7 Ruger LC9s Problems That You Probably Didn’t Know

As a pocketable 9mm gun, LC9s have won the heart of gun enthusiasts. For several reasons, users are mentioning lots of different Ruger LC9s problems.

It includes various issues regarding jamming, hollow point feed, rust, feeding, magazine, sights, disassembly, trigger, ammo, slide lock, and guide rod.

Hearing about so many problems, you may think that LC9s are not worth considering. But read the full article before taking any decision.

Features & Specifications of Ruger LC9s:

Barrel Length3.1″
Magazine Capacity7
Overall Length 6.0″
Twist Rate1:10 RH
Rear SightDrift Adjustable
Front SightFixes
SafetyManual thumb safety
Dimensions 4.5″ H; 0.91″ W
Weight 17.1 oz
Trigger Pull5.2 pounds
Common Ruger lc9s Problems
Ruger lc9s

Common Ruger LC9s Problems and Solutions

Before I start discussing these problems in detail, let’s look at a summarized version in the table below.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Feeding IssueChange ammo brand, avoid limp wristing, clean it, polish feed ramp, and lube it properly.
Rust IssueClean and lube the gun regularly.
Front Sight IssueUse Loctite to pin the sight permanently.
Disassembly IssueTry taking off the slide while the mag is still inserted.
Trigger IssueSeek expert help or change the faulty trigger spring.
Slide Lock Issuesprings
Guide Rod IssueSend the gun to Ruger for the fix.

1. Misfeed Problems

Due to a bullet problem, you can also call this a Ruger LC9s ammo problem.

Possible Reasons

The Ruger LC9s feeding problem happens due to the incorrect dimensions of certain ammunitions.

Reading some complaints, it seems a clear case of limp wristing for those certain users.

Then dirt build-up should be the next on your list. Also, add a rough feed ramp to the cause.

The Fix

First of all, change the ammo brand and see whether the problem persists or not.

The next stop is to prevent limp wristing. As a beginner, I would recommend you to watch this video for a better understanding and solution.

Creating and maintaining regular maintenance of your Ruger LC9s can keep this problem from occurring in most situations.

Lastly, disassemble the gun, and see the condition of the feed ramp.

In case of finding out any kind of roughness, you will have to polish it slightly, clean it, and lube it.

I have also seen Ruger LC9s jamming issues which basically is a feeding problem like this one.

As the reasons and solutions are identical, I won’t be discussing them separately. 

2. Rust Spots

It is disappointing to see that some parts of the LC9s get rusted after several months of usage.

Possible Reasons

Ruger LC9s rust problem can occur for several reasons.

One is not cleaning the gun regularly.

And, another is the hot moist weather condition along with sweaty touch on metal parts.

The Fix

Don’t forget to clean the outer metal parts of the gun regularly.

Also, clean properly. Skipping any part or not using the right chemicals can leave the metal surface unprotected.

If any part of the gun is already rusted, watching this video will be helpful for restoring it.

Tip: Carry the gun in such a way that it doesn’t come in contact with your body parts.

3. Front Sight Problem

Some LC9s complaints are about its loose front sight.

Possible Reasons

The front sight is pinned using screws. It seems a quality-control issue to me.

During the manufacturing of these guns, some units may have missed a thorough inspection; hence, this Ruger LC9s sight problem.

The Fix

  • You can take off the front sight completely.
  • Then, clean both the screw and its hole ensuring that no dirt is there.
  • After that, apply the appropriate Loctite type on the screw and the hole.
  • Finally, assemble it, and let it cure for a few hours.

It should permanently fix the front sight.

4. Disassembly Issue

Not being able to take off the slide is the nature of this Ruger LC9s disassembly problem.

Possible Reasons

The cause of this issue varies on the version of LC9s.

Assuming you have the thumb safety version, I can tell that you may not be doing the disassembly in the right way. Read the fix for it below.

Another possible reason is that you are trying to disassemble the gun releasing the magazine first.

The Fix

If the first stated cause is true for your particular situation, you can apply this method as the gun has a mag disconnect feature.

  • Insert an empty magazine, pull the trigger, remove the magazine, and now you can take off the slide.

Always keep in mind that do not take off the magazine first. Pulling the trigger or disengaging the striker may be the first step but not the mag.

