New Colt King Cobra Problems Users Must Know

However, many are getting disappointed when they find out about the problems with the new KC guns.

The new Colt King Cobras are guilty of slide plate screw misalignment, sticky ejector, trigger spring/ hammer issue, long trigger reset and double action problems.

Features & Specifications of New Colt King Cobra:

ActionDouble Action
Caliber357 Magnum
GripHogue Overmolded
Frame MaterialStainless Steel    
Frame FinishBrushed Stainless
Product weight28 oz.
Capacity6 rounds
SlideSteel front blade with an inset brass bead           
Barrel length3inches                  
New Colt King Cobra Problems
New Colt King Cobra

Common New Colt King Cobra Problems and Solutions

The slide Plate Screw MisalignedSend to Colt/ troubleshoot yourself.
Sticky EjectorDry fire.
Trigger Spring/ Hammer IssueReplace the trigger return spring component.
Long Trigger ResetIt is a normal behavior of the new KCs action.
Double Action ProblemGet heavier mainsprings.

Slide Plate Screw Misaligned

The side plate seam where the screw is on the frame is often out of place. The machining frequently comes as really shoddy and doesn’t line up correctly.

The Fix

 the screw
the screw

Call up Colt and send them the gun. Issue an RMA from them. However, the chances are it won’t be fixed. It may actually be worse, on top of that the gun will sit at their shop for 7-10 weeks.

One other solution is to loosen the screws. Then, gently press up with one finger on the underside of the side plate while tightening. Also, put blue Locktite on the screws. This should fix the fit.

Sticky Ejector

The ejector plunger would be stuck when depressed. It would require you to push it back in.

The issue is that the tiny sleeves in the arm that the cylinder is attached to catch on the plunger’s serrations. It’s a design that is genuinely terrible.

The issue only arises when live rounds are present in the cylinder. This problem is also known as the ‘binding of the cylinder’.

The Fix

Grit or burned powder fragments caught under the ejector are frequent causes of random cylinder binding. The serrations cause the issue too!

To solve the problem, press the plunger down while spinning the cylinder and applying pressure in various directions for a few hours. It becomes unstuck by rotating, which smooths out the serrations.

Secondly, fire the weapon with about 100 rounds of .38 special and 50 rounds of .357 magnum. after which you should clean it, load it, and take it to the range.

Trigger Spring/ Hammer Issue

This one’s a vague problem that Colt didn’t care to address. The hammer just falls forward when you cock it. It doesn’t catch the way it should.

If you attempt to pull the trigger and the double action, nothing happens. It would simply be stuck or locked. A trigger return spring will either break or have its rear come off.

The Fix

Pull the trigger twice in quick succession after popping open and closing the cylinder. It won’t reset if the trigger return spring is the issue. You need to replace the trigger return spring in that case.

Additionally, due to improper heat treatment, the hammer is sheared off. Colt had a problem with the king cobras because a few of the initial batches had trigger return springs that weren’t working properly.

The new trigger return spring has a new design and a new component that would fix the issue. But the ones that are currently in use have not been recalled. Your best bet is to switch to the new part.

Long Trigger Reset

It has a long trigger reset. When the trigger is fully reset, there are 3 audible “stages” or clicks.

You feel one stage about 50% back after pulling the trigger and letting go, a second stage about 90% back, and then the final stage of trigger reset.

At 50%, the trigger can be pulled back without moving the hammer, and at 90%, the trigger is locked and won’t move.

The Fix

This is not a problem; it’s just the way new KCs are constructed. There is unmistakably a staged feel to the trigger while resetting. Even with a normal reset speed.

The new Cobra uses a transfer bar safety-ignition action. The transfer bar drops from in-between the hammer and firing pin with the first click. The double-action strut on the hammer is pushed back by the trigger so that it can be bypassed.

It snaps back forward during the second click. The third click is the cylinder locking bolt resetting as the trigger snaps up past it.

Double Action Problem

There are several misfires in double action mode with factory .38 special and .357 ammo as well as reloaded ammunition using CCI and Sellier & Bellot primers. All misfires occur in double action mode.

The Fix

There are many subpar primers available right now. Not just in factory ammo but also for reloaders. The problem of light strikes occurs by this.

The modern V-type mainsprings are relatively lightweight. Locally available heavier mainsprings are a better option.

User Feedback on New Colt King Cobra

Most people say good things about this gun. Most issues discussed in this article are rarely reported except the target issue.

Early revolvers did have QC problems. The new King Cobra, however, has an excellent fit and finish. The polish is excellent.

Although the design has not changed, there have been no mechanical issues. Despite the target issues, people claim that with the majority of ammunition, the point of impact was very close to the point of aim.

And with the heavy loads, it was undoubtedly close enough. But the new KC is a little bit heavier.

There have been complaints about finishes though. A sharp edge here and a corner on the crane there.

Overall, I wouldn’t have any trouble purchasing one of the new Colt revolvers if I was looking for a new DA revolver. What newly manufactured product doesn’t have faults? I would say Colt dealt with them quickly and amicably.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of New Colt King Cobra

Old King Cobra

The original King Cobra has a bigger frame and a coil spring action. Just like S&W J-frames and DA/SA revolvers.


They both have essentially a similar action. The Colt “I” frame, which was used in the original Python, is the same size frame and cylinder in the new 2020 Python.

S&W 686

Better trigger, parts availability, and lock operation. Particularly in a double action.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Colt still make the Cobra?

Colt made a new run of the Colt Cobra with a steel frame and a fiber optic front sight, which was released in December 2017.

Will Colt bring back the Python?

Yes, it is set to come out in 2022.

