5 Taurus 605 Poly Problems You Should Know

The Taurus 605 Poly Protector is great for concealed carrying. It is a 5-shot revolver featuring the Taurus Security System (TSS). If you own this revolver, you may face some common issues.

Some of the most prevalent Taurus 605 Poly problems are trigger getting stuck, cylinder refusing to close, missing or broken fiber optic rod, hammer getting locked, and cylinder not releasing.

I’ll discuss each of these issues in this post. Continue reading to learn the best Taurus 605 Poly troubleshooting techniques for these common troubles.

Features & Specifications of Taurus 605 Poly Gun:

Taurus 605 Poly Specs
Cartridge357 Mag / 38 Special + P
Capacity5 Rounds
Barrel Length2.0 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)20.0 Ounces or 567 Grams
Length6.7 Inches
Width1.4 Inches
Height4.5 Inches
SafetyTransfer Bar
SightsFront – Fiber Optic Rear – Fixed
Common Taurus 605 poly Problems

Common Taurus 605 Poly Problems and Solutions

Now let’s look at the Taurus 605 Poly problems and the quick solutions from the table below.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus 605 PolySolutions
Trigger Getting StuckReplace the faulty cylinder stop and change the trigger springs.
Cylinder Won’t CloseChange the ejector rod.
Fiber Optic Broken or MissingInstall a new 0.059” or 0.06” fiber optic rod and apply heat.
Hammer Gets LockedTighten the screws on top of the trigger and apply the Loctite thread locker.
Cylinder Won’t ReleaseClean and lubricate the extractor star and spring-loaded pin.

1. Trigger Getting Stuck:

This issue is mainly common with the new Taurus 605 Poly Protectors. You may discover that the trigger keeps getting jammed after a few rounds of fire.

It’s possible that the cylinder stop and release had flaws from the beginning. Moreover, the trigger spring and hammer in the stock model are reputed to be of mediocre quality.

The Fix:

As soon as you purchase the pistol, you should check out some of its components. The cylinder stop and cylinder release may need to be replaced at the same time.

Also, do a trigger job by upgrading the spring and the hammer. The Wolff Shooter’s Spring Pack is a great choice for the Taurus 605 Poly Protector.

2. Cylinder Won’t Close:

After you open the Taurus 605 Poly Protector’s cylinder, it might not want to close. You won’t be able to reload the cartridges as a result.

This problem is caused by a defective ejector rod.

The Fix:

To resolve this problem, you should swap out the damaged ejector rod. You can take the firearm to a gunsmith because finding the same model might be challenging.

The best course of action is to return the firearm to Taurus for repair since they can quickly resolve the problem.

3. Fiber Optic Broken or Missing:

The front sight of the Taurus 605 Poly Protector has a fiber optic strand. It is known to become wobbly and unstable.

As a result, it can come out of the gap and go missing. The fiber optic can also break if mishandled.

The Fix:

You have to get a replacement for the fiber optic if it goes missing or breaks accidentally.

A 0.06” or 0.059” will fit inside the fiber optic holder on the front sight. You can get a fiber optic replacement rod from Brownells.

Fiber Optic Rod
Fiber Optic Rod

Fig 2 – Fiber Optic Rod

These 1.5mm rods can be cut in shape with a sharp blade. You can also apply heat to place it firmly inside.

Follow this video guide for a visual demonstration.

4. Hammer Gets Locked:

The hammer on the Taurus 605 Poly Protector can frequently become stuck. In the double action mode, this problem commonly develops.

The hammer may lock in the middle of the motion when you pull the trigger or the hammer. As a result, the revolver is unable to cycle.

The Fix:

The Taurus 605 Poly Protector’s trigger is held in place by two tiny screws.

 Screws on Top of the Trigger
Screws on Top of the Trigger

Fig 1 – Screws on Top of the Trigger

With time, the screws could become loose (Fig 1). Therefore, by placing your finger on top of the screws, you must physically inspect them.

To solve the hammer locking issue, tighten them as soon as you notice that they are loose. Also, add some Loctite Thread Locker for extra reliability.

5. Cylinder Won’t Release:

The Taurus 605 Poly Protector’s cylinder may be difficult to release or open. This is a sign of minimal or nonexistent lubrication.

It may occasionally be necessary to apply more pressure while pressing the release button forward and pushing the cylinder to remove it from the chamber.

The Fix:

The revolver has to be cleaned and lubricated frequently. To get the cylinder release issue fixed, inspect around the extractor star.

Apply the appropriate lubricant and clear the area of any debris. Additionally, lubricate the spring-loaded pin that holds the cylinder in position.

User Feedback on Taurus 605 Poly

The Taurus 605 Poly Protector is a special version of the Taurus 605. In the National Interest, it has received the title of a 100% reliable revolver.

But you have seen that there are some common problems with the Taurus 605 Poly Protector. People or various forums, blogs, and websites have expressed their impressions on the gun. It has received both positive and negative feedback.

In this post from The High Road, a user said that the gun was a pretty good value for money.

Although he criticized the fit, finish, cylinder release, and trigger pull of the gun, he liked the timing, ejection, and function of the gun.

You can look at the Defensive Carry forum where people analyzed the Taurus 605 Poly Protector. Most of them appreciated the gun.

On the NC Gun Owners forums, a user has stated his experience along with some issues. He had faced an issue with the cylinder release lever.

Overall, the Taurus 605 Poly Protector is a great gun for concealed carrying. Although it has received some complaints on some forums, the issues can be easily fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many versions does the Taurus 605 Poly Protector have?

It has 2 versions featuring a stainless steel cylinder with matte stainless finish and an alloy steel cylinder with matte black oxide finish.

What are the differences between Taurus 605, Taurus Defender 605, and Taurus 605 Poly Protector?

The front sights, barrel length, height, weight, and materials are different.

What is the manufacturer warranty of the Taurus 605 Poly Protector?

Limited lifetime warranty for general, parts, and labor.

What is the rifle ammo type of the Taurus 605 Poly Protector?

Centerfire ammo type.

How much does the Taurus 605 Poly Protector cost?

The official price is $396.90 or $414.25 depending on the model.

Does the Taurus 605 Poly Protector support a laser sight?

You can’t install a laser sight.


That is all about this revolver. I have gathered the necessary specifications, features, and most common Taurus 605 Poly problems in this article.

Follow the mentioned solutions to get your Taurus 605 Poly problems fixed. Be sure to inspect the cylinder, trigger, and hammer regularly since most of the issues are related to these components.

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