CZ 75 Vs CZ 85: How Different Are They?

CZ (eská zbrojovka) is a well-known Czech firearms manufacturer. They are best known for producing high-quality pistols popular with law enforcement, military personnel, and civilian shooters worldwide.

The CZ 75 and CZ 85 are two of their most popular models. Both pistols are based on the same design and have many similarities. But the CZ 85 differs from the CZ 75 in a few ways.

A comprehensive comparison of these two can be found by investigating their features such as a cartridge, sight, magazine capacity, weight, length, barrel length, width, grip, safety, height, gun type, and frame.

CZ 75 Vs CZ 85

A Complete Comparison Between CZ 75 Vs CZ 85

Quick Comparison Chart

FeaturesCZ 75CZ 85
Cartridge9mm, .40 S&W9mm, .40 S&W
SightFixed, white dot sightsAdjustable
Magazine10-16 rounds16 rounds (9mm), 10 rounds (.40 S&W)
Weight2.5 lbs2.2 lbs
Length8.1 in8.6 in
Barrel length4.6 in4.7 in
Width1.4 in1.4 in
GripCheckered plastic or woodCheckered plastic or wood
SafetyManual safety and de-cockerManual safety, ambidextrous safety
Height5.4 in5.4 in
Gun TypeSemi-AutomaticSemi-Automatic
DesignSteel or AlloyAluminum Alloy or Steel

It is said that the CZ 85 is just CZ 75B. But that is not the whole truth. There exists a harmonious difference between the CZ 75 and 85. They can be comparable at times too. Here’s what all that is about:

1. Safety:

The CZ 75 features a traditional manual safety located on the left side of the frame. This safety can be engaged by flicking a lever up.

This lever, when down, blocks the trigger and hammer from being pulled back. The safety can be disengaged by flipping the lever down, allowing the gun to fire.

The CZ 85, on the other hand, has an additional safety feature – an ambidextrous slide stop. This allows the user to lock the slide in the open position for easier and safer clearing of the chamber.

This can be done without taking the finger off the trigger or changing the grip. The slide stop can also be used to release the slide after reloading.

2. Slide:

The 85 is basically a 75B with ambidextrous slide release and safety. The slide on the CZ 75 is slightly smaller and has a more streamlined profile than the CZ 85.

Although this makes it easier to carry and conceal, the smaller slide makes manipulating it during slide stoppage or malfunction difficult.

The slide on the CZ 85, on the other hand, is larger and has more aggressive serrations.

This makes it easier to grip and manipulate. It has a Nickel finish only available on the Combat model of the 85. If you want no frills, get a CZ 75.

3. Recoil:

The CZ 75 and CZ 85 recoil springs are rated at 14 lbs each. But sometimes they may have lower rates down to the 12 or 10 lbs.

However, the CZ 75 has a slightly softer recoil compared to the CZ 85. Because the hammer springs of the standard CZ 75s are 20 lbs.

4. Trigger:

When it comes to triggers, the CZ 75 and CZ 85 have a similar design. Both pistols have a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger system. The CZ 75 is a short recoil, tilting barrel-type pistol.

So, the first trigger pull is a long, heavy double-action pull. It is followed by shorter, lighter single-action pulls.

There is one significant difference between the triggers of the two pistols. That is the CZ 85 has an ambidextrous slide stop and an ambidextrous thumb safety. This makes it a good option for left-handed shooters.

Some users claim that the ambidextrous controls make the CZ 85 trigger feel slightly different than the CZ 75 trigger. But that’s mostly restricted to what the user feels about the gun.

5. Sights:

The 85 Combat has adjustable sights as opposed to the CZ 75 which has fixed sights. The CZ 75 is typically equipped with a fixed iron sight system consisting of a square notch rear sight and a front sight post.

The rear sight is dovetailed into the slide and is windage adjustable. The front sight is fixed and secured with a pin.

The adjustable sight on the CZ 85 Combat can be set higher than the standard sight. The rear of the slide behind the rear dovetail is milled away to allow the adjustable sight to be set to its lowest setting.

The adjustable settings on the CZ 75 may be a problem for people with weak eyesight. Because it is very small.

6. Magazine:

The CZ 85 comes with an oversize magazine release, compared to the CZ 75. The 85 has a drop-free magazine. This means when you punch the “extended” mag release button, the mag falls free.

The lack of a firing pin or block pin makes detail cleaning a lot easier (although it’s only found on the Combat model now).

7. Accuracy:

Shooting 50 rounds of the CZ 75 at 25 yards with CCI 115 grain FMJ produces a smooth and rapid firing. There will be a slide locking back every 10 rounds.

In the case of the CZ 85, you can shoot Wolf and UMC 115 grain 9mm with zero malfunctions with either the 15 or 10-round factory mags. You will get 2-3 inches at 25 yards. But it punches 1″ groups at 10 yards.

8. Range:

The most efficient range for the CZ 85 is likely within 25 yards. In the hands of an efficient shooter, this range easily becomes 50.

In general, the CZ 75 is a well-made firearm that can shoot accurately at ranges of up to 50 yards or more. And the most efficient range for self-defense is typically within 7 to 10 yards for the CZ 75.

Can Lefties Use Both the CZ 75 and the CZ 85?

The CZ 75 is not exactly left-hand-friendly. The CZ 85 is an ambidextrous version of the CZ 75. But using the CZ 75 is not an insurmountable problem if you are a lefty.

Because most lefties just use the index finger on their shooting hand. The CZ 75 does not have a reversible magazine release. So one cannot technically call it leftie-useable.

The CZ 85 is a universal pistol for lefties and righties alike. That means all its versions are suitable for everyone.

Cost Details Between CZ 75 Vs CZ 85

A new CZ 75 fun costs around $649.00 approximately. Whereas used ones cost between $400-500 or lesser depending on the condition.

Whereas a CZ 85 pistol is worth $904.33 approximately. However, a used one costs $827.36 to $854 or lesser than this range.

The CZ 75 costs more than the CZ 85.

CZ 75 Vs CZ 85 – FAQs

Yes, the CZ 75 is legal in the United States.

Is the CZ 85 suitable for left-handed shooters?

Yes, the CZ 85 can be used by left-handed shooters as the magazine release is ambidextrous.

Is the CZ 85 suitable for concealed carry?

No. The CZ 85’s size and weight make it less suitable for concealed carry.

Can you customize the CZ 75?

Yes, the CZ 75 has many customization options available.

What is the difference between CZ 75 and CZ 75B?

The “B” models are the current production guns, and are subtly different than the older ones.

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