5 Taurus PT145 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus PT145 is a semi-automatic pistol from the Taurus Millennium series. It has been in production from 1997 to 2013. It’s an excellent short recoil pistol for personal protection.

But operating this pistol may result in certain problems for you.

Magazine dropping out, failure to feed, slide not sliding fully, manual safety fault, and firing pin malfunction are some of the most typical Taurus PT145 problems.

In this article, I’ll go through each of these problems and offer solutions. Continue reading to find out more about the most typical issues and the Taurus PT145 troubleshooting steps.

Features & Specifications of Taurus PT145 Gun:

Taurus PT145 Specs
Cartridge.45 ACP
Capacity10+1 Rounds
Barrel Length3.25 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)22.2 Ounces or 629 Grams
Length6.125 Inches
Width1.25 Inches
Height5.125 Inches
SafetyFiring Pin Block, Manual Safety, Trigger Block
SightsFront – Heinie Rear – Straight – 8
tauruc PT145 PROBLEMS
Taurus PT145

Common Taurus PT145 Problems and Solutions

Let’s now learn more about the aforementioned challenges. Follow these PT145 troubleshooting techniques attentively.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus PT145Solutions
Magazine DroppingReplace the magazine catch, magazine eject button, and springs.
Failure to FeedCut the magazine spring short and file the follower and the lip.
Slide Not Sliding FullySend the gun to Taurus to replace the slide catch and recoil spring.
Manual Safety FaultMove your finger away from the trigger while turning on safety.
Firing Pin MalfunctionClean or replace the firing pin.

1. Magazine Dropping:

The magazine of the Taurus PT145 can come out automatically after shooting a bullet. The problem might occur once or twice in every magazine or more frequently.

If this is the issue, the magazine catch might be faulty. Also, the magazine eject button and springs might cause this problem.

The Fix:

First of all, you need to replace the magazine catch of the gun. If it still does not solve the issue, you have to replace the magazine eject button and the springs.

Send the gun to Taurus to get this problem fixed. Also, notice that your hand is not on the way to the magazine release button while shooting.

2. Failure to Feed:

Sometimes, the Taurus PT145 might not be able to feed the ammo. You may notice a cartridge being fed with its head down as a result of this problem.

The feeding issue can be more common if the magazine includes a 10-inch coil spring instead of an 8-inch. The difficulty is additionally increased by the size of the follower.

The Fix:

You may shorten a 10-inch coil spring that is within the magazine. Taurus suggests carrying it out for this reason as well.

The one and a half or two coils at the top of the spring must be cut. Avoid cutting the larger coils from the bottom.

You have to file the follower and make it smaller. As a result, the follower will rise further up the magazine. For the sliding lock to work with the follower, you should also file the lip. Make sure to polish the components after filing.

3. Slide Not Sliding Fully:

The Taurus PT145 slide might not move all the way forward. It won’t fully enter battery as a result.

You may notice that the slide does not move all the way when you squeeze the trigger for the first time. There won’t be a gunshot, though. Pulling the trigger will cause the gun to fire the round on the second attempt.

The Fix:

If the slide doesn’t fully advance into battery, both the recoil spring and the slide catch need to be changed.

I’ll advise you to submit the firearm to Taurus for maintenance. Due to their limited lifetime warranty, they can correct this problem without charging you.

4. Manual Safety Fault:

A manual safety button is present on the Taurus PT145. It may be flipped up to activate the safety mode. Since the safety’s main function is to lock the trigger, it stops the pistol from firing.

However, there can be a problem if you activate the safety function while keeping your finger on the trigger. This issue can be brought about by even a small amount of trigger pull.

Now, rather than being behind the trigger, the component that locks the trigger into place will be in front of it. Now it will fire if you pull the trigger. The trigger and slider, however, will continue to be locked.

The Fix:

The safety function must be carefully activated to resolve this problem. Avoid softly pulling the trigger while turning the safety switch.

The ideal procedure is to move your trigger finger away from the trigger while turning the safe mode on.

5. Firing Pin Malfunction:

The firing pin may become faulty with the Taurus PT145. If you are facing jamming issues, take a look at the primers.

If you notice that the firing pin has stuck, that means that the force was not powerful enough to shoot the round.

The Fix:

First of all, clean the firing pin. Strip the slide and clean the firing pin channel.

To replace the firing pin, take the slide off. Now, take out the spring and the barrel. On the back of the slide, you will notice the firing pin on the inside. Take it out using a screwdriver after removing the black component behind it.

Take a look at this video for a full tutorial on removing the pin. To install the pin, follow this video on YouTube.

User Feedback on Taurus PT145

Although the production of the Taurus PT145 has stopped, people still look for secondhand or used ones. The gun has been recalled in 2013 along with other Taurus guns due to a safety malfunction.

A faulty design allowed the gun to fire automatically if you dropped it. Also, the gun would fire even when the safety features were on. These issues bugged many customers.

On the Survivalist Boards, you can see a detailed review of the Taurus PT145 by a customer. He has touched on many important topics that are good for new users.

In this post from the Taurus Armed, a user said that he had faced some issues after buying the gun. But after shooting about 300 rounds, the problems were gone.

Other than the safety issue, people have also complained about various issues with feeding and magazine dropping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of grips are used in the Taurus PT145?

The grips are checkered polymer.

What is the action type of the Taurus PT145?

Double-action/single-action action type.

Where is the Taurus PT145 manufactured?

The guns are manufactured at Porto Alegre in Brazil by Forjas Taurus S/A.

Is the Taurus PT145 still in production?

No, the gun has been out of production as of 2013.

What is the trigger type of the Taurus PT145?

Smooth trigger.

What type of frame is used in the Taurus PT145?

Compact-sized frame.

What materials are used to construct the Taurus PT145?

Polymer or Steel with a matte stainless-steel finish.


Overall, this handgun is a great option if you are looking for concealed carrying. But you may face these most common Taurus PT145 problems that I have talked about in this article.

Follow my instructions if you are facing any of these issues. Hopefully, this guide will aid to to get your Taurus PT145 problems fixed.

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