5 Most Common PSA Dagger Problems You Must Know

The Palmetto State Armory’s (PSA) alternative to the well-liked GLOCK G19 is the Dagger Compact. Their AR components and products have made them famous since they founded PSA in 2008.

But the gun has some issues.  The snuggly slide, apex trigger issues, hard mag release button, dropping mags, and trigger reset failure are the most common PSA dagger Problems.

Features & Specifications of PSA dagger Gun:

Caliber9 mm
Barrel Length3.9 Inches
Weight22.4 Ounce (Unloaded)
Length7.15 Inches
Action TypeStriker Fired
SafetyStriker Block Safety & Trigger Safety
SightsFront Sight: Steel – White Dot Rear Sight: Steel – White Two Dot
PSA Dagger Problems

Common PSA dagger Problems and Solutions

Problems with PSA daggerSolutions
Snuggly SlideInspect the spring coil and lubricate the slide rails.
Apex Trigger ProblemsMash the slide and the frame together harder.
Hard Mag Release ButtonPractice an alternative way of pushing the finger positions.
Magazines Drops while ShootingInspect the magazine release button and replace if needed.
Trigger Reset FailureExamine the reset mechanism and reset any obstacles.

1. Snuggly Slide:

This generally happens as a result of insufficient lube. Complete lack of lubricating might result in higher friction between the slide and other elements.

The slide and other parts of the PSA dagger might deteriorate over time if they are used repeatedly. This may lead to greater tolerances and a tightly fitting slide.

The metal parts of the dagger may expand or contract as a result of extreme temperatures or excessive humidity. This will alter how snugly it slides.

The Fix:

Start by carefully cleaning the dagger’s slide, frame, and other parts. Eliminate any extra lubrication or dirt that may be contributing to friction. Apply the proper lubrication next to ensure the slide moves smoothly.

Check the parts for any indications of wear or damage. Look at the slide’s mounting on the frame. If it’s misaligned or installed incorrectly, get advice from a qualified gunsmith or the manufacturer.

2. Apex Trigger Problems:

The PSA Dagger pistol begins to burst fire when the apex trigger is engaged. The striker assembly lug is to blame for this issue.

Three rounds usually make up the burst, which increases the amount of damage that can be dealt in a brief period of time.

It appears that the trigger bar’s cruciform and firing pin lug will not engage properly, which might explain the burst fire problem.

The Fix:

The reset is successful if you mash the slide and the frame together. The trigger is reset if this is the case, and the pistol discharges.

An armorer’s rear plate might be used to visually assess your engagement.

3. Hard Mag Release Button:

It’s possible that the magazine release button is misaligned and not working properly. Multiple variables, including issues with quality control or manufacturing discrepancies, may contribute to this.

A spring or other mechanism is used by the magazine release button to keep the magazine in place. It may become more difficult to press the button if the spring or mechanism is overly stiff.

Additionally, if the tension is adjusted too high, pressing the button could become more challenging.

The Fix:

Try out alternative finger positions and pushing methods while pressing the magazine release button. It could be simpler to push the button if you move your finger slightly or apply pressure differently.

Consider replacing the magazine release button or any associated parts with authentic components from its manufacturer or reliable third-party suppliers.

Make sure all replacement components are appropriate for the PSA Dagger and adhere to installation guidelines.

4. Magazines Drops while Shooting:

It is possible that the magazine release button was placed incorrectly, which would make it activate while shooting without the shooter’s knowledge.

A weak or broken magazine retention spring might make the magazine unstable. Due of this, the magazine may not be held firmly when shooting if there is inadequate tension.

The Dagger can experience problems, including unintended magazine drops. If magazines from other weapon models are used or if incompatible aftermarket magazines are used, this might happen.

The Fix:

Make sure you are using magazines that are suggested and developed especially for the PSA Dagger. You can go on to the following phases if you are applying the right magazines.

Check the magazine release button for evidence of deterioration or alignment issues. If there are any problems, think about getting a new magazine release button to assure correct operation.

Test the magazine retention spring to make sure it is in excellent shape and applying the right amount of strain.

5. Trigger Reset Failure:

Inconsistencies or defects in the manufacturing process can occasionally causes trigger reset failures in PSA dagger.

PSA dagger gun’s trigger system is susceptible to damage or wear over time as a result of misuse, neglect, or frequent usage.

Corrosion or dirt accumulation inside the trigger mechanism may result from inadequate maintenance or infrequent cleaning. Failures can occur as a result of these impediments interfering with the trigger reset.

The Fix:

Make sure your gun is fully clean and only has an appropriate quantity of lubrication. Pay close attention to the components that make up the reset function as well as the trigger mechanism.

Examine how the reset mechanism interacts with the trigger bar. Verify that the trigger bar is appropriately interacting with the reset mechanism and that there are no obstacles or issues preventing it from resetting.

User Feedback on PSA dagger

The Texas Bow Hunter forum has gotten a lot of positive comments on the PSA dagger despite certain common issues. Most owners of this weapon find it to be excessively comfortable and affordable for its price.

You may have seen several customer testimonials in Reddit concerning the PSA Dagger’s trigger problems, however you can simply repair this problem.

You may view the complete video to discover more details about the PSA dagger in general. This will make you think twice before making an investment.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of PSA Dagger

Here are some best alternatives for the PSA dagger:

  1.  Glock 19
    – An excellent compromise size that enables it to be used as a concealed weapon as well as a duty pistol.
    – Trigger pull is moderately light, and the positive, fast reset makes firing the handgun simple.
  2. Taurus G3C
    – An integrated Picatinny rail is part of the frame.
    – For simple handling, the slide release lever is ideally positioned above the thumb.
  3. Sig P365
    – Consists of a small semi-automatic handgun with a striker.
    – Typically chambered in 9mm Parabellum and uses offset double-stack magazines with ammunition that is rated for +P (increased pressure).

PSA Dagger Problems – (FAQs)

Are PSA Dagger holsters compatible with the Glock?

Yes, the PSA Dagger is supports variety of holsters made for the Glock 19.

What is the frame finish and material of the PSA dagger?

Both stainless steel.

What materials are used in the PSA Dagger’s slide and barrel?

Both are made of with stainless steel with a DLC finish.

What is the cost of the PSA dagger?

The PSA Dagger costs $240 though it runs $299 at most places for the base model.

Is the PSA Dagger’s barrel threaded to allow for the addition of a suppressor?

It’s advised to examine the exact model or variation for this feature.

Can I change the position of the magazine release button?


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