Top 5 Problems of Ruger 77/357 You Should Know About

The Ruger 77/357 pistol-caliber carbine is equipped with the features that all shooters expect from Ruger guns. As an extra treat, the rifle comes with a complimentary pair of cast stainless-steel sight rings. It’s a lovely addition that makes getting the weapon ready to shoot straight out of the box considerably easier.

However, this gun, like all others, has flaws. Feeding issues, lack of accuracy at long distances, a difficult magazine change system, a substandard stock magazine, and other issues are possible.

So, if you stick with me to the end, you’ll have a good concept of how to approach and solve various Ruger 77/357 problems. But before we get into the problem, let’s have a look at the rifle’s specifications.

Features & Specifications of Ruger 77/357:

Caliber.357 Mag
FinishBrushed Stainless Steel
StockBlack Synthetic
Front sightGold Bead
Rear sightAdjustable
Rifling 8 Groove; 1:16” RH
Weight5.50 lbs
Capacity5+1 Removable Rotary Magazine
Ruger 77/357 Problems and Solutions
Ruger 77/357 Problems

Common Ruger 77/357 Problems and Solutions

 Problems Solutions
Feeding problemWork the bolt authoritatively/Change the magazine
Inaccurate over long distanceTry using different sets of ammo
Changing magazine requires two handsPractice a lot to do it faster, there is no other way
The barrel gets dirty easilyChange to another pistol powder/ smoothen the inside of the barrel
Subpar stock magazineChange the spring/ change the magazine

1. Feeding Problem

Feeding problem may occur in the final few rounds when using the stock magazine.

Possible Reasons:

If you have this problem frequently, it could be due to a number of factors such as poor maintenance, an internal flaw, a faulty extractor, not utilizing the bolt and so on.

Another cause could be the magazine. The stock magazines of this gun often fail to feed properly.

However, this is a frequent issue throughout the break-in phase. You must take action if the situation persists.

The Fix:

In most situations, switching to a different magazine resolved the problem. There is a widespread belief that the rifle’s stock magazine is of poor quality.

The issue might possibly be related to how you utilize the bolt. Using too little or too much power may result in feeding failure. Make careful to just use the necessary amount of force.

2. Inaccurate Over Long Distances

Inaccurate shooting sometimes happens with this gun when you shoot long-range. Subsequent 5-shot groups are often spread in a 4-6 inch pattern around the bullseye, with only a few touching in the center.

Possible Reason:

As the barrel heats up, the bullets heat up as well. This generates heat and alters the bullet’s trajectory.

Furthermore, as the barrel heats up, the point of contact for your gun changes, and even a fraction of an inch of barrel movement can be enough to throw your shot completely off paper downrange.

The longer you shoot with a hot barrel, the less accurate the bullet will be.

The Fix:

Changing to longer barrel would improve accuracy.

You may try a magnum primer with the H110 loads. The magnum primers may just balance out the inconsistent ignition/burning.

You may use a paste cleaner to smooth down the barrel, but you will need to clean it frequently for maximum accuracy.

3. Changing Magazine Requires Two Hands

You will notice there is a dedicated button under the stock. Pressing this button ejects the magazine.

But the peculiar thing is that once you press the button the magazine sometimes gets stuck to a bump. Then you have to pull out the mag using your hand.

If you wish to change the magazine in a hurry you will have to use both hands. Using a single hand to change the magazine will make the process slower.

The Fix:

To be honest there is no other way to change the magazine. You could try smoothening the bump. It will make the process faster but then the magazine will fall directly and there is a chance of the magazine getting damaged.

The best way to handle this problem is to practice a lot. So that you can change them as quickly as possible

4. Barrel Gets Dirty Easily

How often you will have to clean the barrel depends on ammo, gun powder and maintenance.

Possible Reasons:

If the rifle has been fired without being cleaned, the repeated deposits of burnt powder and then copper from the barrel can trap moisture and combustion chemicals, eroding the metal and deteriorating the rifling.

