rear SightHigh-visibility front and windage adjustable rearStandard metal sight
GripExclusive Taurus shock absorbing gripCombat grips, Ribber grip
Taurus Public Defender vs Taurus Judge
Taurus Public Defender vs Taurus Judge

What’s The Difference Between Taurus Public Defender Vs Taurus Judge Based on Features?

After reading this, you should be better equipped to decide whether or not to hire a Public Defender, or whether to go before a Judge.

Caliber and Capacity:

The Judge models have a longer cylinder to accommodate regular ammunition. 410-caliber shotgun shells Obviously, the true advantage of the shotgun is the range of ammunition options and the subsequent versatility.

The Public Defender is considered as the concealed-carry another version of the Taurus Judge. The manufacture of this five-round revolver is identical to that of the Judge. 410 shotgun shells or.45 caliber Colt ammo.

The.45 Colt/.410-bore chambering offers genuine adaptability that is unmatched by any other concealed-carry handgun platform.

In particular, the ability to deliver a payload of buckshot from a concealable handgun is a real breakthrough for self-defense

Action Type:

The Public Defender is single or double-action. Double-action pull is 12 pounds. Smooth, although double action requires work. Single-action trigger pull is 5 pounds.

Due to the double-action nature of the Taurus Judge’s cylinder, the trigger pull may prove difficult for plastic fantastic aficionados.

The average double-action pull is 8 to 10 pounds (depending on the gun you choose), while the average single-action pull is around 4 pounds.

The trigger is a little heavy and not very smooth in double-action mode on the Judge, but it’s okay in single-action. So, the Public Defender is a better option in this sense.

Barrel Length:

The Public Defender’s 2-inch barrel packs quite a punch. The Public Defender weighs in at a mere 23 ounces, making it one of the lightest concealed carry handguns available.

The Judge is available with 3 inch and 6.5-inch barrels, with the 3-inch variant being more common.

The 3-inch barrel model weighs 29 ounces, while the 6.5-inch barrel model weighs 32 ounces. The Judge’s rifled barrel is its primary characteristic.

The winner is Taurus Judge due to his adaptability.

Overall Length & weight:

As it weighs just 27 ounces without ammunition, the Public Defender model is more convenient for everyday use. Although not exactly light, most pocket handguns aren’t that much heavier either.

Nonetheless, it is still monstrously large; it is about the size of a Sig P226, but it can only contain 5 rounds.

In its regular all-metal versions, the Judge is a bit too heavy and bulky for daily carry, but not as much as the full-sized service pistols that some individuals carry.

The fact that it’s a revolver means it’ll be bulkier overall, but its shorter length and width will make up for that.

As no one’s wants to carry a gun which is this heavy like Judge, The Public Defender with same capacity is the better option among the two guns.

Rear Sight:

The Public Defender has excellent fiber optic sight. This sight is adjustable in the rear, giving you a clearer view and more control over your aim.

While the Taurus Judge’s rear sight is a plain metal piece, its front sight is a tiny red tritium dot.

Brightness and contrast with the (sight) metal make it simple for you to line up the sights so that you can successfully put lead down-range with the Taurus Judge.

However, the Public Defender’s ability to shoot accurately in dim or dark conditions makes it the clear victor.


The Public Defenders gripis small and would be a good fit for those with small to medium sized hands. It has nice rubber grip which is soft and raised ridges as well.

Judge’s ergonomics are generally good it is also great for recoil reduction, but the tiny grip relative to the lengthy trigger reach feels kind of weird.


The Public Defender isn’t meant for precision shooting and shouldn’t be fired at distances more than ten yards.

The Taurus Judge has excellent reflexes and can quickly and accurately defend itself. The Judge’s buckshot range is hardly more than ten yards.

The Judge’s shot allows for more precision, but also increases the chance of striking an innocent bystander. Shot also doesn’t go very far, so in safety regards, the Public Defender wins.

Taurus Public Defender or Taurus Judge: Which One to Choose?

Unloaded, the Public Defender variant weighs just 27 ounces, making it more convenient for daily use. Not a lightweight by any means, but comparable to the majority of tiny pistols.

However, it is still large; the Judge is somewhat cumbersome and heavy for daily use, and it can hold five bullets exactly like the public defender.

In spite of the fact that both guns have their merits, the majority of the general public, favors the Taurus Public Defender over the Judge.

Why The Firearm Is Known as The Judge?

Judges in high-crime Miami, Florida, bought the revolver for courtroom defense, giving it its name “The Judge.”

Taurus International designed and manufactured the Taurus Judge, a five-shot revolver chambered for.410 bore shot shells and the.45 Colt cartridge.

Taurus markets the Judge as a self-defense weapon against carjackings and for home security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has the Taurus Judge a safety mechanism?

In addition to a transfer-bar safety, the Taurus Security System is included within the hammer of every Judge revolver. Turning the tiny button with the supplied key disables the firearm by locking the hammer in the down position.

How Accurate Is The Public Defender Of Taurus?

The Public Defender is constructed to be simple to shoot and is extremely accurate.
It has sufficient accuracy for self-defense. Overall, the Public Defender is extremely accurate, and the smaller grip frame makes it significantly easier to conceal.

How Much Does A Taurus Judge And A Taurus Public Defender Cost?

The average price of a new Taurus Judge Public Defender handgun is $479.29 and the average price of a used one is $390.34 as of right now.
The average price of a new Taurus Judge pistol is $464.24, while the average price of a used one is $407.15.


Taurus’s Public Defender is a commendable attempt to shrink the Judge down to a size that makes it practical for concealed carry. It’s the smallest Judge revolver available so far, yet it’s a flexible firearm that can be carried and shot with ease and boasts respectable stopping power.

Overall, the Public Defender lives up to its name, and it has earned the right to be carried under cover.

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