What size is Rick Grimes Colt Python?

A six-inch barreled Colt Python .357.

What handgun can stop a grizzly bear?

44 Magnums.


I know some of you folks are the old gun kind of guys. But trust me, you will love the new King Cobra more.

Even if you don’t, you will know from this article, which disappointment to expect. So go ahead and get that gun. Because it will be worth it!

  1. I bought a king cobra and had not fired it. I loaded it in my basement. Then decided to take the shells out of it to polish up brass front sight. I unloaded. Then cocked to make sure working good. Then check to make sure unloaded again. Cocked with hammer and let down gently. Trigger spring broke. The trigger was stuck back in firing position. And hammer was stuck forward with transfer bar in fire position. I have a picture. If I did no unload when I did, I would have had a .357 magnum round bouncing around my basement with me. It was a catastrophic failer. I like colt. I had been carrying it around in appendix carry for two weeks. When trigger spring broke. Firing pin went full forward and would have set of round. It was stuck in that position when I sent it back to Colt. I only carry five rounds in my king cobra. No round under firing pin like old timers used to say. Because I would have been dead if that spring broke during the two weeks I had carried it appendix. For me when the trigger spring broke it was a catastrophic failure that could have resulted in my death. Remember all the warnings in the manual. I think the company gets off Scott free. Colt was originally designed to be a single action firearm. I have several model 1860’s. But when designed to be a double action it was almost an afterthought. Why does trigger bind up if you don’t let it out all the way. I have smith and wessons from the 1950’s. That always fire double action. Never ever had a problem. They don’t bind jam or break their trigger springs when they are new out of the box never been fired. I have frames that are older than me and work perfectly no binding. I respect colt and CZ for trying to bring this gun back. But I am very happy for this website. So someone else didn’t blow off their family jewels carrying appendix when a trigger spring breaks. Carry only five rounds in this gun please. They did a great job on this gun. It just needs to work better mechanically. No binding of trigger reset and no fireing when trigger spring breaks.

  2. You are not going to believe this one. The exact same thing happen to me a second time. I have pictures. When I got the gun back from Colt they had repaired it promptly. But within a six month time period, This is the second time this has happened. Smith and Wesson has an unlimited repair time period. Colt one year. I am going to get it repaired and sell it with full disclosure to who ever buys it. I tried to report this to Yankee Marshal. He ignored the information I sent him and still recommends the Colt King Cobra. Do not believe him. He should buy my gun and it will be useless only good as a paperweight in less than six months. Right now as it is broken and is only good as a paper weight. This is not a gun to use as CCW. It has broken twice in 6 months. When it breaks the firing pin falls forward and the trigger is locked backward, I have pictures. I have heard police officers loosing their lives because you have to fully release trigger to fire next round. That is if it does not break on you. I feel colt mechanism is much more delicate than smith and Wesson. I have a model 37. That was made in the 1970’s. It has never broken on me once. I would bet my life on it. It’s only a .38 so I wanted to upgrade to a .357 and I liked the looks of the Colt King Cobra. It looks like can not make springs apparently that do not break. The first one broke and the repair department from Colt were very good. Service contract only last a year with Colt. After a year I will be on my own. I am going to sell this gun with full disclosure to some one that wants a safe queen. Yankee Marshal recommends this gun (I DON’T) he does not recommend Glocks. With a good holster (I Do) they just work. I never had one break. Totally safe with right holster and proper training. The only problem I have ever had with a Glock. Is we’re the magazine latch contacts the magazine. The magazine shelf were latch makes contact can wear out. So I just watch for this. If Glock was to make thier magazine with the top part of the shelf metal and have a metal insert into magazine release. That would solve that issue. Right now they just sell you another magazine. Back to king cobra do not bet your life on this stainless steel safe queen. This is not a work horse. It is a jamamatic twice in six months. It isn’t even an automatic pistol. And it is supposed to be rock solid reliable as a revolver. But that is not the case. Love Yankee Marshal but on this gun he is totally off. O buy this gun for pleasure shooting not self defense. Back to Colt you go. If I can give it back to them and get a 1911. Thank God for this website. Because if the Yankee Marshal can be fooled. At least this website you get truth.

  3. So here I am about 6 months into the warranty on my new king Cobra. Colt warenty is good for one red I realy like this gun. Unfortunately. I could never get mine to work right. Make no mistakes about it. This is a very dangerous gun. I am no gun smith. But when mine broke. The firing pin goes forward to hit primer and transfer bar enables the firing pin to be in fire position and trigger is stuck tword back of trigger guard. This would cause gun to go off. The cylinder won’t open. I had to get a franklin county sheriff familiars with armory stuff and guns to figure out how to unlock the cylinder. I want you to know I am not bad mouthing Colt. I realy like them. They have a real problem that this gun did not work for me but worse yet was very unsafe. I contacted Colt and told them about it and asked them if they would replace it with a 1911. They agreed and sent me thier base model of which was the exact same price as the king cobra. So I went from a gun that I could never put a round through because it would break. To a 1911. Of which has a great reputation. I got it from Gemco and he told me to put 500 rounds through it before I relied on it. That was good advise because. The gun got broken in. And the slide and internal parts. Got polished with use. So now I have a 1911 after 6 months of agrovatiin. But at least Colt got me a gun that works. I am very greatfull for this website because I tried to contact Yankee Marshal and let people know they still have a problem with colt king cobra. But he didn’t even responqd.

    The other thing that bothers me is it is a series 70 colt. When you read the manual in bright colors they tell you it is not drop safe. I work long hours. I get tired. Maybe it’s just time to get a Glock.

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