In case the problem is not fixed, you should send the gun back to Ruger for a permanent solution.

5. Trigger Malfunction

A stuck trigger failing to reset is the symptom of this problem.

Possible Reasons

You may find it peculiar after hearing about the possible reason for this Ruger LC9s trigger problem.

Not letting the trigger return completely and firing again can cause the trigger to get stuck.

Ruling out that possibility, look closely at the trigger and see for frame pins sticking out a bit near the trigger.

Lastly, a faulty or weak trigger spring needs to be added to the list of suspects.

The Fix

To counter the first stated reason, you can clean the gun, and try to reset the trigger. And, let the trigger return properly before shooting another bullet.

If you see that a frame pin is off its place, you will have to fix it. Not having enough tools or expertise leave only one choice of getting expert help.

Lastly, replace the trigger spring which should solve the issue permanently.

6. Slide Lock Issue

You may notice that the slide of your LC9s is locked back while there are still bullets left in the magazine.

Possible Reasons

The most obvious reason for this Ruger LC9s side lock problem is your grip.

Pay close attention to understanding the situation.

Are you holding the gun with both thumbs while your right thumb hits the slide lock during a fire?

It can activate the slide lock even though there is a round in the chamber.

On a side note, check the strength of the slide lock spring as it can cause this issue too.

The Fix

From the reason, you can guess the fix; change how you hold the gun.

You can try putting the right thumb further left. Keep it over the left thumb’s joint.

It may feel a bit odd in the beginning. But practicing will make it right.

Lastly, replace the slide lock spring and see whether the problem is gone. In that case, you don’t have to change your grip.

7. Guide Rod Issue

Some LC9s units may have this issue of sticking out the guide rod preventing the gun to go into the battery.

Possible Reasons

Among various reasons for this Ruger LC9s guide rod problem, the guide rod itself is the first thing to suspect.

Those who have units manufactured in the first or second batch have a design issue.

Newer guide rods come with a cone in the front helping them to keep in the center.

The Fix

As you can understand that it is a design and manufacturing issue, and the solution is in the hands of Ruger.

After a visual inspection, you should send the gun back to Ruger in case nothing else is wrong with it.

I have seen Ruger responding very quickly and fixing the issue without wasting much time in this matter.


User Feedback on Ruger LC9s

The huge popularity of LC9s shows that all those problems don’t matter as long as the 9mm firearm is thin, light, cheap, and reliable.

Despite being so small, it includes a manual safety feature along with drift-adjustable sights.

Furthermore, as a striker-fired gun, the trigger quality of LC9s is really impressive. Also, the accuracy is far better than most competitor guns.

However, you can’t ignore the problems this model has. Not all units have all the stated issues in this article, but you would surely encounter some.

Overall, users rate this gun 3.2 out of 5.  

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger LC9s

When it comes to subcompact striker guns, there are a few alternatives to Ruger LC9s. Let’s talk about them in short here.

M&P Shield

Due to a better trigger, many shooters prefer the Shield over LC9s.

Glock 43

More reliable performance and better build quality than the LC9s are the reasons lots of people like the Glock 43.

Taurus PT111 G2

12-round capacity, manual frame mounted safety, and good accuracy are the strong sides of the PT111 G2.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ruger LC9s a good gun?

Yes, overall, it is a good gun.

Did Ruger discontinue the LC9s?


What replaced the Ruger LC9s?


What does the S stand for in Ruger LC9s?

LC9s are slightly lighter and shorter.

What’s the difference between a Ruger LC9 and a Ruger LC9s?

LC9s are slightly lighter and shorter.


That is all about the Ruger LC9s problems. I hope that you have got a clear picture of the issues, and solutions.

Now, you have to compare other competitor models in this price range, consider their problems, and decide which one can serve you better.

Leave your comments below regarding your experience with an LC9s.

  1. After cleaning my wifes’ LC9S, the slide was placed on the lower receiver without the barrel and spring being installed. The slide is stuck on the weapon and I am unable to remove it from the lower receiver. Do you have any ideas on how to remove it so I can assemble the firearm properly?

    1. I am having the same problem. Tried putting in the (empty!) magazine, pull the trigger but the slide will not go forward past even with the front of the lower.

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