Not only that, but it will also make the rifle less accurate over time. This bore requires a certain degree of accumulation in order to group the shots tightly.

And remember copper fouling is the enemy of precision, and a clean bore is required for a rifle to fire at its finest.

The Fix:

The solution to this problem is to clean the barrel frequently. If you have basic knowledge of rifle operations then you can do it at home. Check this video, as it shows in depth how to properly clean the rifle barrel.

In case you notice the barrel is getting dirty quickly and often, then it might be the gunpowder you are using. Changing to different gunpowder should solve the problem.

5. Subpar Stock Magazine

The magazine Ruger provides with the rifle is not the best in terms of quality and performance. The majority of the failure to feed happens with this stock magazine.

Possible Reasons:

Ruger did some of their sloppiest engineering work with this magazine. It is built of low quality material that tend to cause different issues at times.

Also, the spring in the magazine that pushes the bullets is too strong. This spring is the component that causes this problem.

The Fix:

You could change the spring in the magazine to suit your style. Replacing the spring should solve the problem. If it does not, then replacing the magazine will relieve you of this issue to a great extent.

User Feedback on Ruger 77/357

This low-recoil rifle has excellent handling. Starting charges from Hodgdon data were utilized for all hand loads. A slight increase in load might benefit different organizations.

Three or four shots in a small group with one or two broader shots was a recurring theme with this rifle. Rapid strings from the shoulder are a piece of cake because of the bolt’s quickness and ease of use.

Threads on bushcraftusa, coltforum, and rugerforum describe the general consensus about the rifle very well. Even with little flaws Ruger 77 performs very well within the range.

The Ruger 77 357 is a robust and trustworthy rifle that will be useful for hunting and in risky circumstances. It’s a great option for hunting, sporting clays, and home defense.

The rifle is excellent for extended survival, emergency preparedness, and all-purpose hunting. With its short, convenient design, lightweight, and steel, and synthetic stock, the rifle is utterly weatherproof. Combined with a Stainless 4″ GP100 in.357 Magnum, this makes an excellent survival set.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger 77/357

Henry Big Boy 357:

Big Boy versions are available in.45 Colt, .44 Mag., and.357 Mag. Calibers. Ont the other hand, Ruger won’t offer you this much variants.

Mossberg Patriot LR Hunter:

This is a sturdy, well-balanced hunting rifle. It weighs 7.5 pounds naked, so after installing a scope and sling and loading the magazine, it’ll weigh nine to ten pounds, depending on how hefty your scope is.

Savage 110 Storm:

Savage rifles have a long and well-deserved reputation for firing tight groups, and with the AccuFit system, that renowned accuracy improves even more. It will beat Ruger 77/357 at long distance shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ruger 77 357 discontinued?

TFB first reported that Ruger was ending the 77-Series of rifles in September 2016. The revolver calibers in particular.

Does Ruger make a 357 rifle?

Most people are unaware that Ruger manufactures bolt-action 357 Magnum rifles. Many people are unaware of the power of a 357 Magnum from a rifle since these guns are uncommon at gun stores.

What replaced the Ruger M77?

The Hawkeye, Ruger’s second iteration of the original M77, was unveiled in 2006.

What is the effective range of a 357 rifle?

The cartridge works admirably at rifle velocities out to 75 yards, but between 75 and 125 yards, it performs less admirably.

What is a 357 rifle good for?

The 357 Magnum is known for being an accurate round. It is so common that silhouette shooters who use distances of 100 yards or more to take out little steel targets love it.


The 77/357 is a stylish, convenient, lightweight carbine that may be used as a ranch gun, a low-recoil training gun, a practical blinker, or a scoped hunting rifle for medium and small animals.

The carbine shape and all-weather construction of the rifle make it excellent camping or survival gun.

However, I have added all the major Ruger 77/357 problems and their solutions. Hope you may have good experience of this gun now.

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