5 Walther PK380 Problems Users Should Know About

A lower-powered .380 ACP cartridge with the Walther PK380’s wide frame and big sight radius make it simple to fire quick and accurate bullets at the target. However, before utilizing the Walther PK380, there are a few problems to be aware of.

Most Walther PK380 complaints center around feeding issues, magazine problems, ejection issues, safety issues, etc.

Features & Specifications of Walther PK380:

  • Mass: Double-Action, Striker-Fired
  • Cartridge:.380 ACP.
  • Barrel length: 3.66 in.
  • Feed system: 8-round magazine.
  • Width: 1.2 in.
  • Overall Length: 6.5 in.
  • Overall Height: 5.2 in.
  • Sights: Fixed-white dot front Drift-adjustable 2-dot rear
Walther PK380 Problems
Walther PK380

Common Walther PK380 Problems and Solutions

Failure to FeedClear the chamber entirely. Clean and lubricate the gun thoroughly.
Fail To EjectMake sure the magazine is fully installed.  
Magazine Falls Out While ShootingReplace that magazine catch. The slide needs to be lightly machined or sanded.
Fail to Return the BatteryClean the firearm Use good-quality of ammo. Replace the O-ring.
Safety IssueVisit the customer service of WaltherAmerica.

Failure to Feed

Having feeding issues with the gun is nothing new, thus you may also get the same issue with your PK380.

Failure to feed problems can occur with your gun for a variety of reasons. The majority of the time, damaged magazines and weak magazine springs are the main causes of feeding problems.

Additionally, debris in or near the chamber, incorrectly placed magazines, and damaged, or defective cartridges, can all contribute to feeding problems.

The Fix

Since magazines are the most common cause of failure, you must start by doing simple fixes, like reading a magazine, before moving on to more complicated procedures.

Clear the chamber entirely before removing the magazine from the gun. You can reload and give it another go, but you’ll probably need to clean your gun first.

There may be one more likely cause if you continue to encounter feed problems despite having thoroughly cleaned and lubricated the gun. That is connected to the damaged cartridges.

Thus, be careful not to obstruct the slide as it moves forward because doing so would reduce the recoil spring’s ability to seat the cartridge. Staying aware of this can assist prevent feeding failures.

Fail to Eject

 Failure to eject is another typical issue with your Walther PK380. Failures to eject can occur due to a dirty gun, a rusted chamber, or the shooter not holding the gun firmly.

Thus, when the slide cycles too quickly or too slowly during ejection, the round will become caught between the slide and the barrel throat.

If the empty cartridge is taken out of the chamber but still manages to get stuck in your pistol, you may potentially encounter an ejection problem.

The Fix

Make sure the magazine is fully installed by tapping it first. The slide should then be securely racked after the pistol has been rotated slightly so that the ejection port is angled toward the ground. Hopefully, this will allow the used cartridge to eject, making room for a fresh one.

Make sure the recoil spring weight you’re using is appropriate for your ammunition.

Tighten or replace the extractor if it is excessively loose or appears worn.

It is the most important thing to remember that you should be careful how you are using the gun. Observe the appropriate safety procedures.

Magazine Falls Out While Shooting

While shooting, magazines frequently fall out because of poor tolerances that cause the slide to strike the magazine and force it out as the slide cycles.

This problem can also potentially be the result of a poor magazine catch or release.

The Fix

Firstly, replace that magazine catch. It’s important to note that your slide is probably the problem if you try the mag catch remedy and it doesn’t work.

To have the proper tolerances, the slide needs to be lightly machined or sanded.

If the tolerances are just slightly incorrect, the slide could cycle and bang into the magazine, forcing it out of the gun.

Fail to Return to Battery

My study says that many users of PK380 face the failure to return to the battery which seems the biggest problem to them.

It seems that the piston expands and gets stuck when it heats up. The problem may occur if there isn’t enough cleaning. Ammunition of poor quality might also be a factor in this issue.

The Fix

Remove the slide’s pin and thoroughly clean the firearm, then examine to see if the extractor and its surroundings of it are obstructed by debris.

Check the chambers and exterior locking surfaces even after properly cleaning the barrels because certain baked-on debris can be quite problematic.

To ensure that your gun continues to fail to return to the battery, use high-quality ammo.

By replacing the O-ring, you can resolve the problem. Test the lock-up after removing the O-ring from the original barrel. Install a new O-ring if this is beneficial.

Safety Issue

The safety of the PK380 may appear to be fine, however, its safety differs slightly.

Carl Walther GmbH discovered a potential flaw in some PK380 handguns that might allow a round to be discharged if the trigger is pressed even when the manual safety is activated during an internal quality check.

The Fix

There is nothing you can do by yourself to solve this issue. Thus, get in touch with Waltheramerica’s customer care division to make it easier for your pistol to be inspected and repaired, if necessary.

User Feedback on Walther PK380

Walther PK380 customer reviews appear to be conflicting; nonetheless, the majority of the unfavorable reviews have come from users.

According to my research, the users have mostly faced issues with magazines falling out while shooting. However, I have already mentioned how you can solve the issue.

Many other issues users have faced regarding firing, and jamming issues. The safety spool’s initial misalignment or the presence of debris in the pinhole may be the cause of the firing issue. It should travel easily for at least 1/4 of an inch if you take off the slide and push the firing pin.

However, Several people believe it would be an understatement to call the Walther PK380 outstanding.

This contemporary blend of functionality, power, and practicality is unbelievably effective in any circumstance and will produce fantastic results with each shot.

Know more about Walther PK380 on lynxdefense.com by reading a full review.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Walther PK380

I have determined the three best alternatives by evaluating the Walther PK380’s specifications, features, usability, and performance.

Walther P22 Q

The first tactical rimfire pistol, the Walther P22 Q has come with a lifetime warranty in addition to premium features, dependability, and price.

Ruger LCP 2

If you want a gun that can be quickly and easily concealed, the .380 ACP Ruger LCP II is a great choice. Even for self-defense, it is amazingly accurate given its small and quite trustworthy.

Sig P365

The SIG Sauer P365 has excellent practical accuracy and is surprisingly simple to shoot well because of a great trigger and clear sight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the worth of Walther PK380 now?

Currently, a WALTHER PK380 pistol costs $410.99 on average.

How much will it take to buy a used PK380?

$313.94 for a used PK380.

Where is the Walther PK30 manufactured?

The PK380 is made in Germany.

When was the Walther PK380 released?

Walther unveiled the CCP M2 in 2009.

Does a .380 have enough power for self-defense?

.380 ACP handguns are better used as backups than as the main firearms for self-defense.


It is totally normal that you can go through issues with your Walther PK380. This is why I have gone into as much information as I could about the problems’ possible causes and fixes.

Before you visit customer service, be sure you can accurately identify, handle, and resolve any of the issues mentioned.

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