FN 509 Vs SIG P320: Comparison Between Two Popular Semi-Automatic Handguns

Popular polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols made for the military, law enforcement, and private use includes the FN 509 and SIG P320.

Both the FN 509 and the Sig P320 are well-liked semi-automatic handguns,  which are made in the USA.

These two guns also been employed by law enforcement agencies due to their dependability. So, which will be the best pick between FN 509 Vs SIG P320? Let’s find out below.

Quick Comparison Chart Between Shadow Systems FN 509 Vs SIG P320:

FeaturesFN 509Sig P320
Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum9×19mm Parabellum
SightFixed 3 dotFixed 3 dot
Magazine17 round17 round
Weight26.9 ounce29.4 ounce
Length7.4in8.0 in
Barrel length4.0 in4.7 in
Width1.35 in1.4 in
GripAggressive textured gripContoured and ergonomic grip
SafetyIntegrated trigger safetyPassive trigger safety
Height5.56 in5.5 in
Gun TypeSemi automatic pistolSemi automatic pistol
DesignPolymer framePolymer frame

The FN 509 is a semi-automatic handgun with a polymer chassis that is made in Columbia, South Carolina, by FN America, a branch of FN Herstal.

On the other hand, SIG Sauer, Inc., the company’s American subsidiary, produces the modular semi-automatic handgun known as the SIG Sauer P320. The SIG Sauer P250 variant serves as its foundation.

FN 509 Vs SIG P320

1. Design:

Striker-fired pistols with polymer frames include the FN 509 and Sig P320. Fixed sights, manual safety, an aggressive handle texture, a sharp, light trigger, and a takedown mechanism are all features of the FN 509.

The Sig P320 has a modular frame construction, a proprietary magazine, tool-free disassembly, and adjustable sights in addition to a trigger that is more conventional with a lengthier reset.

In the military, law enforcement, and private markets, both guns are trustworthy and well-liked.

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2. Grip:

The handle of the FN 509 is more aggressively textured, allowing for a firmer hold and less chance of the gun sliding out of your hand. No matter where your palm is put on the grip, the texture is more constant and offers a steady grip.

The SIG P320, on the other hand, has a more ergonomically designed grip that is contoured to suit a broader variety of hand sizes and shapes.

It is also simple to change the grip module on the P320 to suit various hand measurements. It is always advised to hold both guns in your hands and give them a test run before making a choice.

3. Weight:

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the weight of both weapons can vary depending on their various variants and configurations.

The standard SIG P320 weighs about 29.4 ounces compared to the standard FN 509’s 26.9 ounces for its 4-inch barrel and 17-round clip and 29.4 ounces for its 4.7-inch barrel.

4. Sights:

The FN 509 usually has fixed three-dot sights because they are simple to get and offer a reliable sight image. Tritium night sights, which improve visibility in low light, may additionally be included in some versions.

In addition to having fixed three-dot sights, the SIG P320 also occasionally offers SIGLITE night sights, which are high-visibility sights that use tritium to highlight the sights in dimly illuminated areas.

A fiber optic front sight, which offers improved visibility and precision in a range of lighting situations, may also be included in some P320 versions.

5. Magazine:

The FN 509 usually ships with two clips that can hold 17 bullets each, though there are also models that can hold 10 or 24 rounds. These are FN 509-only cartridges; they are incompatible with other weapons.

The SIG P320, on the other hand, usually ships with two clips that can hold a maximum of 17 cartridges, though variants with 10-, 15-, or even 21-round capacities are also available.

In addition, the P320 mags work with other SIG P320 family weapons like the P320 X-Carry and P320 M18.

6. Accessory Rail:

The MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail, a commonly used standard for attaching accessories, is a component of the FN 509. Numerous equally distributed slots on this rail enable a variety of mounting choices.

The SIG P320 comes with a unique rail system known as the SIG Rail, which resembles the Picatinny rail in appearance but differs slightly in the form and distance of the slots.

This rail is unique to SIG Sauer guns, and mounting some attachments may call for adapters.

Overall, both rails work well for attaching extras, but the FN 509’s Picatinny rail is a more commonly used design, so finding accessories that work with it might be simpler.

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7. Range:

Due in part to its cold hammer-forged barrel and precision-made components, the FN 509 is renowned for its accuracy. Its low bore axis also aids in lowering muzzle rise, making follow-up rounds quicker and more precise.

The SIG P320 has a solid reputation for precision as well, in part because of its modular construction, which enables a reliable trigger draw and crisp reset.

Its precision and simplicity of use are also enhanced by the ergonomic handle and minimal recoil.

8. Trigger Action:

The trigger draw on the FN 509 is usually smooth and reliable, weighing an average of 6 to 6.5 pounds. Its trigger also has a quick restart, enabling quicker follow-up rounds.

The smoothness of the trigger draw varies based on the model and setup of the SIG P320. Some P320 versions might have trigger draw weights of 5 to 5.5 pounds or less, while others might have a trigger pull weights of 7 to 7.5 pounds or more.

The trigger on the P320 is made to be simple to customize and change, and it also has a quick restart.

9. Durability:

The handle and barrel of the FN 509 are made of stainless steel, which offers strength and resilience to wear and corrosion.

Its frame is made of polymer, which is strong and lightweight but less heat- and wear-resistant than metal frames.

Additionally, the slide and barrel of the SIG P320 are made of stainless steel, and its frame is constructed of reinforced polymer for sturdiness and resilience to impact and corrosion.

The P320 is more adaptable and durable due to its modular construction, which also makes it possible to quickly replace any worn-out or damaged components.

Overall, both weapons have a solid reputation for dependability and longevity.

Safety Difference Between FN 509 Vs SIG P320

The FN 509 has three types of safety mechanisms: an inactive trigger safety, a firing pin block safety, and an external manual safety that the user can activate or remove.

The external manual safeguard can be quickly engaged or released with the thumb and is situated on the left side of the frame.

Additional safety features on the SIG P320 include an inactive trigger safety, a firing pin block safety, and an external manual safety that the user can activate or disconnect.

The external manual safeguard is a feature that is optional and might not be available on all P320 versions.

Both firearms also feature a striker-fired trigger mechanism, which aids in preventing unintentional discharges and offers a reliable trigger draw.

Without an exterior hammer, this kind of trigger mechanism can help avoid snagging or interfering with the shooter’s grasp.

Cost Difference Between FN 509 Vs SIG P320

Depending on the model and setup, the price differential between the FN 509 and the SIG P320 can change, but generally speaking, the SIG P320 is a little more costly than the FN 509.

The basic model of the FN 509 typically costs between $550 and $600, whereas the base model of the SIG P320 typically costs between $650 and $700.

But the cost may rise based on the model and added features, like threaded rifles, night sights, or extra mags.

When making a purchase choice, it’s crucial to think about the firearm’s total worth and performance as well as the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which gun is more accurate FN 509 or P320?

Both guns are highly accurate and are capable of producing tight groups at typical handgun ranges.

Which gun has a better trigger among FN 509 and P320?

The FN 509 has a smooth, crisp trigger that breaks at around 6 pounds, while the SIG P320 has a lighter trigger that breaks at around 5.5 pounds.

Which gun is easier to clean?

The SIG P320’s modular design makes it easier to clean and maintain, as users can quickly swap out components for cleaning.

Which gun has better ergonomics?

The FN 509 has an aggressive grip texture that provides a secure hold, while the P320’s modular design allows users to customize the grip to their liking.

Which gun is better for concealed carry?

Both guns are suitable for concealed carry, with compact versions of each available.

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